Blade: The Series Officially Abandoned by Spike TV

So the rumors are no longer rumors. Spike TV has officially announced that they won't be picking up the show for a second season. You can check out an official response by Spike TV here, explaining how the "network was disappointed with the audience turnout and the ratings."

Now, I've been reading the multitude of responses here and at other websites and fellow fans are pissed off and flat out mad at Spike TV. I, while definitely disappointed, am not mad at anybody, just sad.

We can't blame Spike TV for this, as the show really didn't pull in the ratings they were looking for. I'm sorry if that makes me sound like some sort of sell out or something, but trust me that I have absolutely no connection with Spike TV at all. I'm just another fan - a fan that happens to run a fansite of the show.

Obviously I'm not happy about the show being pulled. Like all of you, I'm not going to be able to watch the rest of this great story unfold. However, I also have this fansite that is now kind of screwed, so this news stings me doubly hard. Even so, I totally understand where Spike is coming from, and it really isn't their fault. They are a network that brands themselves as a network for guys, and as such, need their television shows to bring in large amounts of male viewers. It sounds as though the ratings as a whole for Blade: The Series were decent, it's just that there weren't enough male viewers to please their advertisers. As such, they decided to pull the show, which leaves us, the fans, out in the cold.

However, there's a bit of silver lining here. The cast and crew have said New Line is still very much behind the show and is out there trying to get another network to pick it up. Since the ratings were pretty good as a whole, perhaps a more broad station like FX, USA, or even HBO could pick it up. Maybe the SciFi channel can pick it up to fill out the slot that will be left by Stargate SG-1... who knows?

As for this site, I will continue to make it a great place for fans of the show with news and updates on the DVD, the cast and crew, and hopefully on a new season at a new network. This also means the weekly polls will continue as well as some new additions in the future. As long as there are fans visiting this place, I'll be here making it a place worth visiting.

I do want to give a big fat thank you to everybody that checked this place out. I've never done a fansite before and it was definitely a great experience that I hope to continue in the future. There's been many great readers that have sent in questions, news, and a whole heap of great comments that have made this place a great place to be a part of.

Let me also say that I do still have some plans in the works for some other TV related projects (though no other fansites yet), so be sure to keep an eye out for those in the next few months. If you are interested in other projects I'm working on, you can always check out the Squirrelinabox Network site for updates.

Ok, so I'm definitely rambling now - I apologize. Let me conclude by reiterating that this isn't good bye for this site, and perhaps with a miracl, it's not goodbye for the show either.

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  1. Colleen Said:

    Hi Squirrel, Thanks for the post. I don't think you are selling out by the comments you made...the truth really hurts sometimes. I just find it so incredibly frustrating that a great show with good ratings (for a cable program) got cancelled because the advertisers wanted more men to watch the show. Glad to hear this site is going to stay active. As I have been for some time, I will be visiting it several times a day. Thanks for the great work on the site. And hopefully it (and the show, at a new home) will have a long life.

  2. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Hey Squirrel, Just finished rubbing a few tears aside ;). As Colleen stated above the truth in this case does actually hurt and Spike has a "business model" that was not satisfied and therefore the business decision was made. We may not agree with the model but its not our business and unfortunately "I" do not have 2 MILLION per episode to throw at this myself :P> I truly hope that New Line has success and quite honestly feel they will if they truly beleive in it. Time will tell how that unfolds. As for you and your site. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here.. actually popped by a little more than several times per day but thats okay. I will definately be back daily checking out your goings on. Cheers to more Blade and more fun ongoings on your site. Regards!

  3. ninjutsumaster Said:

    Squirrel, Thanks so much for this site and keeping all of us Blade fans posted! I freaked out when I saw the headline 'Blade: The Series Officially Abandoned by Spike TV'. Yea, it scared me. But as you mentioned, hopefully another network will pick up the show and keep us on our toes about the whole matter. Blade people, If anyone from the cast or New Line reads from this site, please do everything in your power to keep up the series! We need it! Really! And everyone responsible for this site, Thank you for everything! :) You guys rock. Happy Huntings!

