Blade: The Series Cancelled?

Ok, so everybody is going crazy over at the official forums about how it appears that Jill Wagner sent out a MySpace bulletin saying Blade: The Series won't be coming back next season. It's been mentioned by a couple different people, but I don't use MySpace so I haven't seen it myself.

I actually haven't seen any news of this anywhere else, so I'm not sure how 100% accurate and certain this is. I do know that I'll be following up as much as possible and trying to figure out if this is true or not. If any of you have any word, please let us all know.

[update 1:] TheBigBadWolf, the admin over at the official forums, has posted a petition thread for people to reply to to try and get Blade to come back next season. I haven't seen him actually come right out and say that he knows for sure it was cancelled so I'm not sure what information he is going off of. Either way, it's appears to be another nail in the coffin. You can go ahead and post your support in the petition thread here. I'll keep updating this post until there's something confirmed.

[update 2:]Neil Jackson has posted on his MySpace blog that the show has, indeed, been removed from Spike TV's lineup next season. Also, Geoff Johns has also posted on his MySpace blog that the show won't be back for a second season. Things definitely look bleak now, though Jackson did say New Line is shopping around for another network to pick it up.

[update 3:] Neil Jackson has posted at the official forums (using his girlfriend's account "Tinkerbell") confirming again that the show has not been picked up for a second season. He does reiterate that New Line is definitely behind the show and is shopping around the other networks trying to get them to pick it up... so there's still a chance.

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  1. Joponica Said:

    I think I may have responded to quickly. Like you said we still don't have an official word on whether or not it has been cancelled yet. I guess we should wait until we hear it from Goyer or Johns.

  2. courtney Said:

    oooo... spike suck g*ddam* m*therf*ing c*ck! god i hate that network. I WILL NEVER WATCH IT EVER AGAIN! what do you think the chances are of it getting picked up by scifi?!

  3. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Well, before anybody over-reacts too much, remember that this really hasn't been confirmed yet. Right now it's just a few people saying they received a MySpace bulletin from Jill Wagner saying the show wouldn't be coming back. It still has not appeared on any sites and hasn't been confirmed by anybody. As for it being picked up by SciFi, I really dont' know. I know one of the problems with it being on Spike TV was that they were looking for more a more male demographic while the show was actually very strong among women (meaning that even if the ratings were decent overall, they were really more interesting in the ratings of male viewers). I'm pretty sure SciFi is very similar to Spike in that they both focus on male demographics... but who knows. SciFi is losing one of their biggest shows (Stargate SG-1) after this season so there would definitely be a spot for it. Let's just hope that the information about it being cancelled is incorrect so we don't have to worry about that.

  4. courtney Said:

    grrr... they are such chauvenists! i'm pretty sure they are breaking the law by discriminating against women like that!

  5. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Actually it has nothing to do with discrimination. Spike TV has branded itself as a network for men and as such sells advertising to companies looking to reach a male demographic. That's why there are a lot of male-centered commercials on there. Similarly women-centered stations like Oxygen and Lifetime are targetting women with their advertising. You'll likely see many more makeup, tampon, and pregnancy commercials on a station like Oxygen than you would Spike TV or SciFi. And keep in mind that they aren't penalizing the show for having a great female audience, they are penalizing it for not having enough males watching it.

  6. Krys Said:

    I love the idea of a petition, but I think your friend will have better luck with a non-message board based petition. I know there are a few places online that host that kind of thing; I will totally sign! I hope Jill Wagner was told wrong, but I received the myspace bulletin from her as well. So... meh. ::sigh:: It was the only new show I've watched in years. :\

  7. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I personally think there is little hope in doing a petition at all. But, a little hope is better than none at all. Oh, and the guy that runs that forum isn't a friend or anything, all I know is that he runs those forums.

  8. Shannon Said:

    NOOOOOO....Awww man that so burns. I hope this isn't true and it's just a rumor. Hopefully someone will start one of those online internet petitions and send it over to the folks at Spike. Blade will prove to be a goldmine. Alas...I hope we don't have another Firefly going on. I'm really not understanding TV execs.

