Blade to Premiere in Europe January 2007

While the show is waiting to be picked up by another network over here in North America, it appears as though Europe will be premiering the show in January of next year. This news comes via Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones' website.

He mentions the United Kingdom specifically so I don't know what other countries will be getting it (though he does say it will air for "other European countries"). Jones goes on to reveal that a new Blade website will launch for Europe that will include new photos and commercials.

While this doesn't really help those of us that have already watched the series, it could potentially help bring back a second season if the European ratings are strong enough. You just never know.

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  1. Colleen Said:

    Figured I would post this inquiry here. Has there been any word (I am already thinking this is a dumb question as I haven't read anything about it on this site and Squirrel is pretty with it, but what the hell) from David Goyer, Neil Jackson, Jill Wagner or anyone else connected with the show as to interest from another network? If anyone associated with the show is reading this inquiry, please respond. We Blade fans want to know. Viewers in Europe...enjoy the show! Its really good, well written and entertaining. Let us know what you think!

  2. andy ward Said:

    Blade the Series is quite definitely the best TV series to come out of the States in a very long time. I hope it can be resurrected for a second series.

  3. Christoph Said:

    Blade the Series also has aired on Pro Sieben, one of Germanys biggest broadcasting stations. the last epidosde will be shown on monday, 20th of August. I really love this series and hope that some other American network will pick it up, because we need more episodes! Here in Germany Blade had a great start and kept on marching through. It also kicked Alias with Jennifer Garner from its timeslot. So lets hope!

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