IGN Interview with Emily Hirst

Fans of the character Charlotte and the girl that plays her are in for a treat as IGN has just posted an interview with the young actress Emily Hirst and it's all about Blade: The Series.

From the interview:
IGN TV: Most of your scenes so far have been with Neil Jackson. While in reality he's acting with a 13 year old girl, but it really comes across that he's in the presence of an elder. Did you work this out together?

Hirst: He's amazing, I love him. He's so hilarious. It's really easy to work with him, except he's very goofy between takes. He would make me laugh and then we would try and put on our serious faces. I think it was his ability, and we worked [well] together.

IGN TV: Like in the scene where you scold him in his office?

Hirst: That was really funny actually. The director [Alex Chapple] was awesome. He was laughing the whole time when I was sitting above Marcus. I was very comfortable with Neil and everyone there so it was fairly easy.

The interview goes into some great detail with her acting methods, her reactions to the mature content, and even what her parents think of it all. She actually hasn't seen the Blade movies nor Interview with the Vampire (many draw comparisons to Charlotte and Kirsten Dunst's character Claudia). IGN asks if we can expect to see Charlotte next season, but Hirst dodges the question telling us that we'll have to wait and see.

It really is a pretty in depth interview with some interesting answers by Hirst. Head on over to IGN and read the full interview and post your thoughts below.

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Who Was That Little Girl?

This is the first (of I hope many) posts where I'll be answering reader questions about the show and/or cast. The first question sent in was from Sebastian where he asks "any idea when the child vampire girl will appear, her name and info?", referring to the shot of a young girl during the previews at the end of the pilot episode.

Well Sebastian, I'm actually glad you brought that little girl up. When I watched the previews at the end and saw her, I knew had I had seen her before but couldn't quite place where. I did some digging and found that her name is Emily Hirst (sometimes accredited as Emily Herst) and realized that I had seen her on a Smallville episode where she played a girl that I believe had the ability to manipulate glass.

You can check out her filmography at IMDB and you'll probably notice that she's played quite a few scifi / fantasy roles for being so young. There you'll also see that her character name on Blade: The Series is Charlotte. I did some further research and found that she has actually signed on for 6 episodes, so she may end up being a regular cast member with a recurring role.

I didn't really want to dig any further and find out about the Charlotte character as it might give away too much about the plot. I'd like to keep as much of this site as spoiler free as possible, with the obvious exception being the episode wrap ups.

I hope you've all enjoyed this first Reader Questions post. If you've got any questions you'd like answered, head on over to the contact form and shoot me an email.

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