Food TV and Me Site Launched

Alright, so I know it's not really Blade related, but I've just launched a new site in my Squirrelinabox Network called Food TV and Me. It's at least somewhat related since it deals with television shows, but that's pretty much the only connection.

My sister is actually the author of the new site, I just set it up and designed it as well as taught her a few things, but the content is all hers. If you like to watch the Food Network and do some home cooking once in awhile, head on over and check out the new site.

Site Updates

You've probably noticed a few changes to the site, albeit small ones. The biggest changes are the few ads I've added, such as the one just below the header. Hopefully these ads aren't too intrusive as I really don't want to make the site annoying. I've hand selected the banner ads so that they are very relevant, such as the Suspense & Horror DVDs $4.99 sale at (yes, that's an affiliate link as well).

I'll be adding more to the rotations, and probably a few more to the sidebar, but the main content area shouldn't be getting many (if any) more ad spots. Please let me know if any of the ads are too intrusive or annoying. I'm not trying to get rich off this site or anything, but it'd be nice if it could help pay for my hosting costs a bit.

Related Posts Added

I've added a plugin to the site that displays related posts at the bottom of individual posts. It's not a bit update, but it should hopefully prove useful as it can point out articles related to the one you're currently viewing.

I still have more site additions as well as content features that I'm planning on adding, so if there's anything in particular you'd like to see added, make sure you leave a comment or send me your suggestions via the contact form.

House of Chthon Quake Game Level

Quake House of ChthonOkay, so I'm not sure how many of you ever played id Software's Quake computer game, but it actually has a little bit of a connection with the Blade world, specfically with the House of Chthon. The level E1M7 (episode 1 mission 7) was actually named House of Chthon and featured a battle with Chthon himself. The image on the upper left is a screenshot from the level (as you can see, it's a very old game) and you can click on it to enlarge.

While it may not really have any direct relevance with Blade: The Series, it is interesting to see how various legends make their way to many different mediums. In case you want to learn more about Chthon, there's the Marvel Dictionary as well as the Wikipedia reference. I didn't read either site much since I'm afraid of any spoilers, but if you're willing to risk it, so be it.

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Blade Cast's MySpace Profiles

Well, after some further MySpace digging, I found that the main Blade: The Series cast members all have MySpace profiles. Below are the links to the profiles.

*update: thanks to reader Mike, I have updated this post to include Jessica Gower's and Geoff Johns' MySpace profiles. Thanks Mike!

*update 2: it appears that Jessica Gower's profile has been deleted. I will update this post if I can find a new link.

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Comments and Suggestions Welcome and Appreciated

With this site being a little over a week old now, the initial excitement and rush has slowed a bit (which isn't so bad since it was quite hectic with the first couple days bringing in around 1000 visitors each day). Anyway, now that things have calmed down a little, I wanted to make sure everybody knows that I'm completely open to any and all suggestions.

All sorts of suggestions are wellcome. Maybe you think the ads are too intrusive or annoying, or you have a specific category you'd like added. Maybe you've got some good links or news stories to share. Whatever it is, send it on in and I'll promise to give it fair consideration.

Big or small, send your suggestions on over and I'll see what I can do. You can always use the contact form, or just leave some comments on this post. I hope to keep adding to and tweaking the site, and your suggestions will help me in that process so that we can all enjoy this place that much more.

House of Chthon Glyph

House of Chthon GlyphI've had a few people write in wondering if I could post a picture of the House of Chthon glyph. I'm not sure if it would infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks to post a screenshot of it, so I decided to recreate it with Photoshop.

The image on the upper left is my recreation of the glyph. I'm not sure if it's taken from real vampire lore or if it was created new for the series. If anybody knows where the actual symbol came from, leave a comment on this post so that others can know as well.

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Blade The Series Premieres Tonight!

In case you're new here or you've forgotten, the premiere for the Blade television series is tonight (Wednesday June 27) at 10PM on Spike TV. It's going to be two hours long so make sure you're set to record that extra hour if you're not going to be watching it live.

Later this week I'll be posting the first (of many) episode recaps/reviews. I want to say it'll be done tomorrow, but I can't guarantee that I'll have it ready by then. I'd like to have some good discussions about each episode, so after you've watched it, make sure you come back here and post your thoughts in the comments section of the episode recap. Hopefully we can get some good dialogue going.

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10 PM Time Slot

With the Blade series being in the 10 pm time slot, Spike TV will have a little more wiggle room for sex and violence. In case you didn't know, television shows are given much more freedom to show sex and violence on TV after 10pm. The reason behind it is that kids should be in bed by then, thus allowing more adult shows to be aired.

The writers and producers of the show have specifically mentioned the fact that their time slot has given them more freedom with respect to blog, gore, and sex. I, for one, am excited about this.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not usually all about the blood and gore (though maybe the sex), but you can't have a vampire show without blood. Vampire death scenes can be some of the best death scenes on screen if done right and hopefully the writers and the director of the show will take advantage of their 10 o'clock slot.

They have said they're going to show us something great... let's hope they're not full of it.

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Pilot Information

Just wanted to emphasize that the pilot episode of the new Blade television series will be airing on Spike TV on June 28 (this Wednesday) at 10 pm. The pilot is 2 hours long and is supposed to have "limited" commercial interruptions. Other shows have claimed limited interruptions without merit, but hopefully this time limited actually means limited.