New Poll: Would You Watch Blade: The Series Reruns?

When asked whether or not fellow fans would be getting the Blade: The Series DVD when (and if) it comes out, the majority responded with an enthusiastic yes.

This time I'm asking if you'd watch reruns of the show if they started airing on Spike TV or some other network. While I doubt they would consider doing it since the show is currently cancelled, it's still something I'm quite curious about.

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  1. BlingDogg Said:

    Maybe I'd watch it.... I love the show, it's one of my favorites. But watching it would bring back too many sad memories, remembering how great it is, how it didn't deserve to be cancelled, and it'll make me feel mad at Spike all over again. So I'm undecided.

  2. Rachel Katherine Said:

    I would watch reruns. However, they better not be showing on Spike! If Spike had the nerve to cancel the show because "the ratings weren't good enough," then why should the ratings be good enough to show the series in rerun? They still have the show on their website (I think, I haven't checked it for a while {cause' I have no reason to anymore!}) and that alone ticks me off. Sorry if that was a little heated. I will never forgive Spike for canceling Blade.

  3. Alric Lewis Said:

    Well, well, well, another " Powers that be " blunder... cancelling a series so early such as Blade is just pathetically stupid. Any show especially one that has the potential to develope a cult type following because A: vamire lore already has a following and B: Comic fans already have nothing else to watch until the next super hero X comes out on film would soon have fans who would watch even if the writing wasn't super perfect. Real fans of vampiric type films stick around just because we like to see and hear about secret vampire stuff. This series had mafia type vampire organizations which if I may add that fans of mafia type films tend to cling to films even many years after thier shelf life, thus this series was way cool for many reasons. I mean look at how many years the UFC was around before it got the following it has now. Blade just didn't get the chance it deserved. I personally had my VCR recording for every episode because I already knew that Hollywood never keeps the stuff fans really want to see.... like I said... they're sooo stupid.

  4. Terry Said:

    I wouldn't watch the reruns .Because of the ending . Blade was a good TV Series, but they messed up ,when you how each episode , was getting better and better .It left you thinking .Then the other episodes were even better. You didn't know what to think until that next week .But I knew their wasn't going to be a new Blade this SEASON . Because the way the last episode ended .Who made the ending like that . Thats a SERIOUS show but who wrote that ending, it was werid.The other episodes were better then the last one .That last one was a downer .

  5. Keith Said:

    I would watch them but they couldn't be on spike unless they were showing prior to starting another season. They screwed up HUGE on this one. I banned all spike shows in my house and I used to watch UFC all the time. tsk tsk.. for shame spike tv... if spike tv was a person I'd shove a stake up her ass!

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