Jill Wagner's Extra Interview

Jill Wagner was on Extra a few nights ago. In case you missed it, you can catch a bit of the interview right here. Sadly, there is no mention of Blade: The Series, but it's nice to see Jill is still in the spotlight and ready to make some waves in Hollywood.

Jill Wagner in ABC's New Gameshow Wipeout

I was watching television the other day when I saw a commercial for ABC's new television series Wipeout. So what's that have to do with Blade? Well, everybody's favorite female vampire Jill Wagner is going to be co-hosting.

The show appears to be similar to a few of those Japanese gameshows that have been increasing in popularity over here in the United States. The show premieres Tuesday, June 24 (8:00 - 9:00pm, ET) on ABC so if you need your Wagner fix, this may be your best bet. I've been a fan of similar japanese shows like Ninja Warrior and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, so I'll probably give Wipeout a shot.

Jill Wagner to Appear on Stargate Atlantis

Jill Wagner fans should be excited to hear that she'll be appearing in at least a couple episodes of Stargate Atlantis.

I'm a fan of both Jill Wagner and Stargate Atlantis, so I'm definitely excited about this news. Wagner mentions that she's already filmed one episode and will be doing at least one more. Is there a recurring role in store for her? The article from Gateworld.net does say that her character is a leader of a new race and that this race will have a recurring part to play. Whether or not Wagner's character will be a part of that recurrence is another story.

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Jill Wagner Featured in UK's FHM

According to Jill's MySpace blog, she'll be in the March 2007 issue of UK's FHM. It appears to only be the UK version of the magazine because there's no mention of Wagner on FHM's March 2007 online preview.

If anybody picks up a US issue, please let us know if she's in there.

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Jill Wagner Blade Interview

The series' fate may still be in question, but a new Jill Wagner interview has been posted over at Flick Direct. The interview is mostly about Blade and much of it isn't new, but there's still some good information there that's worth checking out.

From the interview:
FlickDirect: What is your favorite scene or funniest moment while filming the series?

Jill: The funniest scene is when Marcus is carrying Krista to drop her off the building in the pilot, walking out of the room Neil bangs my head against the door.(of course he didn't mean to) Everyone on set was so quiet until i started laughing then the jokes started flying!! There was always laughs on the set. Neil is very funny and he always keeps it light on set!

Check out the full interview here.

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Jill Wagner in Mercury Television Ads

I was watching some television last night and bam, an ad with Jill Wagner showing off a new Mercury car. She was looking good as always.

Oh, you want a link to the ad? Sure, why not, just click here.

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Sexy Jill Wagner Wallpaper

Looking for a hot Jill Wagner wallpaper for your desktop? Look no further because FHM has a great one sporting Jill in some very sexy clothing.

That link will take you to a thumbnailed page that includes quite a bit of other attractive women. Jill's wallpaper is on the left, second row down. 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1152 x 864 resolutions are all available. Enjoy!

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Jill Wagner in Esquire Magazine

Jill Wagner has posted on her MySpace Blog that she's in the November issue of Esquire Magazine. It apparently features Scarlett Johansson on the cover, so that's what to look for when your out and about.

It's great to see the cast is still alive and kicking (Wagner in this magazine, and attending the Scream Awards with Jessica Gower, along with Neil Jackson appearing on a Cold Case episode). I just wish they were all alive and kicking in the Blade series. Hope is not lost, but it's sure getting there.

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Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower at the Scream Awards

Well, apparently I should have tuned in to watch Spike TV's Scream Awards since it turns out that our favorite vampire vixens, Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower, were in attendance.

Reader Jessica sent in the info along with a couple links to photos of the two at the awards show. There is a link to a photo of both Jill and Jessica as well as this one of just Jill. They look just as sexy as they always do.

I still don't know if I would have watched the show since it did sound like a giant fluff piece that had really no interesting value. However, the fact that both Jill and Jessica were there sure would have been tempting.

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Podcast Interview With Blade Cast

I found this podcast interview with some of the Blade cast members via the Comic Monsters forum. I believe Jill Wagner, Jessica Gower, and Kirk Jones are all in there somewhere, but since I'm at work, I'm unable to listen to it right now. Once I get home I'll definitely listen to the whole thing and post my thoughts on it.

[update: I've had a chance to listen to the podcast now. My thoughts on it are below.]

Ok, first off, if you want to listen to the podcast, skip ahead to about the 25 minute mark because everything before that is fluff and intro that has nothing to do with the Blade series or the interviews with the cast. Second thing to note, the interviews were actually done awhile ago, just after the pilot.

After you get passed all the junk in the beginning, you'll be treated with a pretty well done interview with Jessica Gower. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly sexy her voice was. She also carried herself very well on the phone and interviewed extremely well. She talked about how Blade: The Series is her first American show and how she got the job only four months after moving to Los Angeles. She also says how she actually first auditioned for the part of Krista Starr but casting people felt she'd be better as Chase. Gower did admit that she wasn't really a fan of the movies - a refreshing bit of honesty from an actor/actress.

37 minutes into the podcast Jill Wagner's interview comes on. There really isn't much "meat" in Wagner's interview, though she does talk about how she's a huge fan of the Blade movies even though she's not really into comic books. She also says how she got the part and moved to Vancouver one week after her first audition.

Kirk Jone's wraps up the podcast, starting his interview near the 53 minute mark. In my opinion, his interview was the weakest by far. He came off as if he doesn't know how to interview well, with the interviewer having to jump in many times to keep the interview going after Jones wouldn't answer fully. His part of the podcast focused mostly on his love of comic books. It sounds as if the X-Men and especially Wolverine are his favorite comics. He's also very excited about the Blade show and hopes it will do well.

Overall I think Gower's interview is worth the listen. Wagner does alright, though she doesn't really go into any new information. Maybe it's just that Jones' interview was at the end, but for me, his interview was quite boring and didn't give up any interesting tidbits.

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