New Poll: What's Your Favorite Episode?

Sticking with the whole playing favorites theme, this week's poll asks you what your favorite episode is. I've listed the episodes below with links to my recaps of each so that you can remind yourself what each one was about.

Will you vote for the big season finale? Perhaps one of the flash back episodes? Were the House of Leichen episodes the best? Were the Steppin' Razor episodes even better? I know there's a lot to choose from, and I'm pretty sure it will be a landslide for one episode, but I'm curious to see what episodes you all thought were the strongest.

The poll will end sometime Tuesday afternoon so be sure to vote before then!

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Episode 13: Conclave

Recap and Review
The finale opens with Marcus showing Krista around the newly built Conclave location while Blade and Shen are busy in their lair setting up a Conclave infiltration operation. Unfortunately for our good guys, Chase arrives with a squad of gun-wielding vampires and/or familiars. Before Shen can set off the auto destruct system he's knocked unconcious. Blade is able to set off the explosives but not until after Chase takes off with Shen.

Back at Marcus' office, Krista is instructed to torture Shen in an effort to pry information out of him. Knowing she has no choice, Krista proceeds to pull off Shen's fingernails one by one. When Marcus asks her to escalate the pain, she moves in on Shen and acts as if she's breaking his fingers, but breaks her own instead - seemingly fooling Marcus and also giving her the chance to slip Shen a blade to escape with.

Krista and ChaseLuckily for Shen, it's not long before Marcus and Krista are called away, giving him the opportunity to break out. After taking out a rather large vampire guard and sneaking by some other Chthon underlings, he's able to escape and meet back up with Blade, whose just gotten back from obtaining the key to the Conclave (the architect's eyeball). The two head off to the Pure Blood meeting place to make sure Marcus is able to pull off his plans.

Meanwhile, Marcus, Krista, and Chase are called on to present the Aurora vaccine to the Pure Blood council. Marcus gives a brief little speech before revealing his true intentions. Unfortunately for our smooth talking villain, he was betrayed by Chase and the Pure Blood poison fails to be released. We learn that she really was working with Charlotte and that Charlotte either called her or the Pure Blood "overlord" (apparently the head of the Chthon council) to let them know of Marcus' plans.
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Episode 12: Monsters

Recap and Review
Well, it looks like the poll asking which characters might die was pretty well timed... but more on that later.

Last episode had Krista "detoxing" and supposedly returning back to her normal conflicted self. It appears that she's ready to go back to work for Blade as Episode 12 starts off with her strolling back into the House of Chthon like nothing had happened. She quickly goes to work trying to find out the location of the Conclave, a secret meeting for the Pure Bloods of Chthon, but Marcus intervenes with a little romp in the office.

Marcus and Krista finish their brief romance just in time for a meeting with Marcus' architect; who's apparently behind on the Conclave building renovations. Marcus reminds Krista of his brutality when he brutaly murders the architect's assistant right in front of him. A bitter Chase cleans up the mess and discovers Krista wearing Marcus' ex-wife's necklace. Needless to say, she wasn't so happy about that. As such, she sneaks into Krista's room and let's her know she's not a woman to be messed with, especially with the impending chaos.

Speaking of impending chaos, Marcus' gift to Charlotte (Blade's sword) turns out to be a bomb, which happens to detonate while Charlotte and her crew are mid flight. The resilient Pure Blood and her giant of a bodyguard Thorne both survive the crash. They also are able to heal themselves rather quickly thanks to a couple of unfortunate campers that happen upon the crash site. With the sun rising, the two vampires quickly make their way to the nearby town for cover.
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Episode 11: Hunters

Recap and Review
Last week's episode ended with the surprise Krista and Marcus bed scene, leaving us to wonder what will become of our heroine. Well, Blade doesn't waste time this week as he knocks her out and drags her into a holding cell forcing her to go cold turkey for most of the episode. While she's locked up Blade and Shen have a little work to do taking on a lone vampire who calls himself the White Prince.

White Prince GlyphThe White Prince storyline actually allows Blade to explain to Shen (and us) that there are splinter groups of vampires out there that don't belong to one of the twelve Houses. These groups even have their own familiars and glyphs (I've recreated the White Prince glyph to the right). This notion of rebel groups brings us even more possiblities for conflict, especially with a seemingly unavoidable vampire civil war.

