Neil Jackson Talks New Movie and Blade The Series

Neil Jackson did an interview with Comic Monsters a few days ago where he talks about his upcoming movie "The Passage" as well as his thoughts on Blade: The Series.

From the interview:
TheBigBadWolf: What would you have liked to become of Marcus Van Sciver?

Neil Jackson: We had already talked about the next season. We all wanted to see Marcus lose that rigid control of his and start getting lost in his own sense of power and grandeur. I know that seems a little more towards the Deacon Frost side of things, but we would have made that very unique. Overall there would have been a lot more fighting for Marcus as he now had enemies on all sides of him. I had trained very hard in Vancouver for the fight scenes, and was very much looking forward to having a few more throw downs with Blade.

Marcus also gives his thoughts on the cancellation of the series as well as the chances of it coming back (apparently very slim). It's a pretty good interview and a must read for Marcus Van Sciver fans.

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Get Neil Jackson's Autograph

So you want Neil Jackson's autograph huh? Think you'll have to travel to some conference somewhere or win some contest? If so, you'd be wrong because all you have to do is send a self address envelope to the following address.

Neil Jackson
c/o Flutie Entertainment
6500 Wilshire Blvd, suite 2240
LA, CA, 90048.

Think this is all too good to be true? Check out Neil's MySpace post for yourself.

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Neil Jackson Interview

There's a pretty good interview with Neil Jackson over at FlickDirect. While there's no real word on the future of the Blade series, there's some good info on some of Jackson's other projects as well as what he would like to see if there was a second season of Blade.

From the interview:

What changes would you have liked to see in your character if there was a second season of Blade?
Power is an aphrodisiac, and I would liked to have seen Marcus become obsessed by his own power. He was so calm and collected in the first season, it would be great to see him lose it a little.

What is your role in your upcoming film "The Thirst"?
I play 'Duke', an eighteenth century fop, turned vampire (seems to be a theme here!). I actually shot this before getting Blade, and they had to release me from shooting early one day to make my meeting with Peter O'Fallan for the role of Marcus.

As you can see, he doesn't really go into the odds of whether or not Blade will be coming back. He definitely sounds like he'd very much love to bring out some even darker sides to Marcus - something I think we'd all like to see.

It's also interesting that he's been cast as yet another vampire in a new movie. Hopefully he doesn't get locked into doing only vampire roles (I doubt that this will happen), because he's a great actor and I'd love to see him take on some different characters in the future.

To read the full interview just click right here.

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Neil Jackson to Appear in Cold Case Episode

A few people have wrote in to let me know that our favorite vampire villain, Neil Jackson, will be appearing in this Sunday's episode of Cold Case. Neil posted a little info on his MySpace blog here.

From the blog:
My episode of Cold Case will be airing this Sunday (8th). Not sure what chanel or when, I think CBS, but I'll be out of the country so will miss it... am interested to hear how my Philly accent turned out!

I checked and the episode will be on CBS at 9:00 PM this Sunday (Oct. 8). The episode is called "Sandhogs" and is about a miner who disappeared in 1947. I'm not sure if Neil plays a victim or criminal or what, so be sure to tune in this Sunday to find out for yourself.

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Geoff Johns Posts Season 2 Update

Over at the official forums, Geoff Johns has made a post about what's going on with Season 2. Unfortunately, what's going on is that they are still waiting to find out if the show will be back or not.

I guess it's good that they haven't decided to not bring it back yet, since things seemed to be leaning that way a few weeks before the finale. Hopefully the fact that they haven't announced anything yet means that they will be bringing the show back and are just working out some details.

Johns also mentions in his post that both Nelson Lee and Neil Jackson will be guest-starring on a series during the next month, though there is no word on what series yet. Once I find out what show they'll be appearing on, I'll definitely let you all know.

I wish this post actually had some concrete info, but at least we know there's still a chance (and hopefully a good one at that).

