Poll Results: Yes, No, Maybe So

With Valentine's Day coming tomorrow, love is in the air... or is it? This Valentine's themed poll asked you fellow fans whether or not you believed Krista truly did love Marcus.

Did Krista Love Marcus?
Yes: 58% (42)
No: 42% (30)
Total Votes : 72

It was close, but it appears that most of you do think she was truly in love. I personally think she was not in love. She was clearly a "good girl" at heart, able to resist the dark vampire urges incredibly well. As such, I don't think she could truly be in love with a man that was as brutal and cruel as Marcus. I definitely think she had feelings for him, and a passion that was fueled by him being the vampire that turned her, but I just don't think what she felt was love.

I was definitely on the fence when I voted "no" though, and it's just another one of those mysteries that would be great to see expanded with a second season... (wink wink, nudge nudge TV networks).

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