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There's a pretty good interview with Neil Jackson over at FlickDirect. While there's no real word on the future of the Blade series, there's some good info on some of Jackson's other projects as well as what he would like to see if there was a second season of Blade.

From the interview:

What changes would you have liked to see in your character if there was a second season of Blade?
Power is an aphrodisiac, and I would liked to have seen Marcus become obsessed by his own power. He was so calm and collected in the first season, it would be great to see him lose it a little.

What is your role in your upcoming film "The Thirst"?
I play 'Duke', an eighteenth century fop, turned vampire (seems to be a theme here!). I actually shot this before getting Blade, and they had to release me from shooting early one day to make my meeting with Peter O'Fallan for the role of Marcus.

As you can see, he doesn't really go into the odds of whether or not Blade will be coming back. He definitely sounds like he'd very much love to bring out some even darker sides to Marcus - something I think we'd all like to see.

It's also interesting that he's been cast as yet another vampire in a new movie. Hopefully he doesn't get locked into doing only vampire roles (I doubt that this will happen), because he's a great actor and I'd love to see him take on some different characters in the future.

To read the full interview just click right here.

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Good morning all, Well the first thing I will say is any Blade is still better than no Blade. Watching the 30 minute Behind the Scenes interviews and footage gave me the urge again to watch the entire series. I love the vampire hunter and still remain intrigued by the Storylines and Plots from our favorite TV series. The Behind the Scenes footage and interviews seem to have taken place during production of the Pilot specifically. There was no footage I could tell past the pilot episodes 1&2. Specific Notes: Sticky Interviews - Would you beleive we saw a likable and humble Kirk Jones (aka Sticky - aka Blade)? Well that is what we saw. KJ was very likeable and looked like he was having a great time. He was humble and gave specific cudos to WS and stated a few times that he had Shoes that he could not fill but felt he could definately put on some new shoes and entertain the audience. Well Sticky this fan think you did an admirable job with a Cult classic. Krista Interviews - Would you beleive our girl got a bruise by hitting herself with her own gun and then asked for a rubber gun? Indeed it seems Krista (Jill Wagner) managed to hit herself in the knee during a fight scene and needed to take a seat.... She rebounded well by stating "Thats what makeup is for... we cover the bruise and get back at it". Krista is vibrant in the interviews and full of energy. She is a true joy to be around and truly enjoys her work and specifically her role in Blade as a spotlight character kicking ass! Chase Interviews - Would you beleive my girl Chase is extremely alluring and Sexy as always? Well that is the case. Shes well spoken and extremely sexy. She loves her role and exudes sexy, sassisness from all of her beautiful pores . Marcus Interviews - Would you beleive Marcus is well spoken and extremely intelligent? Well Marcus is the man. He commands the screen whenever he has a presence. He complimented his costars on every occassion noting a special cud

  2. Colleen Said:

    Thanks for the lowdown, Jeff. At least its something about Blade.

  3. Ray Said:

    I just had a question, is the show going to be back on for session 2?

  4. Aya Celento Said:

    hi, I just want to know when is the new Blade TV series start? from SPIKE TV channel. thank you?

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