New Poll: Which vampire house would you want to be in?

Last week I asked for some poll suggestions and Courtney submitted the question I'll be using this week "Which vampire house would you want to be in?"

I'm giving four options for this poll, Chthon, Leichen, Armaya, and Erebus. There are a few other houses mentioned in the Blade universe, but these are the four that made an appearance in the television series.

The House of Chthon was the featured vampire house, with , Krista, Macus Van Sciver, Chase, Charlotte, Thorne, and Fritz all being members. The House of Chthon is often referred to as being one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) vampire house.

The House of Leichen played a role early on in the series, but was soon forgotten. Frederick, Chase's ex husband (who's also the vampire that turned her), belongs to the House of Leichen. The house is very mysterious with the blood ritual that allows vampires to look into the minds of connected vampires. It's also known that Leichen vampires don't feed on humans, but rather cloned blood.

The House of Armaya played a fairly large role - mostly due to it's pureblood leader Damek. Marcus' plans were constantly threatened by Damek. We also learned that it was Damek that murdered Marcus' wife and turned him. Damek was the main motivation behind all of Marcus' plans. From what is known, Damek was the last pureblood Armayan vampire, so with his death, they were likely to be left leaderless.

The House of Erebus was the main vampire house for the first Blade movie. In the television show, the pureblood Alex was our own real connection to Erebus. There seemed to be some incredibly bad blood between the House of Erebus and the House of Chthon, though it was never fully disclosed as to why.

So there are you're choices. Do you go with the powerful Chthon, the mysterious Leichen, the outcast Armayans, or the once proud Erebus?

Thanks again to Courtney for the poll suggestion.

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  1. ninjutsumaster Said:

    Thanks for keeping up the site! The fans appreciate it.

  2. Chase-fan Said:

    i was like House of Chthon, 'cause they're looking good,and look so powerfull!i'd be like to be a Chthon!

  3. bobby harris Said:

    i rather be in chthon i would be powerful without being in harms way thats where i would want to be

  4. Wil Said:

    I wold like to be in The House of Leichen, all the benefits of being a vampire without that murdering humans little thing.

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