Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower at the Scream Awards

Well, apparently I should have tuned in to watch Spike TV's Scream Awards since it turns out that our favorite vampire vixens, Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower, were in attendance.

Reader Jessica sent in the info along with a couple links to photos of the two at the awards show. There is a link to a photo of both Jill and Jessica as well as this one of just Jill. They look just as sexy as they always do.

I still don't know if I would have watched the show since it did sound like a giant fluff piece that had really no interesting value. However, the fact that both Jill and Jessica were there sure would have been tempting.

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Ahh yes.. Gower looks GREATTTT. She does much more for me when "IN role" of course. Wagner is simply amazing. Thanks for the pics Jessica. Cheers!

  2. Carl Cookman Said:

    I enjoyed Blade the series and i would like to see it return back to spike tv i would love to see season two of blade the series i would also would buy season one of blade the series if or when it comes to dvd. Carl Cookman

  3. Bobby Said:

    Hey, I'm Bobby, I would also be so much happy if I can watch the season 2 of blade series and I will buy the dvd .. I would also love to know when it will be coming out! Please Message from Africa. Bobby

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