Blade: The Series - The Complete Series Now Available

The moment many of you have been waiting for, Blade The Series - The Complete Series boxset is now available! While it won't be including the second season we all wish would be made, it should be packed with some bonush features that may just keep you salivating over some vampire badassness.

Also, keep in mind that there is a chance (albeit incredibly slim) that strong sales of the DVD may somehow bring back the show for a second season. I, personally, highly doubt it will happen... but I'd absolutely love it if you all could prove me wrong!

If you do happen to pick up the complete series, do post some of your impressions below for your fellow Blade: The Series fans to drool over.


  1. ninjutsumaster Said:

    I bought Blade yesterday, (busy at work) and it is simply refreshing to watch the ashing of dozens of vampires! The quality is great, all the episodes but one have more footage, and overall this box set is the best purchase since the Blade movies! Blade fans, these dvds are amazing! I highly recommend you to buy them. It comes with 4 dvds with each of the episodes with more blood, violence and cussing than the actual aired episodes allowed. Honestly, Blade the Series never looked this good!

  2. Fenerc Rakoczy Said:

    Loved this show and mythos, wish it had gone on and saw the rise of the Purebloods and maybe even Blade coming to accept that he himself is a pure blood of a type not seen since Drake. Think of the power Blade could have to wipe out the Turned if he fed on Blood which to a pure blood is not a drug but natural food. All in all I love the DVDs.

  3. Aran Said:

    I starte watching the show when it aired, and then due to a move I missed the last 5 episodes so I'm grateful for the DVD's! I really can't tell the difference between the original versions of the episodes and the unrated versions aside from the nudity. I'm curious if a fourth Blade movie could be made to tie up the story from the series. If they use Sticky as Blade they could even create a new movie trillogy, but I've heard that Wesley Snipes is also interested in doing a 4th film if he can settle his lawsuit. It has me wondering if Wesley Snipes does become available for a 4th movie, and the powers that be do decide to use the story-line from the series, if it would work out? Would fans of the show accept Wesley-Blade? Or if Wesley doesn't come back would fans of the movies accept Sticky as Blade in a new movie? Questions, Questions...

  4. Onalee Said:

    I love this series! I wish it wasn't cancelled. The last episode made people think that there was going to be another season of Blade the Series. I was dissappointed to find out that the show was not going to return on SPIKE TV. I'm hoping the producers understand that this was a great show and many people liked it. I know I did. If I could, I would by every copy of the season to make a second season come on.

  5. Angel Said:

    I love this show! Just bought the dvds, watched them and just found out the show was canceled. :( They should so continue the series!!!

  6. Justin Said:

    Just picked up the box set today...astonishing. I'm a huge Blade movie series fan, but didn't get to watch the show much due to working early in the morning/hitting the bed early. I'm through discs 1 and 2 and all I can say is this series kicks ass! I had a hard time buying into a non-Snipes Blade...but Kirk Jones does a nice job. Blade is one of the coolest, underrated and non-mainstream Marvel character. I like that the show is more geared toward the comic book series. I can't wait to get through the shows so I can start exploring the bonus features!

  7. Keith Meyers Said:

    I just watched the box set, have to say I was even more saddened that Spike is being so idiotic. Harkens back to Firefly. SPeaking of, has anybody thought of a letter writing campaign to coincide with revenue from the DVD ( I hear its not too bad)? It worked once, and even if its a made for TV movie its something!

  8. Mark Said:

    When did it work, Keith, and for whom?

  9. michelle Said:

    i think they should bring back the show i hate that it has been cancelled and i want them to make another series cause i want to find out if anythings is going to happen between blade and krista and i want to find out if krista dies or if blade kills marcus

  10. Patrick Said:

    I watched it on tv in german and recently got the show on dvd. I like the entire show, can't understand how there could be so many doubters of it. Can say I love the show, it makesme kind of sick to know that its a cliff hanger with only a very tiny chance of come back (well, i hope they will continue!) If they could continue, there is the possibility to make many eps... man, this is stupidity at its best -_-"

  11. Matthew Said:

    I watched every episode when they came out and was amazed at how well done they were. As much as I loved the Blade Movies I have to give a shout out to Sticky!!! He proved to be a better blade than Wesley was, wich was a pleasant surprise. I also have to give out a shout to the young girl that played charlotte... um.. wow perfect acting on her part... so convincing in the role. Hey how about all the rich fans donate funds to the production team for direct to dvd release of season 2!

  12. Rain Said:

    I had this dvd on pre-order and just could'nt wait untill it arrived in the post! That's saying something because although I love dvd's I dont often bother to aquire an entire tv series; there are only a few that have been so great I just had to own them to watch anytime I wanted! I have to say I watched this series flat out too, had it on as soon as i got in from work and even before at one point, I got so imersed in it! I agree that Sticky was an even better Blade than Snipes and indeed there are a few other great 'characters' in the series, Charlotte was just great! Fantastic acting from a young girl and there was just this great harsh, cold quality to her and I grew to really love Marcus's character also, so much so that I dont want to see him dusted! I guess we never will though.

  13. Titch Said:

    I started to watch Blade the Series then missed about 5 eps and watched the very last one. So when I brought the DVD's i thoroughly enjoyed them even dreamt of being chased by Blade. (why was i running away from him i dont no - he's loverly). Tho after watching all of them together (a non stop blade night) it really made u think who's side u were on. I was happy to know that Chase and Marcus were safe. After seeing Marcus's bkground makes u feel sorry for the ol' vamp. So a massive thumbs up to the producers they did the Movie proud. Gutted to hear Blade series 2 may not be out. Plz Plz Plz bring it bk it'll be a treat for all I'm sure. Ps the nudity and voilence tho really bad was very eye catchy especially for the b'friend he loved the scene with the bend over blond!!!!!Nice one....

  14. k Said:

    I have a question, does it have the extended pilot movie that was sold initially before the complete series?

  15. taco Said:

    i think blad the series is expencive and i can't find it for a lower price and i hear it's awsome

  16. Debbie Said:

    Recently watched Blades the series on Bravo, it was brilliant, it was much better than the original movies, which I did not really enjoy. I was bitterly disappointed to learn that that this fantastic show was cancelled and hope they reconsider and make a second series. I intend to purchase the DVD boxset if I can find it.

  17. Kiren Said:

    I couldn;t find it anywhere :( Wish a second season was coming out-It ended in the worst possible way! I would sell my brother to see what came next!

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