Geoff Johns Posts Season 2 Update

Over at the official forums, Geoff Johns has made a post about what's going on with Season 2. Unfortunately, what's going on is that they are still waiting to find out if the show will be back or not.

I guess it's good that they haven't decided to not bring it back yet, since things seemed to be leaning that way a few weeks before the finale. Hopefully the fact that they haven't announced anything yet means that they will be bringing the show back and are just working out some details.

Johns also mentions in his post that both Nelson Lee and Neil Jackson will be guest-starring on a series during the next month, though there is no word on what series yet. Once I find out what show they'll be appearing on, I'll definitely let you all know.

I wish this post actually had some concrete info, but at least we know there's still a chance (and hopefully a good one at that).

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Well I did not love this quote. I agree that no news in this case is good news in the sense that there is still hope. I definately do not understand the delay and suprised that we have not got a *hint* as to the direction Spike will be going as well I am suprised that we have not seen final numbers for the viewship for the Finale. I would feel much better knowing that there was a dramatic increase in viewership for the finale (which I beleive is the case) based on the weekend marathon. I am, although not unexpected, very happy with the contiuing interest in dialogue in the forums. It just shows you how *special* this program is that we can entertain very significant and serious dialogue about a fictional series that only held 14 hours of our viewing time. Another plea... Bring back Blade. I was thinking I would say Final Plea but I suspect I, along with others, will be continuing multiple pleas before we hear the word. Cheers!

  2. Tinkerbell Said:

    Neil Jackson worked as the lead guest on a Cold Case episode set to air after October 12th. He also starts work on a movie titled Dark Room being filmed in Morocco in November.

  3. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Tinkerbell thanks for the info. I posted about Dark Room already and am looking forward to more info on that project. Are you the same Tinkerbell from the Comic Monsters forum? If so, that'd make you either Neil Jackson or his girlfriend right?

  4. Colt45 Said:

    I know that Howard Stern has been giving the show props on his show, saying how great it is. (He TiVo'ed it and is just getting towards the end.) I would think that Stern listeners are the same demographic as the viewers they are trying to attract.

  5. BlingDogg Said:

    Is it true the show was cancelled?

  6. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I actually just did a post about this. The only word is from a few people at the official forums so I'm still not sure how true it is. You can see my post here:

  7. Tinkerbell Said:

    Hi Squirrelinabox Just a quick note to let you know that Neil Jackson is appearing in this weekend's (Oct 8th) Cold Case episode. It's entitled Sandhogs and I think it's worth a look.

  8. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Thanks for the heads up Tinkerbell. I'll make a post for it later this week.

  9. elisa Said:


  10. lashaunda Said:

    you guys need to put it back on the air.

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