Poll Results: Reading Makes My Brain Hurt

So, with the series on a seemingly permanent hiatus, do Blade fans clamor for any and all sources of Blade material? Apparently not.

Do You Read the Blade Comic?
I've never read it: 69% (24)
I checked out a few issues: 17% (6)
I read it religiously: 14% (5)
Total Votes : 35

I don't think it's a big surprise that most haven't picked up an issue of the Blade comic book. If the comic book followed the same characters and storylines as the series, I'm sure it'd be a different story. Like I had said previously, I did check out the first issue but wasn't a fan. Of course, I'm not a big fan on reading really anything so take that with a grain of salt.

A little side note... it's definitely sad seeing the total votes dropping each week. It's just another reminder of how the show and it's characters won't be coming back. I'm definitely appreciating each and every voter that continues to participate to keep this place alive for that much longer As I said at the get go, I'll keep posting as long as people keep coming back for more. I do hope to have another television project up and running within a year (hopefully much sooner than that), so do make sure to check back for an update on that as well.


  1. James Said:

    I am a comics fan, and I read the new Blade comic faithfully every month. It doesn't tell stories of the movie or tv series Blade, so you willl be disappointed if you're expecting that. It takes place in the normal Marvel Universe. Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Morbius The Living Vampire, and Wolverine have made guest appearances so far. While the first two issues are slugglish, there are some neat subplots in them that lead into current issues. The new Blade comic starts to become more evenly paced by issue number three. If you're one of those that dropped the comic after issue two, you're missing out on some fun stuff. Issue number eight is the current issue out, and it features a guest appearance by Hannibal King. This is just my opinion, but I'm enjoying the Blade comics so far.

  2. Beth Said:

    I don't think that the declining number of people participating in the polls should be your indicator that people are less interested in the series. The fact that the series isn't on is why people aren't participating in the polls. What is their to opine about? We have no new material. My husband and I loved the series and couldn't wait to see how it was going to pan out in the next season. As usual, though, unless a show is all about sex, gay and lesbian lifestyles, or liberal political views, it stands little chance of survival.

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