Poll Results: Who Wants to be a Vampire?

54 people voted in the latest poll, here's how it turned out:

Would You Want to be a Vampire?
Yes: 70% (38)
No: 30% (16)
Total Votes : 54

It's not surprising that most people said they would want to be a vampire, though it's actually kind of surprising to see that 30% said no. I figured it'd be much more of a landslide considering this is a vampire television show fansite.

I, personally voted yes. If you take out the whole being evil and having to kill people and just make it a decision weighing living longer and being nearly invincible against never seeing daylight again and really only being able to eat/drink one thing - I'd take the longer life every time. Sure I'd miss the Sun, but I'd much rather live longer.

Of course, most legends say that you would also have to throw in the whole being an evil murdering monster part, so if that were the case, I'd have to think about it a little more :)



  1. bobby harris Said:

    yes i would allow myself to be turned into a vampire not an evil one no a good vampire yes but live longer than 100 years my answer is yes i would be a vampire

  2. Malika Said:

    I do not want to sound negative , but being a vampire has its ups and downs.THe obvious being you'll get to live much longer.You can experience the thrills and joys of life with the amazing abiltities you'll gain.The down being you'll have an everlasting hunger for blood.You'll also have to witness the ones you love pass away.In conclusion it only takes areal vampire to know whether its worh taking the plunge into eternal death.

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