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Neil Jackson and Stephen Dorff Set For Dark Room Movie

Neil Jackson has just posted on his blog some information about a new movie he's involved in called Dark Room.

From the blog post:
Stephen Dorff has just signed on to star alongside Neil Jackson in DARK ROOM, a thriller set to start shooting in Morocco next month. For more information go to

It's interesting to see the two Blade villains scheduled to work on a film together (Stephen Dorff is the actor that played Deacon Frost in the first Blade movie). It appears as though Jackson is the writer of the movie as well as starring in it.

I am a big fan of Jackson's work in Blade as well as Dorff's various roles so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this project.

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Neil Jackson Reveals Episode 12 Ratings

Neil Jackson has just posted on his MySpace blog that the ratings for episode 12 were around 1 million, which is apparently slightly lower than last weeks. He still has high hopes and thinks the last episode will definitely play a large role in whether or not the show comes back... so make sure to kidnap as many people as you can and force them to watch it this coming Wednesday!

Neil Jackson writes:
I've just heard that the ratings for this weeks ep (112) were around the 1 million mark (slightly down on last week). However, the ratings for the preceeding show - Lethal Weapon 2 - were half of that. So, despite the marginal fall off in numbers from last week, it goes to show that twice the number of people are tuning in to SPIKE specifically for Blade: The Series.

You can check out his full post here.

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Season 2 Update By Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson has made a post on his MySpace page about the situation surrounding a possible season two of Blade: The Series. He talks about the ratings, the demographics, and what the network is currently thinking about the show.

Neil Jackson wrote:
A few weeks back SPIKE hosted a sunday marathon of all of the ep's to date. This gave us a 40% increase in viewers. Something we have managed to hold. The current ratings are holding around the 1-1.2 million mark (I got these figures from one of the producers). If the weekly average were to be taken into account that number would be around 3 million. That's pretty good. But the main ratings number is still lower than they would have hoped. Add to that the gender demograph and we start to realise their hesitancy.

The show started off very strong but then had a bit of a nose dive. It looks like the marathon they had has helped bring the show back up quite a bit, though we aren't in the clear just yet. He goes on to say that the last few episodes will be looked at closely and the decision will be heavily influenced by those numbers. He concludes by saying "My gut tells me that it's a 50/50 chance, though I remain optimistic."

Head over to Jackson's MySpace page to read the full update.

*update 2 - Neil Jackson has posted in the forums that last night's episode "Hunters" had a 30% jump in ratings! He's confident that if those numbers hold for the last couple episodes that the show will make it back next season.

*update 1 - updated with the correct source information, it was posted on Jackson's MySpace page, but I found out about it over at the official forums here.

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Neil Jackson Singing

Yeah, you read that title right. Neil Jackson, the man behind Marcus Van Sciver, is also a singer/songwriter and has posted some of his songs on this MySpace page.

It doesn't really sound like his character at all, which is probably a good thing since I don't want Marcus Van Sciver singing at all. Jackson does a great job with his songs and even if you aren't a fan of his character, you really should check out his music. And if you are a fan of Marcus, I'm sure you're already listening to Jackson's songs while reading this.

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San Diego ComicCon Blade Cast Pictures

Reader Sarah sent in some photos she bought on eBay featuring the Blade cast at the San Deigo ComicCon. Kirk Jones, Jill Wagner, Jessica Gower, Neil Jackson, and Nelson Lee were all at the convention and the photos show them smiling having a good time in front of their fans in San Diego. The photos are a little grainy, but they're pretty good shots and show the cast outside their television roles.

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

Jessica Gower doesn't look so scary in these photos. In the show, she is truly frightening, but the photos show her off in a much kinder light. Neil Jackson still looks like he's hiding something and the first photo shows Kirk Jones trying to appear a badass as usual (though he does smile in the other photos). Jill Wagner looks hot as always and Nelson Lee just looks like he's having a great time.

A big thanks to Sarah for sending in these great photos!

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