San Diego ComicCon Blade Cast Pictures

Reader Sarah sent in some photos she bought on eBay featuring the Blade cast at the San Deigo ComicCon. Kirk Jones, Jill Wagner, Jessica Gower, Neil Jackson, and Nelson Lee were all at the convention and the photos show them smiling having a good time in front of their fans in San Diego. The photos are a little grainy, but they're pretty good shots and show the cast outside their television roles.

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

Jessica Gower doesn't look so scary in these photos. In the show, she is truly frightening, but the photos show her off in a much kinder light. Neil Jackson still looks like he's hiding something and the first photo shows Kirk Jones trying to appear a badass as usual (though he does smile in the other photos). Jill Wagner looks hot as always and Nelson Lee just looks like he's having a great time.

A big thanks to Sarah for sending in these great photos!

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Jill Wagner Playboy Interview (NSFW)

Playboy has an interview with Jill Wagner posted on their site. Be warned that it's probably not safe for work as some of the banners show nudity at times.

In the interview they talk to Jill about her guns, the vampire dreams she used to have, and her time on the Punk'd show. Below is an excerpt where Jill talks about the fake blood they use on Blade: The Series. Do you get grossed out drinking fake blood?

Wagner: That substance that they've got us drinking kinda tastes like something you get in a dentist's office. It has that minty kinda flavor, but not really. The nastiest part is when you're biting into someone's neck, they have this prosthetic. It kinda feels foamy, and sometimes pieces of the foam will come out in your mouth. You get done, and you're like, this is what I went to college for?

It's a decent interview with a few new pieces of information for all the Jill Wagner fans out there. Once again, be warned that there is some nudity on the site (though not of Jill). Full interview here.

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Spike TV's Babe-A-Lizer

Jill Wagner with gunSpike TV has section on their website called the Babe-A-Lizer and wouldn't you know, Blade: The Series' Jill Wagner is the first girl shown. The women currently featured are from last night's Women of Action show. You can also switch the page to display Hooter's Girls as well.

If you poke around a bit, you might notice some interesting features in the filter menu. You can filter the girls based on breast size, clothing, poses, and more. Of course the whole thing is just plain sexist and horrible - it's not my fault I can't stop drooling.

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Jill Wagner on Spike TV's Women of Action

So I forced myself to sit through Spike TV's Women of Action show last night. I say forced because I normally don't really enjoy watching shows talk about models and other hot women. Yes, I'm a straight guy and I just said that. I get bored very easily and just watching eye candy doesn't usually keep me entertained for very long. But, since Jill Wagner was on the show, I figured I should at least watch it so I could post my thoughts.

Actually, the first thing to note about the show is that they did a mini feature on Jessica Gower right before they went to Jill Wagner. Jessica and Jill were the last two women on the show, which was kind of cool to have Blade: The Series bringing it all home. It was odd since to see Jessica partially featured since she isn't listed as one of the Women of Action on Spike TV's website. I think they did it to give more exposure to Blade: The Series, rather than actually include her as one of the featured women. She looked a lot more girl next door while being interviewed as she was dressed normal with her hair styled different and a much kinder face.

Jill shooting gunAfter Jessica had her brief moment, they moved right on to Jill Wagner. To me, Jill already had the girl next door look going for her and she had it going on during the show last night as well. They played up her gun collection and fondness of fire arms as well as her down to earth attitude.

It's always tough to watch shows like this because you never know just how fake the women are. It's like how you always read about celebrities talk about how they're always attracted to geeks and nerds, but you never see them with any. The first women in the show last night seemed the same way, but Jill came off a little more real. I still think she was putting on a little bit of a show, but I believed most of what she said and definitely found her laughing at her own jokes entertaining. She talked about how she's into bad boys with long hair and tattoos, which unfortunately leaves me out.

All in all, it was really just a fluff show with no real meat. Like I mentioned above, I'm not really into shows like this, so take my opinion with a grain of salt I guess. Jill did represent the show well, as did the other cast members that were interviewed.

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Reminder: Spike TV's Women of Action Tomorrow

Just wanted to remind all the Jill Wagner fans out there that Spike TV's Women of Action show airs tomorrow (Thursday, July 27th) at 9 PM. If you still haven't voted for your favorite Spike TV action girl, you can do it here.

I'm not quite sure exactly how the format of the show is going to work, but I'm guessing they'll be doing a little backstory on each of the ladies and likely go into a bit of detail on their roles in various Spike TV shows. Jill Wagner is currently only 1% behind first place on the voting, so make sure you cast yours before it's too late.

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Reader Question: Info on Marcus and Krista Chemistry

Marcus BloodlinesI've received another great reader question via the contact form but I, unfortunately, don't have much of an answer. As such, I'm hoping by posting it here perhaps some readers may have some information that could be helpful. Below is the question and below that is my lengthy attempt at an answer, which could definitely use some help.

