Poll Results: Reruns For All

Would You Watch Blade: The Series Reruns?
Definitely Yes: 90% (79)
Maybe: 7% (6)
Definitely No: 3% (3)
Total Votes : 88

Not surprisingly the majority of voters said they'd definitely be watching reruns of Blade: The Series if given the chance. Obviously most voters were pretty "hardcore" fans since they frequent this fansite, but even then, 90% wanting to watch reruns is quite a high margin.

I personally voted no. While I obviously loved the show, I don't think I could rewatch it all knowing there's no conclusion. If there was word on the series being picked up for a second season, I'd probably watch all the episodes again just to get myself back into it. However, knowing the series' seemingly certain demise, I just don't think I could do it.

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  1. Terry Said:

    Blade was good to see, from the beginning. The show got way way way better in the middle. Because each show had you thinking what was going to happen next. But that last Show was the worse ending .I thought that ending was Part 1 . But they say that was the ending. Why make the other SERIES so hyped up each week which was good. But the ending had no ending at all. Thats why I wouldn't watch no reruns.They hype the other SERIES up ,but when the last show came ,their was no ending .Thats why their won't be no second SEASON of BLADE.

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