Blade vs the White PrinceAnyway, back to the White Prince and all his gruesomeness. We're introduced to him in a very Saw like moment as he videotapes himself torturing a young woman. Shen and Blade pick up the case after Shen is convinced by the sister of a suspected victim. After raiding a club or two and using the sister as bait, our two heroes find the White Prince's lair. They each proceed to kick some butt with Shen taking on the vampire's familiar and Blade doing his thing ashing the Prince. I found it funny how Shen preached to Blade earlier in the episode about giving people second chances and that their job is to save lives and then he goes on to kill the familiar without hesitation. Obviously Shen realized there's a time for playing nice and there's a time for kicking some bad guy butt. It was definitely nice to see him do more than just tag along.
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Episode 10: Angels and Demons

Recap and Review
Oh. Hell. Yes. Episode 10, Angels and Demons, delivers some incredible backstory with surprising twists that answer a few questions while presenting us with a few more.

The previous episode left us with Krista shooting at her newly turned mother. They left it in such a way that we couldn't know whether or not she actually ashed her though. Tonight's episode doesn't waste time in letting us know that Krista did, in fact, kill her own mother. As many have suspected, the recent events inolving momma Starr cause Krista to begin a downward spiral to the vampire "darkside". Luckily, Marcus sends Chase after Krista to bring her in, which she does, just before Krista was about to perform her first "real" feeding.

Krista doesn't respond so well to Marcus' summoning though, as she starts a fight with him that he ends rather quickly (though not without getting cut by Krista first). Realizing Krista has some issues she needs to take care of, Marcus chains her up in bed letting her deal with her problems on her own. Well, not quite on her own, as she spends most of the episode re-living parts of Marcus' pre-vampire life using the bond the two have with each other.

The flashbacks we're given of Marcus' past reveal an incredible amount of information. First, Marcus did have a wife (Isabelle) and she did have similar features to Krista. Second, Marcus was turned in Detroit around 1899 which makes him a bit over 100. Lastly, Damek ran a protection racket type scam where he ended up threatening Marcus and eventually raping and feeding on Isabelle right in front of him. Damek left Marcus for dead, but Marcus was found by what appeared to be some form of savage Daywalker vampires and was turned by them.

These flashbacks are timed perfectly with the arrival of Damek to Marcus' office in the House of Chthon. Damek, not satisfied with merely being let back into the council, decides he wants a stake (pardon the pun) in Marcus' financial affairs. Marcus decides he's waited long enough for revenge, so he attacks Damek, eventually ashing him. Before dying, Damek let's Marcus know that he doesn't even remember Marcus (as a human) or Isabelle.
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Reader Question: How Many Episodes are Left?

I've received a few questions asking how many episodes are left this season and when we'll know if and when season 2 will start.

Sebastian writes:
How many episodes are left in this season, and when can we expect season 2 to start? I think I heard there are 13, and the upcoming one is #10. Thanks!

The first part of the question is easy, and Sebastian actually got it right, there are 13 episodes with next week's being number 10. The pilot episode is counted as 2, which is why there have been only 8 nights of Blade: The Series, but 9 episodes. So, we've got 4 episodes left... then what?

Unfortunately I do not know when we'll know if the show will be back next season. As I mentioned a few days ago, the cast and crew are pushing hard to get people to watch each Wednesday so that it can come back. Apparently the ratings are at such a number that it could go either way.

I have been keeping an eye out for any information, and will definitely continue to do so. Once I know, I'll be sure to post the information here.

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Episode 9: Turn of the Screw

Recap and Review
First, let me say how hilariously awesome the episode title "Turn of the Screw" is. Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, onto the recap...

Last episode left us hanging with Charlotte's spy Glynnis catching Krista in the act of turning her dying mother. Before we could see the vampire cat fight agent Ray Collins broke it up, though only temporarily. Tonight's episode dove right in with the two vampires battling it out and Collins helpless to stop it. Eventually Krista overpowered Glynnis and ashes her with a silver-backed mirror shard. While I'm sad to see the beautiful Glynnis go, I'm happy tha Krista's secret appears to be safe for the time being.