Joponica writes:
Love the show and this site is very informative.I may be a minority , but I love the character if Marcus Van Sciver and I would also secretly like to see what they would do with he and Krista. There is so much chemistry with those two. Are there any websites that promote Marcus and Krista?

First, thanks for the great question Joponica. Like Joponica, I'm very fascinated with the connection between Marcus and Krista. The first couple episodes were pretty strong on this connection, but lately the Marcus / Krista relationship thing has been put on hold.

We still don't know his reasons for turning her, or exactly how much he trusts her. It does appear that he cares for her a great deal (the scene showing him by Krista's side after she killed Fritz for example). We also don't know exactly what Krista feels for Marcus. In the beginning, all she wanted to do was kill him, even though Blade told her not to. Now she appears to either be going along with Blade's plan of spying on Marcus or perhaps she has actual feelings for Marcus after he turned her.

Chase is obviously going to be some sort of added conflict here, which can only add to the excitement. Her character has only recently been given more screen time, so as her character develops, so should the love triangle between Marcus, Krista, and Chase. Of course, it's probably more than a triangle as we also have Blade who might have feelings for Krista, as well as Chase's ex husband who might still have feelings for Chase and has also shown that he may have feelings for Krista as well.

Anyway, that really doesn't answer much of the question, which boils down to whether or not there are websites that promote Marcus and Krista. I've given a bit of depth on their relationship above, but perhaps there are some sites out there that are dedicated to these two characters, or better yet, a website dedicated to the chemistry between the two.

I did mention in a previous post that some of the cast had MySpace pages. There's one for Jill Wagner (Krista Starr) and Neil Jackson (Marcus Van Sciver), but they don't provide much new information.

So, with all that being said, if you know of any sites that focus primarily on either character or perhaps on the love triangle going on, leave a comment below.

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Jill Wagner Up For Hottest Woman Of Spike TV is has put up a voting page for the hottest Women of Spike, and Blade: The Series star Jill Wagner is one of the sexy ladies you can vote for. As of this writing, she's in second place with 27% of the votes; Laura Rodriguez from the Fight Night pre-show hostess is in first with 34%.

Apparently the contest is a promo for Spike TV's Women of Action show that'll debut Thursday, July 27th at 9pm. The site is kind of hard to follow so I'm not sure exactly what that show is about, though I'd expect it to at least cover the winner of the online poll.

Unfortunately there's only a small picture of each woman with very few details on each. However, if you're a fan of Jill Wagner and her character Krista Starr, you should still head on over and vote!

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Blade Cast's MySpace Profiles

Well, after some further MySpace digging, I found that the main Blade: The Series cast members all have MySpace profiles. Below are the links to the profiles.

*update: thanks to reader Mike, I have updated this post to include Jessica Gower's and Geoff Johns' MySpace profiles. Thanks Mike!

*update 2: it appears that Jessica Gower's profile has been deleted. I will update this post if I can find a new link.

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Jill Wagner and FHM

In case you didn't see it, Jill Wagner was featured in FHM magazine a little while back. She talks about her life, Blade: The Series, as well as a few other interesting topics. However, you're not interested in all that are you? You just want to see the pictures don't you?

Well, FHM has you covered with a few online Jill Wagner photos. If you thought she was hot in the pilot, you should definitely check out the pics. And yeah, they have an article there too in case you need to pretend you're not there for the photos.

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Blade Cast Promote Show At Ultimate Fighter Finale

Spike TV had their Ultimate Fighter live finale last night. What does that have to do with Blade? Well, Spike TV used the opportunity to promote the hell out of the show. Besides having trailers and previews during nearly every commercial break, they had Kirk Jones (Blade), Jill Wagner (Krista), and Neil Jackson (Marcus) there to promote it even more. After certain fights they even had Joe Rogan, one of the fight announcers, interview a cast member about the new show.

Kirk Jones talked about the intense training he had to go through to prepare for the show. He specifically mentioned kickboxing, martial arts, and wire training. His "interview" was quite brief and besides the training information, he really just talked about how much he enjoyed the UFC and how he believes it will take over boxing.

A few fights later Jill Wagner was asked a few questions, also focusing on her training. She said how she didn't have to do much training for martial arts because her brother is a big martial arts guy and he had trained her a lot already. She also talked about how she has a gun collection and that she's very comfortable holding guns onscreen.

I did mention that Neil Jackson was in attendance, but Rogan didn't speak with him. We actually only saw him when the camera was focused in on Kirk and Jill with Neil poking his head in from the side. That shot actually showed Jill being very friendly with Kirk, with her arms wrapped around his and leaning all over him. Actors often show affection like this to the cameras without it meaning anything more than friendship, but it'll be interesting to see if an onscreen romance translates into something in the real world as it often does.

All in all, it was good to see Spike TV putting in a good amount of effort to promote the show. It's been said that they spent a lot of money on the pilot and are backing it 100%. Hopefully these are all good signs of it becoming a successful show.