David Goyer Talks About Breaking Into Film and TV

David Goyer has put up an interesting post on his MySpace blog where he discusses how he broke into the film and television industry.

He talks about his roots in Michigan and how he ended up in the USC film school. He places some emphasis on the fact that, these days, film is much easier to break into due to the fact that equipment is much cheaper, software is more readily available, and the internet provides a near unlimited source of information and education (as well as distribution).

Granted, it may be easier to teach yourself and get things out there, but that almost means there many more people out there doing the same thing. Lowering the barrier of entry has definitely got to be a good thing overall though.

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David Goyer Talks About the Show

I'm a bit late in posting this, but apparently writer David Goyer posted about the Blade series on his MySpace blog a few days ago. In it he talks about how the show got picked up, reasons for choosing Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones as Blade, as well as a bit on the cancellation of the series.

You can check out the post right here.

Goyer Speaks About the Cancellation

Goyer has posted some comments about Spike TV's drop of the Blade show over at the official forums. He thanks us all for watching, which is great, but I think the best way to thank us is to film a second season and give it to us all for free - yeah, that's the ticket!

Goyer writes:
To be honest, this was one of those rare experiences where the cast, crew, studio, and network all got along famously. It was a particularly enjoyable experience. And for that reason, above all, I was sad we didn't get a 2nd season.

He does go on a bit about a few other things, such as the possibility of another network picking up the show, but there's no new information on that front unfortunately.

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Spike TV's Scream Awards

Spike TV has had information on their new Scream Awards up on their website for awhile, but since it's taking place October 10th, I figured it was a little too far out to mention it previously. Now that it's less than a month away, I guess it's time to post about it and see if it's even worth the mention.

When I first read about Spike TV doing an awards show called the Scream Awards, I was certain Blade: The Series would be in there with multiple nominations. Sadly, I was mistaken. The vampire show isn't in a single category. It's kind of rediculous, really, since it is a vampire show and it is on Spike TV.

The whole thing sounds kind of lame in my opinion, since most of the categories have nothing to do with screaming or horror. While I love Battlestar Galactica (it's definitely one of my top three shows), what the heck is it doing in an award show called the Scream Awards? I'm definitely disappointed with how this award show is setup and will likely not tune in October to watch.

One thing to note is that Blade: The Series is at least somewhat represented with Batman Begins being nominated as it was written by Blade: The Series writer David Goyer. Also, there's probably a good chance that at least one or two Blade cast members will make an appearance seeing as it is on Spike TV and I'm guessing the network would love any chance they can get to plug the show (that's if they decide to pick it up for a second season). I'll be keeping an eye out for any information on the presenters to see if any of our Blade people will be there representing the show.

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Goyer's New Movie "The Invisible"

Blade: The Series writer David Goyer has a new movie scheduled to be released in January called The Invisible. Goyer is the director of the movie and you can check out the trailer here.

It seems to be about a young man who's invisible to others because of a tragic accident. It very much resembles the movie Ghost, at least for me. The big difference seems to be that in The Invisible, the main character may actually still be alive, though he must solve his supposed murder to remain so.

It's definitely interesting and if Goyer's involved I'm sure it's pretty good. I just hope it's not too much like Ghost (though I did like that movie quite a lot).

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David Goyer Talks Second Season, DVD, and More

Reader Denise sent in a link to this interview with David Goyer. It's a great article where Goyer talks about the ratings, the DVD, the status of a second season, and a few other goodies.

From the interview:
Interviewer: OK, let's talk about that. What is the status of a potential second season at this point?

Goyer: It is legitimately on the bubble. It's gotten decent ratings, although we were hoping they'd be better, but the other issue is Spike had no clear idea of what to expect. In terms of scripted material, they're really a new network and nobody ever came to Spike for scripted material before. It's kind of like the wild west right now. We've been in discussions and I think it could honestly go either way.

I've actually been shocked how good the reviews of the show have been, by and large. They've been better than the movies, which surprises me because I thought we'd be just killed by the press, but they generally like it.

So, as you can see, there's definitely talk of a DVD and the second season is still up in the air. Like Goyer, I'm constantly surprised by the good press the show has been getting. Shows like Blade: The Series are often either panned by the press or just completely overlooked. It'd be nice if the ratings reflected the reviews a bit more, but at least they are climbing.

Also from the interview:
Interviewer: What can you tell us about this final three-part storyline?

Goyer: We did some things that people might not have thought we would do. We definitely went for it. It's big! Somebody mentioned in one of the reviews that he liked the fact that you get the sense that almost anyone could be killed at any time in this show, which we've tried really hard to do. All I can say is nothing is sacred and nobody is safe.

Looks like that poll we just had about possible character deaths may be spot on. Goyer makes it sound like we may be seeing a few different characters bite the big one. Maybe I should change my vote from nobody to everybody...

The interview has a bunch of other great details such as Spike TV's thoughts on the series and future Goyer projects. If you missed the link above, here it is again. Thanks again to Denise for the heads up!

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Goyer And Johns Talk About Detroit

Blade: The Series writers David Goyer and Geoff Johns talked with The Detroit News about their reasons behind choosing Detroit as the setting for the series. Well, there's really one main reason, and that's the fact that both Goyer and Johns are from the Detroit area.

They do talk about other aspects of the show besides the setting, such as the differences between movies and TV, episode growth, and even DVD possibilities.

From the article:
"We've been shooting R-rated stuff and the idea for the DVDs is that it will be bloodier and have more nudity and be more foul," Goyer said. "We have been cognizant of that since the beginning, so every time you see a script, there will be a clean version and an R-rated version."