  4. kntbrd Said:

    You guys are way too nice at Spikt Tv for canceling Blade. I've been reading the posts at and were really upset and I mean really upset. On a softer note I loved this website

  5. Shannon Said:

    I feel SpikeTV was way too hasty in cancelling Blade: The Series. They are a fledging network, but I guess they have forgotten the trials FOX went through before they established themselves, as well as HBO's trials and successes. The only shows they have worth watching at this point is STNG and their wild police footage shows. Blade could have been something good for the long run, and it could have established a nitch in the fan"boy" market like Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. This is a letdown, and alas...not so sad for me I guess. I didn't watch Spike that much, so no need to boycott. I just won't watch it again like before since I have now seen all seven seasons of STNG as opposed to buying the ridiculously priced DVDs. It's a good thing I'm not a fan of Voyager or Deep Space because...that's all that left on Spike now that Blade is gone. I have no need to watch this network again. I will buy the DVDs because I am eagerly awaiting the uncut footage. this point...I'd like to see another Blade movie.

  6. Jackie Said:

    Thanks so much for keeping everyone posted. I'm really down about the cancellation, but maybe SciFi will pick it up. If they can have wrestling, they can have Blade. And I'm with Shannon on this one; I didn't watch Spike before so there's no need for me to boycott. I'll just return to my normal viewing habits. It's just a shame that Spike's vision was so short sighted. Those of us girls who watched Buffy avidly in high school are now mostly in our mid-20s, the perfect group for Krista's character to appeal to. I wish Spike had figured this out when they booked all their advertising. Then maybe the show would still be in the works. As a woman, I feel kind of guilty for loving the show so much, as if me and the rest of my demographic screwed it over for you guys. But I got my husband in to the show, and now we're both upset. Well, I will keep popping in to see what else may be happening. Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Joponica Said:

    Wonderful post all of you. First I want to thank Sqirrelbox for this wonderful site. You have done an amazing job keeping us abreast of new information. I also want to that the cast for keeping us abreast of good and bad news. I am disappointed that Spike decided to bail but as Squirrelbox pointed out they had they reasons. It was a wonderful ride watching the show as well as characters evolve. Hopefully, the show will be picked up by another network. It is so much potential that should be explored. Most of all, it has been wonderful to read all the opinions here for fellow fans that offer various different views.Be blessed. Keep the faith.

  8. Shannon Said:

    You know...I didn't want to mention the marketing, but I don't think Spike looked far enough into the content of the show and what a goldmine they could have had in attracting women to the franchise. Laurel K. Hamilton and Whedon created the archtype for Krista. She was a good compliment for Blade, and she would have been a good draw for the ladies. She was probably one of the better created female characters for Blade...period. I've seen all the movies, and only Sanaa Latham is memorable. I didn't watch the series until the latter half of the season even though I had seen the intense marketing blitz because...well...I didn't see anything there for me. It wasn't until they showed Krista giving into her Vampire passion that I was like......hey I think I've been missing out here. I was lucky enough to catch the marathon and I was hooked. The interaction of the characters was good and compelling. I'm not saying they should have focused on that intensely, but I think they forgot Snipes wasn't playing Blade. He has successfully brought life to a character that does nothing but snarl at people. The marketing seemed intensely focused on Blade the character...only, and I don't think an unknown actor in the title role was a big enough draw for the series. Even though he does look good for the part. Ahhh...another Firefly. I'd like to see this picked up somewhere else, but I can't see a place for it.

  9. Squirrelinabox Said:

    If it does turn out to be another Firefly, we should at least get another movie out of this whole thing right?

  10. Shannon Said:

    Blade the franchise will get another movie eventually. New Line nor Marvel are ready to let that franchise die after the success of the three previous movies. It's a just a question of when. Hopefully they will stick with Sticky for the title role when they get another one in the works. I'd like to see one that followed this storyline with the same actors and whatnot, but the normal procedure in a comic franchise when one fails or ends is...retconn or reboot. We've seen it before and that is the usual Modus Operandi. Unfortunately, I figure this will also be the case for this series unless they can find a home somewhere else, which is doubtful considering the numbers the show drew on Spike.

  11. Mike Said:

    They primrarily dropped Blade because of the first few episodes after the pilot. People saw the horrible pilot and abandoned the series without a second glance. If the first few episodes had the same excellancy of the last few, the series would have been a hit. Alas, it wasn't. Hopefully another channel picks it up though... I guarantee that I'll buy the DVD.

