Poll Results: Chthon Recruiters Would be Pleased

The latest poll results are in and the results are just what you'd expect.

Which vampire house would you want to be in?
House of Chthon: 61% (30)
House of Leichen: 22% (11)
House of Armaya: 8% (4)
House of Erebus: 8% (4)
Total Votes : 49

With the House of Chthon being the main focus of the show, I don't think it comes as much of a surprise that most voters chose to join Marcus, Chase, and Krista. I, personally, voted for Leichen House because their mystery and interesting supernatural aspects intrigue me. The fact that they don't feed on humans is a big perk too!

Thanks again to courtney for the poll suggestion and to all who voted!

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  1. Travisracer01 Said:

    I picked house of erebus because i think even tho they said in the series they were toppled.I still think there were the other threat to chthon.Plus you never know they might of had a ace up there sleeve for chthon.Just my opinion. Travis F

  2. lily Said:

    ahhhhhh!! i just watched the last episode! ahhh! what do i do i need more i don't want it to end what will i do without markus! help! ahhhh!!

  3. Keri Said:

    I love your polls... what fun! I wish they would bring the series back as well. Where do you go to participate in the polls? I think a good poll would be: Out of all the vampires ever in literature or on film or TV would you want to be? May be you could phrase it a little different.

  4. courtney Said:

    check out www.comicmonsters.com for the lastest news on blade the series. the pilot episode will be released on dvd in september and the full season will be released in january. goyer is also talking about doing a wrap up of the series in a tv movie or straight to dvd movie.

  5. Tonya Green Said:

    the website isn't clear (without having to read every page of it) about whether Blade the Series will be back on reguarly again?? Can someone please give me this information?? Thank you sincerely, Tonya Green OKC., OK

  6. big fan Said:

    I just love whole blade thing. I got all the movies,and i recorded that season. Too bad there is not second season,because that first one ended so nicely,to be continued. I've heared people didn't like it enough,so there will be no second season,but i still hope it.As i hope that some one would make blade 4. God bless Blade. It rocks!It is just so BEST!!!!I LOVED THE SERIE,WHY OTHER PPL DIDN'T?

  7. Toei Said:

    I prefer Leichen...

  8. bobby harris Said:

    hey gang i started to like this one better than salems lot it was to evil but this one blade wow its the coolest film ever i wish i had krista starr's fan site so i could write to her i was born in north carolina and she is from winston salem north carolina too oh well but i really love the cast and love neil jackson he is a spark on tv series as for my vote and my comment i would be either in the house of leichen or chthon no matter which one i would be at i would still live alot longer than anything even years and years and years i rather have that better than nothing at all

  9. Rochelle Said:

    need to bring it back on tv,where can i find the rest of the dvds,I would go to House of Chthon.

  10. Rochelle Said:

    House of chthon.

  11. Birdie94 Said:

    I'd like to be part of Chthon with Marcus , Chase and Krista.

  12. gothicgirl Said:

    i would choose neither house i would join white prince in the detroit nightclub because its anarchist and rule free from purebloods

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