New Poll: How Was Kirk Jones as Blade?

One of the biggest topics of debate for the Blade show (other than it's cancellation by Spike TV) is the performance of Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones as Blade. Some say he did a great job while others think he is a big reason why the show wasn't picked up. Well, now's your chance to let us all know what you think about his performance as Blade.

How Was Kirk Jones as Blade?

  • Excellent

  • Okay

  • Not Good

  • Horrible

As you can see, there's only four choices so choose what matches your feelings the best.

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  1. ninjutsumaster Said:

    I personally like this poll because there have been mixed feelings concerning the change of cast here and there so this might clear some of the fan-based smoke. Great job. :) -nin

  2. Colleen Said:

    Hey Squirrel, I also think this a great poll. I went with excellent in my vote because (as I have written in other posts) I think Sticky came into his own in the role. He has taken Blade (as have the writers) to a whole new level, which I think only benefits the story. To quote the open letter that Jeff referenced awhile back on the official forums..."Blade for Life, B@#$^#*s! [or Bros {I think we can all get along!}]

  3. Joel Said:

    I personally think Sticky is ok, but NO ONE can ever replace Snipes. If you watch the series blade hes allways getting beat down. But on the movie, the regular vampires feared him. Why? cause they could barely touch him in a fight even when they had numbers on him.

  4. saxman329 Said:

    I liked the series overall but felt that Blade lost his fighting prowess - in the movies Blade could 'kickbutt' on a whole room full of vampires - 'regular' vampires ran when they saw him coming. In the series every vampire seemed to be a match for him (even the women!). Some even 'beat him down' on occasion. Without that serious 'buttkicking' ability of Blade's it was too easy for the story to focus on the other characters.

  5. Duchess Said:

    We have got to remember that Snipes has writing input, Sticky does not. He can only kick the ass that is written in for him to kick. LOL

  6. Airforce9999 Said:

    Yes, It is true that blade could go in a full room and kill them all without even getting scratched, but thats why I like the tv series more, It shows a human side - Only reason they do it in the movie is because of the fact they wouldn't want to extend the fighting scenes unless its one of the few main fight scenes. Kirk was doing great as Blade After about the 7th episode, I saw how he was more himself then trying to act like snipes all the time. Only thing I hate is whenever Wagner(Krista) Told them to take out Marcus about the looking to the Chinese guy sarcastically. HES GOT TO STOP THAT XD

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