Poll Results: Marketing Schmarketing

The latest poll results are in and we now have a small sample of how people first found out about Blade: The Series.

How Did You Find Out About the Show?
Commercial on Spike: 40% (31)
Commercial on another network: 21% (16)
Online: 21% (16)
Word of mouth: 10% (8)
Other: 6% (5)
Radio: 1% (1)
Total Votes : 77

I don't think it's too surprising that most people first found out about the show via a commercial on Spike. I'm actually a bit surprised that the number wasn't higher than 40%. Maybe that was the problem, that Spike didn't air enough commercials for it's own series? I personally learned about the show during a commercial on Spike TV. I'm pretty sure it was during an episode of The Ultimate Fighter (the only other show I watch on that network).

I'm curious to know what were the places online that people first discovered the series. Was it from ads on other sites? Was it from Spike's main website?

Please share your experiences in the comments below. I'm sure everybody would like to know how fellow fans were first turned onto the series.

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  1. babette allen Said:

    I keep an eye out for vampire shows and movies, and heard about it that way. On another note, Spike cancelled the pilot for A.M.P.E.D. That would've been another strange pick for Spike. A special police squad to deal with mutants.

  2. Simon Said:

    A friend of mine told me how bad the series was. So I looked into it, since I was curious on whether it really's that bad. Well, after watching the first episode I didn't really get what he found so bad about the series and decided to go on watching it. After the second episode I finally had fallen for the show and now am waiting for a second season. :(

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