Krista's victory was short lived as her newly turned mother broke out of the hospital, leaving no trail. Meanwhile, Blade and Shen discover what Krista's been up to and track her down. Blade and Shen appear to be somewhat understanding as they don't kill her on the spot, but rather decide to help her try and find her mother. Unfortunately, her mother was able to kill her uncle and cause comotion at the House of Chthon before Blade and company could catch her. Krista desperately injected her mother with the serum, but as it had no affect, she was forced to shoot her mom, or so we think (the screen went black before we could see the result).

Meanwhile, Chase is off in Las Vegas trying to close a deal for Marcus. During her trip she runs into an old love interest that happens to be a pureblood from the House of Erebus (Erebus was the House from the first Blade movie I believe). Alex, the pureblood, seems genuinely in love with Chase and they both succumb to a night of passion before waking up to an extremely displeased Marcus Van Sciver.
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Episode 8: Sacrifice

Recap and Review
Episode 8 starts off innocently enough with a man alone at a firing range - nothing bad could happen right? Wrong! Bad boy Steppin' Razor returns in a big way, murdering the man and starting a killing spree of people from Blade's past. This also triggers multiple Blade flashbacks, all with Blade as a young boy learning to deal with his condition.

Before the flashbacks began, Blade and Shen discovered that the fluid from the previous episode was actually a virus that's been designed to take out a specific group of... well.. something. While they don't yet know who (or what) it targets, my guess is purebloods (can't be humans since they'd lose their food source).

Now, I had heard that this episode was going to feature flashbacks, and while I normally hate such devices, the flashbacks utilized in this episode were pretty good. They tied together Blade's past with the murders taking place, making sure to provide a great backstory while not seeming out of place. It was definitely interesting to see how Blade and his father had to try and deal with him and his thirst for blood. Bringing in a young Whistler (Blade's mentor from the movies) was a great tie in and showing how Blade was the cause of his bum leg was a nice reward for fans of the movies.

Blade with fatherWith the flashbacks ending with Blade running away as a small child, the hunt for Steppin' Razor brought Blade full circle back to his home and to his father (whom he thought dead). During the best fight scene yet, Blade matched up against Steppin' pretty evenly. Blade's father showed up at just the right time, plunging Blade's sword through both vampires, ashing Steppin' and wounding Blade. Even though his father saved his life, Blade still holds ill feelings towards his father, so they parted ways moments after seeing each other for the first time in years.
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Episode 7: Delivery

Recap and Review
Does the episode named Delivery actually deliver? Oh hell yeah it does.

With last episode ending with Chase blown up by Blade, last night's episode lets us know right away how poor 'ol chase is doing. And she ain't doing well. Vampires might be able to heal themselves, but after a building sized explosion, it takes more than a few minutes of yoga to return to ones self. As such, Marcus immediately sets Chase up with multiple blood transfusions during a process that will take more than this one episode to fully heal her.

With Chase out of commission, Marcus sends Krista after Blade and Vanessa (the pregnant woman). Unfortunately for Krista, the mission comes at the worst of times as she learns her mother is sick with leukemia. Likely knowing the consequences of disobeying Marcus' orders, she only pays her mom a brief visit in the hospital before heading off to Paris to find Blade.

Before Krista shows up, Blade deals with a handful of sporadic vampire encounters, though they're nothing he can't handle. He also deals with a few dream sequences of his mother being pregnant with him. She warns him of Vanessa and her pregnancy, though Blade tries to shake it off. To determine exactly what he's dealing with, Blade takes Vanessa to a doctor who finds out the woman isn't carrying a human or vampire, but rather, a bunch of liquid. Just as they are about to do some further testing, Krista and a vampire hit squad show up. Luckily for our hero, Krista offs them in the car before they even show their fangs.
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6 Episode Blade Marathon This Sunday

In case you or anybody you know has missed an episode of Blade: The Series, Spike TV is having a marathon Sunday, July 30 in which they'll be showing all 6 episodes, including the two part pilot. The marathon starts at 1:00 pm with the last episode starting at 6:00 pm.

Now's your chance to try and get your friend or loved one hooked on the show. After the marathon they won't be able to use anymore excuses about not wanting to jump into the middle.

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