Blade: The Series - The Complete Series Now Available

The moment many of you have been waiting for, Blade The Series - The Complete Series boxset is now available! While it won't be including the second season we all wish would be made, it should be packed with some bonush features that may just keep you salivating over some vampire badassness.

Also, keep in mind that there is a chance (albeit incredibly slim) that strong sales of the DVD may somehow bring back the show for a second season. I, personally, highly doubt it will happen... but I'd absolutely love it if you all could prove me wrong!

If you do happen to pick up the complete series, do post some of your impressions below for your fellow Blade: The Series fans to drool over.

Blade: House of Chthon DVD Release Information

Blade: House of Chthon
The big question has finally been answered. September 18, 2007 is the day the Blade television series will be released in DVD form as Blade: House of Chthon.

The DVD will feature unbefore seen footage, commentary, and a making of featurette. Unfortunately this DVD is only the pilot of the show (the first two episodes), but hopefully this means the remaining episodoes will come out later this year. For those unable to wait until the full season is released, hopefully this starter will do for now.

Wesley Snipes Arrested

The Blade movie star Wesley Snipes was arrested Friday for tax fraud. There has been a warrant for his arrest for awhile now, but he was in Namibia filming a new movie.

The details of his crime are that he has failed to pay nearly $12 million in taxes.

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Blade to Premiere in Europe January 2007

While the show is waiting to be picked up by another network over here in North America, it appears as though Europe will be premiering the show in January of next year. This news comes via Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones' website.

He mentions the United Kingdom specifically so I don't know what other countries will be getting it (though he does say it will air for "other European countries"). Jones goes on to reveal that a new Blade website will launch for Europe that will include new photos and commercials.

While this doesn't really help those of us that have already watched the series, it could potentially help bring back a second season if the European ratings are strong enough. You just never know.

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Jill Wagner in Esquire Magazine

Jill Wagner has posted on her MySpace Blog that she's in the November issue of Esquire Magazine. It apparently features Scarlett Johansson on the cover, so that's what to look for when your out and about.

It's great to see the cast is still alive and kicking (Wagner in this magazine, and attending the Scream Awards with Jessica Gower, along with Neil Jackson appearing on a Cold Case episode). I just wish they were all alive and kicking in the Blade series. Hope is not lost, but it's sure getting there.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance In Stores

I'm a pretty big video game nerd and one game I've been watching develop is Marvel's Ultimate Alliance game - which was just released yesterday. Why should you care? Well, because you can actually play as Blade!

I haven't bought the game yet, but I most likely will once it comes to Nintendo's new console, the Wii. If you're a fan of video games and comics, the latest from Marvel looks to pack more comic book characters into a single game than ever before. I've played and enjoyed the X-Men Legends games (which supposedly play similar to the new Ultimate Alliance game), so I'm definitely looking forward to checking this one out.

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Moon Knight Headed to Television?

In a semi Blade related news story, there's word that the Marvel character Moon Knight may be getting his own series in the near future. The character was alluded to during the first couple episodes of Blade: The Series, and I believe writers David Goyer and Geoff Johns had mentioned the possibility of him making an appearance in the series. It now looks as though he may be getting a series of his own.

I, personally, don't know much about the character as I'm not into the comic book scene and have really only followed the Blade movies and show. Also, the news doesn't say whether or not the show has been picked up by a network yet, just that Marvel Studios has teamed up with No Equal Entertainment to develop a Moon Knight based television series.

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Wesley Snipes Indicted For Tax Fraud

"Blade" trilogy actor Wesley Snipes was indicted on eight counts of tax fraud earlier this morning. He is being accused of using false refund claims for nearly $12 million in 1996 and 1997. He's also being charged with failing to file tax returns between 1999 and 2004.

Snipes faces up to 16 years in prison if convicted, though he hasn't been arrested since authorities don't know where he is.

I guess the thing about having a lot of money is that you always want more - or something like that.

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Blade: The Series Officially Abandoned by Spike TV

So the rumors are no longer rumors. Spike TV has officially announced that they won't be picking up the show for a second season. You can check out an official response by Spike TV here, explaining how the "network was disappointed with the audience turnout and the ratings."

Now, I've been reading the multitude of responses here and at other websites and fellow fans are pissed off and flat out mad at Spike TV. I, while definitely disappointed, am not mad at anybody, just sad.

We can't blame Spike TV for this, as the show really didn't pull in the ratings they were looking for. I'm sorry if that makes me sound like some sort of sell out or something, but trust me that I have absolutely no connection with Spike TV at all. I'm just another fan - a fan that happens to run a fansite of the show.

Obviously I'm not happy about the show being pulled. Like all of you, I'm not going to be able to watch the rest of this great story unfold. However, I also have this fansite that is now kind of screwed, so this news stings me doubly hard. Even so, I totally understand where Spike is coming from, and it really isn't their fault. They are a network that brands themselves as a network for guys, and as such, need their television shows to bring in large amounts of male viewers. It sounds as though the ratings as a whole for Blade: The Series were decent, it's just that there weren't enough male viewers to please their advertisers. As such, they decided to pull the show, which leaves us, the fans, out in the cold.
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Blade: The Series Cancelled?

Ok, so everybody is going crazy over at the official forums about how it appears that Jill Wagner sent out a MySpace bulletin saying Blade: The Series won't be coming back next season. It's been mentioned by a couple different people, but I don't use MySpace so I haven't seen it myself.

I actually haven't seen any news of this anywhere else, so I'm not sure how 100% accurate and certain this is. I do know that I'll be following up as much as possible and trying to figure out if this is true or not. If any of you have any word, please let us all know.

[update 1:] TheBigBadWolf, the admin over at the official forums, has posted a petition thread for people to reply to to try and get Blade to come back next season. I haven't seen him actually come right out and say that he knows for sure it was cancelled so I'm not sure what information he is going off of. Either way, it's appears to be another nail in the coffin. You can go ahead and post your support in the petition thread here. I'll keep updating this post until there's something confirmed.

[update 2:]Neil Jackson has posted on his MySpace blog that the show has, indeed, been removed from Spike TV's lineup next season. Also, Geoff Johns has also posted on his MySpace blog that the show won't be back for a second season. Things definitely look bleak now, though Jackson did say New Line is shopping around for another network to pick it up.

[update 3:] Neil Jackson has posted at the official forums (using his girlfriend's account "Tinkerbell") confirming again that the show has not been picked up for a second season. He does reiterate that New Line is definitely behind the show and is shopping around the other networks trying to get them to pick it up... so there's still a chance.

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