Geoff Johns' Last Signing of the Year

If you're going to be near the Norman, Oklahoma area tomorrow (October 28), you may want to check out this Christopher Reeve Foundation fundraising dinner. Why? Because Blade: The Series writer Geoff Johns will be in attendance and it appears that it will be his last signing of the year.

The dinner will be from 8 to 10 pm and since it's a fundraising dinner, tickets are a bit steep at $200 each. However, with 100 percent of the money going towards the foundation and its research, it's really going to a good cause. On top of that Tickets are tax-deductible so that's a little bonus as well. If you're looking to just go for the signing, you can go to the Speeding Bullet Comics store from 3 to 6 pm, which is completely free.

For more details you can check out the Speeding Bullet Comics website.

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Geoff Johns Posts Season 2 Update

Over at the official forums, Geoff Johns has made a post about what's going on with Season 2. Unfortunately, what's going on is that they are still waiting to find out if the show will be back or not.

I guess it's good that they haven't decided to not bring it back yet, since things seemed to be leaning that way a few weeks before the finale. Hopefully the fact that they haven't announced anything yet means that they will be bringing the show back and are just working out some details.

Johns also mentions in his post that both Nelson Lee and Neil Jackson will be guest-starring on a series during the next month, though there is no word on what series yet. Once I find out what show they'll be appearing on, I'll definitely let you all know.

I wish this post actually had some concrete info, but at least we know there's still a chance (and hopefully a good one at that).

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Geoff Johns At The Canadian Fan Expo

Well, Blade: The Series writer Geoff Johns is currently at the Canadian Fan Expo and he's apparently been divulging a lot about current and future projects. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he's talked much (if at all) about the Blade: Series. He's doing a panel on comics writing, so it's understandable that his focus was on his comic works rather than the show.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing what he's been up to and what he's got planned you can check out the update on this site. I'll keep an eye out for any more information from the Expo to see if he does touch on the show.

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Goyer And Johns Talk About Detroit

Blade: The Series writers David Goyer and Geoff Johns talked with The Detroit News about their reasons behind choosing Detroit as the setting for the series. Well, there's really one main reason, and that's the fact that both Goyer and Johns are from the Detroit area.

They do talk about other aspects of the show besides the setting, such as the differences between movies and TV, episode growth, and even DVD possibilities.

From the article:
"We've been shooting R-rated stuff and the idea for the DVDs is that it will be bloodier and have more nudity and be more foul," Goyer said. "We have been cognizant of that since the beginning, so every time you see a script, there will be a clean version and an R-rated version."

I find it interesting that they've been shooting extra material to be used in a possible DVD release. I'm definitely excited about the idea of a DVD release having some more "mature" material thrown in. It'll likely make things fresh the second time through since there'll be changes and additions.

They also talk about other outlets for the Blade universe, such as new movies and possibly an animated series. It all comes down to how well the Spike TV series does. I personally am more immediately concerned about there being a second season. Give me that and I'll be happy... for now.

In case you missed the link, check out the full interview here.

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Geoff Johns Episode 6 Q&A

Over at the official Blade: The Series forums, writer Geoff Johns took the time to answer fan questions about the show and specifically Episode 6.

From the Q&A:
BLADEANDBATMANFAN asks - My question is simple: If you could pick ANY comic book character to star in an episode with Blade who would it be - and I mean ANY character from the entire history of comic books, not just Marvel, it can be anyone you choose and why. Just for fun!

GEOFF says – We are still holding out hope for MOON KNIGHT in season 2. Goyer and I have the story already in our heads. So, yeah, even above Spider-Man and Wolverine – Moon Knight.

There's definitely some great information to be had, though be warned that there is some slight spoiler information on some upcoming episodes. He talks about the possibilites of an all out vampire war as well as future episodes that will focus on specific characters. He also discusses how there will likely be more flashbacks and backstory to help develop the various characters.

It's a pretty good read so head on over and read the full Q&A.

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Interview With Writer Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns is a comic book writer who's worked on comics such as The Avengers, The Flash, and Teen Titans. You can read more about him here. The reason why this guy is important to the Blade show is that he's one of the writers alongside David Goyer. recently posted an interview with Johns, an interview with perfect timing since Johns wrote the Blade episode "Bloodlines" which airs tonight.

From the interview:
TheBigBadWolf: The vampire ash angle adds a whole new dimension to Blade the Series. How did you guys come up with that idea, and what can we expect from that angle?

Geoff Johns: Let’s be honest here, vampire shows are not new. Ultra-Violet, Buffy, Kindred and Angel. We wanted to build on what the films created and add more elements not seen in other shows. Vampire ash as a drug is new and specific to the Blade world. And it allows for stories to spring up from it. What do ashers do? Who’s addicted to ash? What happens if someone we know is forced to take it? Vampires vs. ashers. Stuff like that. I wish I had some vampire ash.

If you're interested in how the comics tie into the show, what kind of villains to expect, Blade's screentime, or pretty much anything else having to do with Blade: The Series, head on over and read the full interview with Johns.

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