Jill Wagner in Esquire Magazine

Jill Wagner has posted on her MySpace Blog that she's in the November issue of Esquire Magazine. It apparently features Scarlett Johansson on the cover, so that's what to look for when your out and about.

It's great to see the cast is still alive and kicking (Wagner in this magazine, and attending the Scream Awards with Jessica Gower, along with Neil Jackson appearing on a Cold Case episode). I just wish they were all alive and kicking in the Blade series. Hope is not lost, but it's sure getting there.

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Hang in there Squirrel ;). I think that if we have not heard any news by Spring 2007 that you can definately file this one away. Networks have to evaluate their fall runs and make their business decisions. Blade will not be the top on most lists but I would suggest definately will not be an immediate scratch. There is validity to the many comments regarding DVD sales and the syndicated runs in the UK and potential other demographics. DVD sales brought back Firefly (well on the big screen). Hope is not lost... just pending. Cheers!

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I'm definitely thinking there's at least a chance. I do agree that DVD sales can very well be the deciding factor. The thing is though that they will likely need to start shooting the first few episodes sometime early next year if they want to release late summer again. Of course, who knows when they might actually want to air a second season. Since the show would have to be on a new network, it all depends on that networks scheduling.

  3. Colleen Said:

    I'm with Jeff on this one. Hope is not lost! I just hope when the show gets picked up, the same cast will still be available. Any word as to when we can expect the DVD? I hope it is soon. If it is, I know what I am getting myself and all my friends for the holidays!!!

  4. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Right on Colleen! I have seen no word on DVD release date. We await in relative silence for any news. I am feeling quite confident that you will hear anything Blade related here in quick fashion. Regards!!

  5. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, unfortunately I've heard nothing about when they plan on releasing the DVD. I'm guessing that they'd do everything possible to try and get it out by the holidays, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's when they'll do it. Like Jeff said, I'll be posting up any news regarding the DVD as soon as I get it.

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