Poll Results: Size Doesn't Matter

The latest poll was extended an extra week to give the minor characters a chance to shine. Who comes out on top and who comes up short?

Favorite Minor Character?
Charlotte: 37% (37)
Fritz: 14% (14)
Collins: 12% (12)
Boone: 9% (9)
Steppin' Razor: 7% (7)
Vanessa: 7% (7)
Frederick: 4% (4)
Thorne: 3% (3)
Glynnis: 2% (2)
Cain: 2% (2)
Damek: 2% (2)
Sands: 0% (0)
Reverend Carlyle: 0% (0)

Total Votes : 99

I don't think it's much of a surprise to see Charlotte sitting at the top of the list. Her, Boone, and Collins had the most screen time out of the minor characters by far. It was interesting to see Fritz so high on the list with him being killed off so early in the show. I wonder if we had a few British voters voting with Fritz still fresh in their minds?

I personally voted for Frederick, though it was definitely a tough decision. Just about every character on that list had my vote for at least a few moments. I ended up choosing Frederick mostly because of the possibilities he presented and the past he was a part of. Being a member of a house of vampires that didn't feed on humans, plus his discovery of Krista's secret and his history with Chase all added up to a character that embodied some great potential that could have been capitalized on during a second season.

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