New Poll: Favorite Minor Character

Ok, so I've asked you your favorite character was, but since the big five seem to dominate that list (Blade, Krista, Marcus, Shen, Chase), I've decided to give the little guys a chance. That's why the new poll asks who your favorite minor character was.

Since this is a big poll, I'm going to let it run an extra week. Hopefully that gives the minor characters a little more time to shine.

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  1. SEO Gangsta Said:

    What? Who cares who the favorite minor character is? I don't even know the minor characters. I mean, that's why their a minor character. You sound like you're just trying to waste everyone's time with your minor poll.

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Well "Gangsta" you're obviously entitled to your opinion, but it's clear that with 71 votes so far that this poll IS interesting for many people. The minor characters in the series may have had less screen time, but many of them had some incredibly memorable scenes. Without the minor characters the show would have been quite shallow.

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