Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower at the Scream Awards

Well, apparently I should have tuned in to watch Spike TV's Scream Awards since it turns out that our favorite vampire vixens, Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower, were in attendance.

Reader Jessica sent in the info along with a couple links to photos of the two at the awards show. There is a link to a photo of both Jill and Jessica as well as this one of just Jill. They look just as sexy as they always do.

I still don't know if I would have watched the show since it did sound like a giant fluff piece that had really no interesting value. However, the fact that both Jill and Jessica were there sure would have been tempting.

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Podcast Interview With Blade Cast

I found this podcast interview with some of the Blade cast members via the Comic Monsters forum. I believe Jill Wagner, Jessica Gower, and Kirk Jones are all in there somewhere, but since I'm at work, I'm unable to listen to it right now. Once I get home I'll definitely listen to the whole thing and post my thoughts on it.

[update: I've had a chance to listen to the podcast now. My thoughts on it are below.]

Ok, first off, if you want to listen to the podcast, skip ahead to about the 25 minute mark because everything before that is fluff and intro that has nothing to do with the Blade series or the interviews with the cast. Second thing to note, the interviews were actually done awhile ago, just after the pilot.

After you get passed all the junk in the beginning, you'll be treated with a pretty well done interview with Jessica Gower. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly sexy her voice was. She also carried herself very well on the phone and interviewed extremely well. She talked about how Blade: The Series is her first American show and how she got the job only four months after moving to Los Angeles. She also says how she actually first auditioned for the part of Krista Starr but casting people felt she'd be better as Chase. Gower did admit that she wasn't really a fan of the movies - a refreshing bit of honesty from an actor/actress.

37 minutes into the podcast Jill Wagner's interview comes on. There really isn't much "meat" in Wagner's interview, though she does talk about how she's a huge fan of the Blade movies even though she's not really into comic books. She also says how she got the part and moved to Vancouver one week after her first audition.

Kirk Jone's wraps up the podcast, starting his interview near the 53 minute mark. In my opinion, his interview was the weakest by far. He came off as if he doesn't know how to interview well, with the interviewer having to jump in many times to keep the interview going after Jones wouldn't answer fully. His part of the podcast focused mostly on his love of comic books. It sounds as if the X-Men and especially Wolverine are his favorite comics. He's also very excited about the Blade show and hopes it will do well.

Overall I think Gower's interview is worth the listen. Wagner does alright, though she doesn't really go into any new information. Maybe it's just that Jones' interview was at the end, but for me, his interview was quite boring and didn't give up any interesting tidbits.

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San Diego ComicCon Blade Cast Pictures

Reader Sarah sent in some photos she bought on eBay featuring the Blade cast at the San Deigo ComicCon. Kirk Jones, Jill Wagner, Jessica Gower, Neil Jackson, and Nelson Lee were all at the convention and the photos show them smiling having a good time in front of their fans in San Diego. The photos are a little grainy, but they're pretty good shots and show the cast outside their television roles.

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

Jessica Gower doesn't look so scary in these photos. In the show, she is truly frightening, but the photos show her off in a much kinder light. Neil Jackson still looks like he's hiding something and the first photo shows Kirk Jones trying to appear a badass as usual (though he does smile in the other photos). Jill Wagner looks hot as always and Nelson Lee just looks like he's having a great time.

A big thanks to Sarah for sending in these great photos!

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Jessica Gower Wanted To Be Krista Starr

Starburst magazine has an interview with Jessica Gower in issue #340. Luckily for those of us that don't have the magazine, they've posted a snippet on their site. Below is an interesting part where Gower talks about how she was initially looking to play as Krista.

"My agency put me up for the main female role. Krista’s role was really prominent in the pilot and they put me up for that, naturally. The casting lady said, ‘Look, you’re much more suited for the Chase character. Do you want to come back in a half-hour after reading over some new lines and audition for her?’ And straight away I said, ‘Yeah, that sounds great.’ Reading the pilot script, the character wasn’t that big but I was told that they intended to build her up for the series, to develop her more after the pilot."

I hadn't heard that before, and I think it was a great decision by the Blade casting people to have Gower play Chase. Imagining her as Krista and somebody else as Chase just doesn't do it for me.

There are a few more excerpts from the interview over at the Starburst website, as well as a way to buy the magazine if you so desire.

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Cast And Character Preview

Below is the list of the main cast members with some background info as well as details on their roles for the Blade series.

Kirk Jones as BladeKirk Jones (aka Sticky Fingaz) as Blade
Blade won't be played by Wesley Snipes for the television series. Instead, Kirk 'Sticky' Jones will take on the role as "Daywalker", the half human, half vampire vampire hunter. He has the typical strengths associated with vampires, such as their strength and healing abilities, but none of their weaknesses (save for the craving for blood). His ability to be exposed to sunlight is the reason for his "Daywalker" alias.

Major roles that Kirk Jones has played include Maurice "Smoke" Williams in the TV show Over There, Jeremy in Flight of the Pheonix, and Kern Little in The Shield.

Jill Wagner as Krista StarrJill Wagner as Krista Starr
As a former US army sergeant, Krista Starr has the training to make an impact on the war with the vampires. The problem is, her loyalty is a grey area that even she struggles to figure out. One the one hand, she wishes to avenge her brothers death (a death most likely by the hands of vampires). On the other hand, she is conflicted with instincts that convince her to continue being a member of the evil Chthon. Blade may be her only chance, but will she let him help?

Wagner's previous roles include Rachel in Shifted and Millicent in Junebug.
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