Geoff Johns' Last Signing of the Year

If you're going to be near the Norman, Oklahoma area tomorrow (October 28), you may want to check out this Christopher Reeve Foundation fundraising dinner. Why? Because Blade: The Series writer Geoff Johns will be in attendance and it appears that it will be his last signing of the year.

The dinner will be from 8 to 10 pm and since it's a fundraising dinner, tickets are a bit steep at $200 each. However, with 100 percent of the money going towards the foundation and its research, it's really going to a good cause. On top of that Tickets are tax-deductible so that's a little bonus as well. If you're looking to just go for the signing, you can go to the Speeding Bullet Comics store from 3 to 6 pm, which is completely free.

For more details you can check out the Speeding Bullet Comics website.

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