Goyer Speaks About the Cancellation

Goyer has posted some comments about Spike TV's drop of the Blade show over at the official forums. He thanks us all for watching, which is great, but I think the best way to thank us is to film a second season and give it to us all for free - yeah, that's the ticket!

Goyer writes:
To be honest, this was one of those rare experiences where the cast, crew, studio, and network all got along famously. It was a particularly enjoyable experience. And for that reason, above all, I was sad we didn't get a 2nd season.

He does go on a bit about a few other things, such as the possibility of another network picking up the show, but there's no new information on that front unfortunately.

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  1. Robert Said:

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! Why must we sit idly by when shows that are outside the box are cast aside like unwanted retarded children? Blade was not the greatest T.V. show ever created( that honor is bestowed upon FireFly) which was also cancelled after one season. FOR SHAME PEOPLE FOR SHAME!!! Too often we don't give shows that are a little different a chance to provide us with somthing that is not common enough in television interesting characters and outside the box writing. This interesting show had to die while drivel like desperate whores and laguna beach continue to assault us with the same garbage that has been shoved down our throats for years. I can't wait for the next interesting and different show to come out so i can see how long it takes the idiot majoraty to ignore it into cancellation!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cheyenne Said:

    i absolutely love blade the series when is it coming back on theres nothing to watch but blade peace n love

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