Poll Results: Not Just a Pretty Face?

Jill Wagner... She's hot. She's sexy. And she dominated last week's poll with nearly 50% of the votes.

Favorite Actor/Actress?
Jill Wagner: 47% (38)
Neil Jackson: 29% (23)
Jessica Gower: 12% (10)
Kirk Jones: 10% (8)
Nelson Lee: 1% (1)
Total Votes : 80

I actually thought Neil Jackson was going to pull out this one, but I guess Wagner's beauty and screen presence was just too much to overcome.

While I loved Wagner's performance, I do think she was a bit stiff at times and wasn't nearly as strong as Neil Jackson or even Jessica Gower. As such, I voted for Jackson since he just seemed to take control of every scene he was in. He made you fear him, hate him, and even feel sorry for him.

Another great turnout so thanks to all that voted.

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