Geoff Johns Posts Season 2 Update

Over at the official forums, Geoff Johns has made a post about what's going on with Season 2. Unfortunately, what's going on is that they are still waiting to find out if the show will be back or not.

I guess it's good that they haven't decided to not bring it back yet, since things seemed to be leaning that way a few weeks before the finale. Hopefully the fact that they haven't announced anything yet means that they will be bringing the show back and are just working out some details.

Johns also mentions in his post that both Nelson Lee and Neil Jackson will be guest-starring on a series during the next month, though there is no word on what series yet. Once I find out what show they'll be appearing on, I'll definitely let you all know.

I wish this post actually had some concrete info, but at least we know there's still a chance (and hopefully a good one at that).

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San Diego ComicCon Blade Cast Pictures

Reader Sarah sent in some photos she bought on eBay featuring the Blade cast at the San Deigo ComicCon. Kirk Jones, Jill Wagner, Jessica Gower, Neil Jackson, and Nelson Lee were all at the convention and the photos show them smiling having a good time in front of their fans in San Diego. The photos are a little grainy, but they're pretty good shots and show the cast outside their television roles.

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

San Diego ComicCon Blade Panel Photo

Jessica Gower doesn't look so scary in these photos. In the show, she is truly frightening, but the photos show her off in a much kinder light. Neil Jackson still looks like he's hiding something and the first photo shows Kirk Jones trying to appear a badass as usual (though he does smile in the other photos). Jill Wagner looks hot as always and Nelson Lee just looks like he's having a great time.

A big thanks to Sarah for sending in these great photos!

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Blade Cast's MySpace Profiles

Well, after some further MySpace digging, I found that the main Blade: The Series cast members all have MySpace profiles. Below are the links to the profiles.

*update: thanks to reader Mike, I have updated this post to include Jessica Gower's and Geoff Johns' MySpace profiles. Thanks Mike!

*update 2: it appears that Jessica Gower's profile has been deleted. I will update this post if I can find a new link.

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Cast And Character Preview

Below is the list of the main cast members with some background info as well as details on their roles for the Blade series.

Kirk Jones as BladeKirk Jones (aka Sticky Fingaz) as Blade
Blade won't be played by Wesley Snipes for the television series. Instead, Kirk 'Sticky' Jones will take on the role as "Daywalker", the half human, half vampire vampire hunter. He has the typical strengths associated with vampires, such as their strength and healing abilities, but none of their weaknesses (save for the craving for blood). His ability to be exposed to sunlight is the reason for his "Daywalker" alias.

Major roles that Kirk Jones has played include Maurice "Smoke" Williams in the TV show Over There, Jeremy in Flight of the Pheonix, and Kern Little in The Shield.

Jill Wagner as Krista StarrJill Wagner as Krista Starr
As a former US army sergeant, Krista Starr has the training to make an impact on the war with the vampires. The problem is, her loyalty is a grey area that even she struggles to figure out. One the one hand, she wishes to avenge her brothers death (a death most likely by the hands of vampires). On the other hand, she is conflicted with instincts that convince her to continue being a member of the evil Chthon. Blade may be her only chance, but will she let him help?

Wagner's previous roles include Rachel in Shifted and Millicent in Junebug.
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