New Poll: What Poll Would You Like To See?

Alright ladies and gentlemen, this week instead of me coming up with a poll and having you all vote on it, I'd like to hear everyone's suggestions on what I should do for the next poll. They should be at least somewhat related to this site and/or the show. They can be specific like asking about a particular scene in a certain episode, or they can be general like do you like the color pink.

Even with all the polls I've put up, I'm sure there's some important question that you all would like to see polled, so here's your chance to suggest one. Put your suggestions in the comments below or use the contact form and I'll put them in the comments. Tuesday next week I'll pick the best one and put it up Thursday. If there's more than one great poll idea, I'll work the remaining in for subsequent weeks.

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  1. Angela Said:

    "You Really Hate Sticky That Much?" Do you think Sticky's a good actor or a bad actor overall, comparing to Wesley Snipes? And we ain't counting the fighting here, which is what it seems to be all about. Or in other words, was Sticky a better actor than Wesley? Answers: "A Disaster" "Bad Actor" "Good Actor" "Great Actor" "Just Like Marlon Brando" I was watching some of "Blade: Trinity" last night and I started comparing Sticky's performance to Wesley. I thought Sticky's fighting wasn't as good but he was a better actor than Wesley. That's what got me choosing this poll.

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Thanks for the suggestion Angela. Unfortunately, I've already posted two similar polls and One asked for opinions on Sticky's performancein general and the other asked if he was better than Wesley Snipes.

  3. courtney Said:

    How about.... How much of a chance does the series have of coming back? Will you watch other projects that the Blade stars do after seeing their wondeful acting on Blade? Which is better, Blood Ties or Blade: The Series? Which vampire house would you like to be a member of?

  4. Aya Celento Said:

    Hi, I have a question? we my family was one of your fan...Blade TV series. When should be the "BLADE" will be show on TV? We are waiting for it and I wish you it will comes very soon.... Please email us? Thanks for your time... have a great day Celento Family

  5. Chuck Said:

    You know, I'm late... but I watched Blade 2 last night... Wesley can't act or fight. Not to mention he is 5'4" in his shoes. I think he is a joke.

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