  12. Alex Said:

    I am truly upset about this current development as Blade was one of the few shows that I actually liked to watch on television. Though I do agree with the others as it was not SpikeTV's fault entirely as they have a network to look after. I just wish that they would've kept going with the second season and see what happens because in all honestly, cutting it after one season is just to early. I would really love to see anything at all from what was going to be known as Season II make it's way onto the DVD, anything at all. Am I the only one that thinks that there was some filming already done for Season 2? Also, does anyone have an address to which I can write SpikeTV, the subject matter being Blade the TV series cancellation? Please email me at mutantkamakazeATgmailDOTcom

  13. Blaine Said:

    Well I am really pissed and not ashamed to say it. This was the one show i looked forward to watching each week, and now that is gone. What really irritates me is that cliff hanger ending grrrrrrrrr. While I think it is possible for another network to pick the show up(or by some miracle to have spike reverse their decision), I have to say i am not very optimistic about that. Although, I sincerely hope I am wrong. This was a great site I accessed a lot to find updates and information, and i really did enjoy the polls. I hope you keep it up, who knows a network may see how popular it is by the activity on this site. Heres hoping that another network picks up Blade.

  14. Jackie Said:

    I do really hope they would at least make a go of a movie, even a made for TV one on SciFi. I just can't stand having that cliffhanger roling around in my head for the next 50 years.

  15. Claudia Said:

    Thanks for doing such a great job with this site! It's a real drag that Spike TV decided not to renew, especially given the exciting cliffhanger the first season ended on. I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed that another network picks up the show, but it's not looking good -- I just noticed an ad in today's paper for the sale of the props. When a show sells those off, it's usually a sign all hope has been abandoned. That said, I'll keep the faith for a few months more. And if the show doesn't make it back to the screen, whether on TV on in a movie theatre, I hope we find out where the writers wanted to go with the storylines!

  16. ninja x Said:

    damit we want more blade i don't care what other people say it sucks cuz those haters never knew who balde is i already knew who blade, balde the series kicks ass. i wish they made a second season and i wish spiketv never cancel it cuz their bunch of wussy.

  17. ninja x Said:

    i already know who balde is*

  18. wes Said:

    pleas tell me what chanel and when . i love it

  19. Kristafan Said:

    AWWW!! I wanted more! If spike had watched their own show they would have realized the show could have taken off if they had abandoned the cheezy "Blade" actor, and kept the show on it would have done better. The girls were awesome in this show, I wish it would come back.

  20. Anthony Said:

    They need to bring this show back.

  21. lilly Said:

    i totally loved the show. i am a bit of a geek, and i watched it religiously. i think it actually had more of a girl fan base than expected. i miss it and i hope it will be picked up by another network. who knows maybe they will, they've had worse shows on tv, a lot worse! keep me posted for future news!

  22. Christoph Said:

    The series is to great to be chancelled. i hope some other network will pick it up. the actors, the storylines.. it's all to good to throw it away!

  23. Christoph Said:

    Hi again! Last monday the last episode of the first season aired on ProSIeben in Germany. However, at the ende the station said, that whis would not be the end of Blade - the series would return with its second season in about 6 months?! Maybe they know more than we do? chris

  24. elisa Said:

    i love blade series.Please Spike tv bring back blade series.All day long watched blade......

  25. elisa Said:

    HI AGAIN! I love blade the series.Please Spike tv bring back blade.we from Bulgaria so loved this show.They need to bring this show back.

  26. elisa Said:

    bring back blade.please spike tv moor season-

  27. tonya Said:

    please bring this series back,i thought it really rocked.stop leaving us hanging with great series

  28. John T. Said:

    I recently bought Blade: The Series, and I really liked it. Is there any chance that it would be renewed in the future? What can be done to protest? Are they any more movies to be produced? I'm sorry the series was cancelled.

  29. Rick Lester Said:

    At least have a book or something to close the series, Christa is still alive, Marcus has found out about Blades plans! What is going to happen? We need to know!

  30. Raza Said:

    Please just one more season you can even make it straight to video.

  31. John T. Said:

    I wish something could be done. There should be some kind of 'resolve' about the series. Too bad. . . .

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