I find it interesting that they've been shooting extra material to be used in a possible DVD release. I'm definitely excited about the idea of a DVD release having some more "mature" material thrown in. It'll likely make things fresh the second time through since there'll be changes and additions.

They also talk about other outlets for the Blade universe, such as new movies and possibly an animated series. It all comes down to how well the Spike TV series does. I personally am more immediately concerned about there being a second season. Give me that and I'll be happy... for now.

In case you missed the link, check out the full interview here.

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Reader Question: Is There Enough For More Seasons?

With most fans anxiously awaiting word on whether or not Blade: The Series will be coming back next season, it might be a good time to stop and think about whether or not there's enough material for future seasons, and if so, how many more seasons. Well, reader Jeff asks some of those very same questions - thanks Jeff!

Jeff Thomas writes:
This could prove interesting conversation or a solid question for the writer/director. Assuming there is further seasons. How many episodes would be a reasonable expectation to ensure the content remains solid and how many episodes are drafted in some form? Is there enough material today for more than 2 seasons? Does a writer only write one season at a time or do they contextually plan for multiple seasons in a preparation for supporting the request for additional seasons?

Well, I'm not a writer for the show, but David Goyer is, and he has actually talked about the future of the show in this TVGuide.com interview. In that interview he has "a five-year plan for the TV show". Clearly he is hoping to do at least a few more seasons, but is there really enough material? Oh heck yeah.

This season has already opened up plenty of plots and sub plots to follow for at least two or three more seasons. Hell, we've only been introduced to two or three vampire Houses out of twelve. There have been hints at Marcus having other plans, brand new villains for Blade and Krista to battle, and a possible vampire civil war. There's more than enough to fuel the series for a few more seasons, in my opinion at least.

As for the other part of Jeff's question, I do know that writers don't necessarily have an entire season planned out until the season has started. Take Stargate SG-1 for instance. It was recently announced that this season will be its last (unfortunate as it was one of my favorites). Also announced was that the finale has yet to be decided, even though the season has already aired a few episodes. I've heard of this happening with many shows, where the writers will have a general idea of the direction they want to take it, but don't fully flesh it out until they're well into the season.

Well, hopefully that answers Jeff's questions a bit. It is just my opinion so I may be wrong in my thinking that there's plenty of Blade to last multiple seasons. Obviously we aren't in control of the show and don't know exactly what they have planned, but I'm sure you've got an opinion on how much is too much. So what do you think? Think it's got one more season left in it? Two? Five? Could you see the show lasting ten years? As always, leave your comments below and let everybody know what you're thinking.

Oh, and thanks again for your submission Jeff!

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David Goyer Hints At Future Developments

Comics Continuum has an article posted that recaps most of what Blade writer, David Goyer, had to say at the Blade panel during the San Diego Comic-Con. Goyer talks about his fears before the premiere aired, gives a little overview of where the show currently stands, and then spends some time hinting at future show developments.

From the article:
"One of the criticisms was that Blade was too weak in the pilot, that he would have been able to take those lesser vampires out really easily. You have to understand that the TV show is not the same as the movie. If Blade just mowed down, every episode, a hundred vampires, it would be really, really boring."

We also get some details about Charlotte, the pureblood vampire that was introduced to us in last night's episode. Apparently, she's a 200 year old in the body of a 13 year old and she's the head of the House of Chthon. I figured she was a high powered vampire with some ties to the House of Chthon, but it seems that it's confirmed that she's actually the head of it.

As mentioned above, Goyer also revealed a few future show elements. I've listed a few of those below, which could possibly be considered spoilers, so if you don't want to see something that may give away parts of the show, skip the bulleted list below.


  • Steppin' Razor returns in a future episode.

  • Other Marvel characters showing up in the series is likely.

  • Goyer, Johns and Dan Truly wrote the season finale together.

  • The 11th episode (written by Johns) will feature a vampire serial killer called The White Prince.

  • A return of Deacon Frost is "not impossible."

  • A Blade animated series has been discussed.


I'd suggest heading over and reading the full article (you'll have to scroll down a bit), though be careful about reading the last half as there are spoilers for this season and next. I actually left off a few of bigger spoilers in my list above, so be warned one last time that the article does contain a few things that could spoil future episodes.

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Reader Question: Any Movie Cameo Plans?

Yet another reader question has come pouring in, this time from Mike..

Mike. asks:
I'm a big fan of the show, as well as the movies and comics. What I'm wondering is if you think they might bring back some movie characters for cameos in the series.

In a previous post I pointed out this interview with Blade writer David Goyer. The reason I mention this is because Goyer is actually asked the very question we're looking to answer.

When asked by TVGuide.com "Will other characters from the Blade films appear on the series?". Goyer responds "Possibly. We have a flashback in which a young Whistler, who was played by Kris Kristofferson in the films, appears. We do flashbacks, so although a lot of our characters ended up dying, we have plans, if we go into a second season, to bring back two or three other characters from the films."

The followup question by TVGuide.com presses further asking "Which other characters might show up?", to which Goyer replies "Dr. Karen Jenson, the hematologist from the first movie, and Hannibal King, the nightstalker (played by Ryan Reynolds) from the third film will show up again."

So, it definitely looks like they plan on bringing in characters from the movies. They are even bringing in some dead characters through flashbacks which should be cool for fans of the movies. If anybody else knows of any characters that are rumored to be showing up from the movies be sure to leave a comment below.