New Poll: How Did You Find Out About the Show?

Many blame Spike TV for the failure of the show - namely the marketing the network did to promote the series. As such, I'm curious to know just how you found out about the show.

  • Commercial on Spike

  • Commercial on another network

  • Radio

  • Online

  • Word of mouth

  • Other

I've included the major options above. I also included "other" for anything I may have missed. If you do vote "other", please leave a comment describing how you found out about the show.

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  1. rustyroxie Said:

    Blade cancelled? It was so good that this didn't occur to me. I just kept waiting for the new season to start. The only other show I watch on Spike is CSI (reruns). I guess SPIKE just doesn't want to expand their base target audience. I'm a 43 year old housewife that found out about the show while channel surfing. Spike should fire whomever was in charge of advertizing this show instead of cancelling the show.

  2. jellikal Said:

    We took my son to see Blade at age 3 weeks. I loved the TV series. I hope Sci Fi channel will pick it up and continue the story line - with the original cast. At minimum I would love to see the script writers to write a series of books about the story arc so we can have some closure. Can't just leave us hanging guys.

  3. Deb Walsh Said:

    I loved the Blade series! I'm 55 yr old grandma and watched every show -- what's up Spike TV? Couldn't believe this show wasn't picked up! Marketing should have been better with this show. Spike dropped the ball with this one -- some other channel out there please pick it up and run with it -- possibly SciFi? SciFi needs something fresh to offer its viewers, what about this? Blade, we miss you!

  4. daniel adofo Said:

    when is blade too resturning

  5. Squirrelinabox Said:

    As has been mentioned numerous times... the show was cancelled by Spike TV. There has been no word on it being picked up by another network.

  6. chris Said:

    hi there, i thought the blade series was awesome, anyways, the most recent episode was "turn of the screw" or something like that. Anyways, i heard a song that i like but i have no idea who it is by as there are no music credits show for the episodes. The song is where chase is in las vegas and is talking to mr taylor whilst being watched by her former lover from across the room. if anyone can help me out i would be most grateful thanks.

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