Poll Results: News and Polls

The latest poll results are in, and it appears that the majority of you enjoyed the news and polls sections of this site the most.

What Part of this Site Was Your Favorite?
Polls: 40% (17)
News: 35% (15)
Episode Recaps: 23% (10)
Other: 2% (1)
Reader Questions: 0% (0)
Total Votes : 43

I think the "Polls" option got the most votes mostly because it's the only section that I'm still updating regularly. I'm happy to see that many of you enjoyed the episode recaps as those were definitely the most time consuming for me (though I did enjoy doing them).

Like I said previously, this poll was to help me gauge what were some of the key features that you all liked as I'm planning on a big project in the future that could definitely benefit from the experiences I have had with this site. I wish more that 43 people voted, but I can understand that the question wasn't very interesting and wasn't really Blade focused. I'll try and keep the polls more Blade and television related from now on.

As always, thanks to all voters.


  1. Judy Molina Said:

    I ordered Blade /house of chthon/just to see what it was about. I was hooked. I then got the whole series. Eposode 13- "Conclave" still leaves loose ends. I'm crazy about this series, and I need it to continue. A new fan!

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