Poll Results: Fantastic Science Fiction

The latest poll results are in and I don't think the winner is much of a surprise...

Favorite TV Show Genre
Sci Fi / Fantasy: 70% (39)
Drama: 12% (7)
Other: 7% (4)
Comedy: 5% (3)
Reality TV: 2% (1)
Sports: 2% (1)
Game Shows: 2% (1)
News: 0% (0)
Cartoon: 0% (0)
Total Votes : 56

With the poll taking place on a fansite dedicated to a SciFi/Fantasy series, obviously the results were going to be skewed. Even so, I wasn't expecting them to be as lobsided as they were.

4 people voted for "Other", so I'm curious to know what genres they watch. Most of the shows I watch fall under the drama genre, though my favorites would mostly fall under SciFi/Fantasy.

Thanks to everybody that voted.

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