Blade the Franchise - Whats New Line to do?

The following article was sent in by frequent site visitor Jeff Thomas.
Good morning/evening all!

Here is a look at some numbers… an extrapolation to put numbers into context following the aforementioned premise.

Blade Trinity sold 7,729,894 tickets. Lets assume that some of the ticket buyers came as a couple… lets say 25% of those. The contrast being a “couple” at home watching Blade the TV series. So that narrows the Blade Movie Target audience for the TV series to 5.8 Million potential viewers. So of this viewership only 2.5 Million show up to the Premiere. I am wondering if the other 3.3 Million were aware of the TV series. Those fans that believe the “majority” of fans watching the premiere were Blade the Movie fans would suggest that at least the Blade fans would have been aware of the
Pilot on Spike… Where were they?

Did they not tune in because WS was not the Lead?
Did they not tune in because they were unaware of the TV series.. or potentially Spike?
Did they not tune in because they were unavailable Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m.?
Perhaps they did not have Spike in their programming line up?

To move this premise forward. If you are New Line…

a) are you going to cater your TV series to the movie fans?
b) are you going to dare attempt a 4th movie without WS as the lead?
c) are you going to look for a new Network/Cable host based on a retention of 1 Million (approximate) fans post episode 7? Is it worth shopping another network?

These are my thoughts to invoke specific conversation if wanted. I suggest a) and b) are futile and perhaps option c) is the direction New Line takes. I further suggest that if the movie fans were to be lenient and accept a new character in the role this franchise would survive. There is still the feint possibility this franchise could survive regardless as I believe there are enough existing movie fans that did enjoy the product combined with the potential new viewership that remains relatively untapped in my opinion.

I suggest that New Line and Goyer knew that for this project to be successful and subsequently an option of producing a Blade 4 they had to cater to the TV viewing demographic not just the Movie Fan demographic and that is exactly what they did. They needed to find a large demographic that would not have predisposed concepts as to what Blade is/was (a.k.a. WS). I was personally disappointed in the 2.5 Million viewers as I suspected it would be a much larger turn out but as I have stated before I still believe Spike was not the right host. Unfortunately the pilot was not very good.
Action scenes were definitely weak and as a stand alone episode it just was not that entrancing. I do believe, as seemingly a few others to the tune of 1 Million, that the continuing episodes increased in value and the storyline continued to intrigue many. If the TV series remains in Cancellation land I suspect Blade the franchise follows suit.

d) What are your thoughts on the Blade Franchise?
e) Where does New Line go now?
f) Is Blade on the big screen or small screen gone for good?

If there are any takers on the potential of a new TV series or even if you
think this is an impossibility I pose this question:

g) Hypothetically would you watch if they changed the Lead?

Take care!!

First off, thanks to Jeff for the great article! There's a lot of great information and speculation in there.

Now, he brings up a few questions in there for everybody to toss in their input - namely:
d) What are your thoughts on the Blade Franchise?
e) Where does New Line go now?
f) Is Blade on the big screen or small screen gone for good?
g) Hypothetically would you watch if they changed the Lead?

I'll post my own thoughts on those questions here and hope that you all will add your input in the comments below.

d - I personally love the Blade franchise. I love the movies and I love the television series. I admit that I haven't read any of the comics, so I can't comment on that part of the franchise.

e - In one of the previous poll results I gave my nod to the Sci Fi channel being a great possible home for the show as well as mentioning a few other decent possibilities. We know New Line is still behind the show and I'm sure they are going to do everything they can to keep it alive on a new network if at all possible.

f - No. Blade will be back in some form or another. The comic has just started up and hopefully the television series hasn't come to an end.

g - Would I watch? Yes. Do I want them to change the lead? No. I feel Sticky is a fairly weak actor in my opinion. However, he's already made his mark on the character and I've come to know the "TV" Blade as the one Sticky has portrayed. As such, I hope he remains the Daywalker, though I'd definitely still watch if he weren't.


  1. dan Said:

    the series should be placed back on the air---with more advertising on other channels so the word gets out!!!

  2. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Courtney Quote: "Your question about viewers not tuning in because WS was not the lead made me wonder why people cared. I personally, have never seen the blade movies and i’m a die hard blade the series fan so i just don’t understand what makes WS so great." Thanks very much for your post Courtney. You are one example of what I beleive are MANY that tuned into the TV series that did not have predisposed concepts or thoughts regarding what Blade was/is. Therefore you IMO are definately the target market that Goyer and New Line wanted to tune in. Your opinion regarding Sticky (Kirk Jones) specifically related to the TV series is as "Fresh" as they come. Take care!

  3. Tammy James Said:

    I always thought that Blade: The Series belonged on the SciFi channel instead of Spike. Spike's programming turns off a lot of people. That and the horrible Wednesday at 10:00pm timeslot guaranteed death (like, beheading death) for this series. New Line should market this series to a more appropriate channel - a channel that knows what it is doing...

  4. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Tammy... could not have said it better myself excepting for many not only does the programming lack presence but the station lacks presence (i.e. Whos Spike?). My sentiments exactly. Prime time Scifi for me would work nice... I beleive they can definately tone done the show and still acheive the winning results in say an 8:00 or 9:00 slot. ANDDD if they plan to do another summer run please pick Sunday not Wednesday. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Simon Said:

    The funny thing is that everyone always discuss about "Blade" itself. I so don't care about "Blade". The series wasn't about Blade and that was the reason (for me) it was so great. It was about vampires, the character "Blade" just had a minor role. Thats probably the reason there aren't that much viewers... but for me that was the reason I watched the series and loved it.

  6. Angela Said:

    Just read variety and Spike has cancelled Blade the Series, less than 900,000 people watched the season finale.

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