  9. Jeff Thomas Said:

    I will sign or fill in whatever the community wants but agree that the decision is completely out of our hands. Having said that I am with Squirrel waiting for official confirmation from the network that they will not be funding a second season of Blade. If Jill Wagner did state the show is not being picked up... well chances are its not being picked up. I just do not have extreme faith in MySpace bulletins and will await the word from Spike or at least an "Official" announcement. Remember Jones in a previous interview suggested we would have a second season... I will hold onto that for now. Regards.

  10. Chris LaRoche Said:

    It's getting more official, folks... Neil Jackson just posted a similar message on his blog: Friday, September 29, 2006 The sun sets on Blade... So, I am sorry to say that SPIKE have not commisioned Blade: The Series for a second season. NEW LINE are still behind the show and are currently shopping for a new home, so things may start a fresh elsewhere. Thank you to everyone who watched the show, stood in our corner and rallied for the cause. It was a blast to work on, and your encouragement and enthusiasm made it all the more so. I know this sentiment is echoed by the rest of the cast and crew. The series is yet to air abroad, and there are also DVD sales which all could contribute to the show being picked up on another network, allowing Blade to rise into a new and glorious dawn (sorry... getting a little carried away). But for now I just want to thank everyone for your comments, mails and support. Sincerely... Neil.

  11. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Thanks for the info Chris. I've posted another update above, including Neil's post as well as Geoff Johns' post. Both say the show has not been picked up, so it definitely looks to be true. Neil did say that New Line is still behind the show and trying to get it onto another network. So there's still a chance, albeit a small one.

  12. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Well I think there is definately conclusive evidence that Spike is not taking Charge so the only hope for a second season lies with New Lines ability to shop it to another network. Time will tell I guess. I am definately one truly disappointed fan and actually quite suprised. Again wanting to know the final viewership numbers for the finale. I would be just as disappointed and equally suprised with the viewership numbers we have seen if another network would not pick up this potential "cult" classic. Cheers!

  13. Colleen Said:

    I just can't believe it. I really am shocked. Blade is an incredible show. I, too, am glad to hear that New Line is still supportive of it. Wherever it goes, and hopefully it will, I will follow. This is going to sound corny...but I feel like I just lost a friend.

  14. BlingDogg Said:

    Man, this was a real let-down by Spike. Blade was a good show in every way. I haven't liked a show this much in years. I was hoping Spike would realize how much of a good thing Blade was for their network. Maybe we'll be lucky and the show'll get picked up by a network that knows what they're doing. I hope New Line can find someone. Well, Blade was an amazing show while it lasted. it really didn't deserve this.

  15. two finger eye poke Said:

    I'm glad that show was cancelled. Everything about it sucked!! It was a major let down from the Blade movies in every way. The martial arts were bad and so was the acting.

  16. Squirrelinabox Said:

    You are definitely entitled to your opinion two finger, but there were many that really enjoyed the series - including myself. I think those that clung onto the movies too much were unable to enjoy Blade: The Series since it really was a much different entity. Blade wasn't the focus in the television show. If you were able to look beyond that and into the incredible vampire world that was revealed with multiple story arcs, then you'd likely enjoy the show. To each their own of course.

  17. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Could not have said it better myself Squirrel. If you were expectations were Blade 4 than these expectations were definately not met. If you were open to Goyers "promise" of something fresh and unique following the continium of BT than most likely, IMO, you would have enjoyed the ride. Cheers!

  18. missy Said:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe its canceled im a vampire lover!!!!!!

  19. v2 Said:

    This show from the begining was doomed. I'm glad that it's canceled. It ruined the spirit of BLADE. !!!

  20. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Well V2 I gotta ask you. Why was it doomed from the Beginning? In the beginning you had no idea how the spirit of Blade would be impacted and on that note how did the BTVS ruin the spirit of Blade? I am curious unless of course its the same deal... Sticky is no Snipes... as that dance has played out over and over again! Cheers!

  21. Salustrade Said:

    The Blade TV show was just an extention of David Goyer's disastrous Blade Trinity. How in the hell are you going to have a movie (and TV series) that relegates the titular character virtually redundant? No disrespect to Kirk Jones, but Wesley Snipes was the definitive Blade and nothing David Goyer or any of his sycophantic followers can say to dispute this will change this salient fact.

