Neil Jackson Talks New Movie and Blade The Series

Neil Jackson did an interview with Comic Monsters a few days ago where he talks about his upcoming movie "The Passage" as well as his thoughts on Blade: The Series.

From the interview:
TheBigBadWolf: What would you have liked to become of Marcus Van Sciver?

Neil Jackson: We had already talked about the next season. We all wanted to see Marcus lose that rigid control of his and start getting lost in his own sense of power and grandeur. I know that seems a little more towards the Deacon Frost side of things, but we would have made that very unique. Overall there would have been a lot more fighting for Marcus as he now had enemies on all sides of him. I had trained very hard in Vancouver for the fight scenes, and was very much looking forward to having a few more throw downs with Blade.

Marcus also gives his thoughts on the cancellation of the series as well as the chances of it coming back (apparently very slim). It's a pretty good interview and a must read for Marcus Van Sciver fans.

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  1. Jill Said:

    Interesting interview. Thanks for spotting it and posting the link!

  2. a Said:

    I was looking foward to watch the season 2 of blade the series.

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