New Poll: Would You Want to be a Vampire?

This week's poll asks you to weigh the consequences of being a vampire against all the benefits. If you were given the choice of being turned and become a vampire for the rest of your life, would you do it?

Obviously there's many different notions of what a vampire would be, but for the sake of this poll, let's use the vampires created in the Blade series. This means that as a vampire you would live much longer, be stronger, and be nearly invulnerable. It also means that you'd never be able to go out into sunlight and would require blood to feed. However, let's also go with Frederick from the show and say that you wouldn't actually be feeding on humans.

So, basically, would you want to live longer given the fact that you'd never see the sun again and wouldn't be able to appreciate your favorite foods and drinks?

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  1. courtney Said:

    Of course I'd want to be a vamp!! Who wouldn't? Extreme longevity and healing powers make the negatives worth it. Plus, I'd get to meet all the hot vamps like Van Schiver *swoons* What a fun poll!

  2. bobby harris Said:

    yes i would want that very much to be a vampire shucks it would give me a chance to live more than 100 years

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