  22. ewabrah808 Said:

    Well everyone has a right to aire their opinions. Wether one liked Blade or not is not the point. I think It is Ironic that I would agree it wasn't the Movie Trilogy, but as programming on Spike goes, It was the most adventurous attempt by "this" network not to rely on the same old "cheap-to-the-network-banal-reality-swill" or "Mega-viagra'd T & A. Shows" that are so prevelent on the steroid spike TV.... But what do you expect from Management who Program all the S.O.S. malaise of play it safe macho Psuedo fighters, Ultimate,Universal,Shoo,Xtreme... grappling("boring") Nothing better to put you to sleep than to guys playing Grab ass! whateveh... Most are a bunch of overroided can't really fight losers. Or brain dead from all the punches to the coconut.... I have yet to see any true Martial Artists in this arena... Oh Yeah! that's it! because a true traditional master would recognize that this stuff is grandstanding...The Real fighters never come to light..and uses his art for show. Only the one's that are legends in their own minds. But I digress, back to Blade, The Poll is dead on! Brah. Blade is and was the only show I watched on this network. I guess it will be the last, Hey maybe Goyer should sell it to SciFi Channel.. It might be a better match!

  23. scbrownsr Said:

    I really liked Kirk Jones as Blade because he came a long way from being in the rap group Onyx (sticky fingaz) to become an actor. He deserves credit for that! I agree that the show would be a better fit on the sci-fi channel.

  24. koray Said:

    i think they should not bother with another series as the first one is crap. i mean this is not blade he cant fight he keeps getting a beating from standered vampires. com on he took on la magra and the reapers now thats impresive and how comes no one fears the day walker in the series wesley snipes took on a whole night club with out getting touched. in the series a couple of vamps give him problems blade is one of my fav vampire hunters out of all films and comics but the series really put me of him. the series should be a about a standered vampire hunter not blade as the series does not do him justice. and its just not me saying it its a huge amount the uk as well

  25. Salustrade Said:

    Koray was spot on with his reasons for so many people disliking Blade:Trinity and the Blade TV Show. Kirk Jone's in hindsight did manage to get the brooding aspect of Blade right but the fact that he kept getting his ass kicked left and right by garden variety vampire stooges just killed him off for me. I mean for hells sake Krista kicked more ass than Blade and she's supposed to be a freaking supporting character! David Goyer really fracked the Blade franchise starting with Blade:Trinity and finished with the woefully underpowered Blade TV Series. I hope he's satisfied now.

  26. Kelly Martin Said:

    omg i can't believe it!! i LOVE blade the series! I am going to be so mad if they cancel it

  27. ALISA Said:

    I really miss blade the serie it will be out on dvd soon. but i want more it just ended we don't know what marus is going to be to krista. i want more. please help get it back. on showtime, hbo, fx or something. never watch spike again too

  28. Duchess Said:

    How can we bring this show back??? Sticky Fingaz is the bomb!! The rest of the cast was excellent and the storyline was interesting. What can we do!!!

  29. nausicaa Said:

    I hope, they countinues the series. I liked it. Please I will show and enjoy the next season. :===(

  30. Goyle Said:

    Call me crazy, but I honestly think "Sticky Fingaz" played a better Blade then Wesley Snipes. More subdued and less over-acting, which is perfect for a character scripted without much emotion. How many actors (let alone members of failed R&B bands) could pull that off successfully? For now, my DVR will remain programmed to record any and all new "Blade" episodes, just in case.

  31. dc Said:

    sticky was an amazing blade not as good as wesley but still good, i think he should of brought more of his own attitude to the character he kinda tryed to copy wesley's style for the character but i think they should do a straight to dvd movie to finish the story.

  32. Kai Said:

    If they wont bring blade back for a second season they should make a straight to dvd mini film or something to at least finish the story i think it was a great show and didnt deserve to be cancelled is it true there trying to find a new home for the series?

  33. Chadders Said:

    I can't beleive they cancelled Blade after one series. It's just been released in the UK and is getting a good response from viewers. Somebody should try and get Sky TV, or Channel 4 or someone of that ilk who provides a lot of programmes for British Tv to try and get series 2 made, if no networks in America want to pick it up.

  34. BlackOpal Said:

    How ironic. The 1st series of Blade finished in Britain tonight (31/03/2008), and I had watched it all with great delight. My question was going to be when is the next series coming out but have just learned there's not going to be one. Very disappointed ;-(

  35. Kigmoitte Said:

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