Poll Results: Elections Schmelections

Today is election day for us here in the United States, with polls taking place all over that may just decide the fate of the country and/or world. While those polls are important if you care about war, peace, the environment, the economy, and health care, I've got much more meaningful poll results to share here...

Are You Getting The Series DVD?
Yes: 84% (62)
No: 5% (4)
Maybe: 11% (8)
Total Votes : 74

Not surprisingly an overwhelming majority appear to be planning on picking up the Blade: The Series DVD whenever it comes out (I still have no new details on the DVD). In fact, only 16% said they weren't going to get the DVD. Since most people that come to this site are pretty die hard fans, the results are obviously skewed.

Now, let me drop a little bomb on you all out there. I voted no. Yup, you read that right, I don't plan on picking up the DVD. I'm not even a maybe. Before you all go grabbing your axes and pitchforks, let me explain why.

You see, I don't watch shows a second time. With movies I can do it, but even then I usually need about a year break between watching the same movie again. Television shows are a one time viewing deal for me. Obviously I love the show, I run an entire fansite dedicated to it (and am still running it after the show has been cancelled).

I do realize that huge DVD sales could potentially influence some networks enough to consider picking up a new season of the show (which would be downright awesome), but I just can't bring myself to buy a DVD set of a bunch of episodes I won't ever watch again.

Thanks to everyone that voted and be sure to check out the new poll Thursday.

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  1. Colleen Said:

    Hey Squirrel...Buy the DVD and give to someone you know who didn't watch the show when it was on. Might get us Blade lovers a new fan of the show!

  2. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Colleen not a bad idea ;). I personally have all the episodes allready on DVD but definately plan to buy the DVD set for the potential "extras" as well to share with friends that may enjoy the content. Cheers!

  3. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Hmmm .. Squirrel are you just teasing me? Wheres the new poll. I need to see the Thursday poll as part of my Thursday net browsing fix! Cheers!

  4. James Said:

    I would watch Blade the series if on a major network!

  5. James Said:

    Cannot wait for Blade DVD. Rush it!

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