New Blade Comic Goes On Sale Today

For all the comic book fans out there, Marvel will have the new Blade comic on sale today. You can find details here. Apparently both Spider-Man and Dracula will be making an appearance in this first issue.

First issue details:
BLADE #1 (JUL061951)
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
FOC – 8/31, On Sale – 9/20/2006

I know a few readers are wondering if I'll be picking up the comic and talking about it here. Sadly, no, I won't. While it'd be nice to broaden the site to cover all aspects of Blade, I think it might get in the way of the real focus... the television series. I'll definitely cover big events relating to Blade such as this new comic series as well as if there are any announcements of new movies, etc, but I won't be covering the comic books in a more detailed fashion.

Okay, the truth also is that I personally don't like to read. I don't really have the attention span for it. While comic books are much lighter on the reading, they are still something I can't really get into.

So there you have it. If you're a fan of comic books and a fan of Blade, you may want to check out the first issue of the new comic as it does sound intriguing.

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David Goyer Hints At Future Developments

Comics Continuum has an article posted that recaps most of what Blade writer, David Goyer, had to say at the Blade panel during the San Diego Comic-Con. Goyer talks about his fears before the premiere aired, gives a little overview of where the show currently stands, and then spends some time hinting at future show developments.

From the article:
"One of the criticisms was that Blade was too weak in the pilot, that he would have been able to take those lesser vampires out really easily. You have to understand that the TV show is not the same as the movie. If Blade just mowed down, every episode, a hundred vampires, it would be really, really boring."

We also get some details about Charlotte, the pureblood vampire that was introduced to us in last night's episode. Apparently, she's a 200 year old in the body of a 13 year old and she's the head of the House of Chthon. I figured she was a high powered vampire with some ties to the House of Chthon, but it seems that it's confirmed that she's actually the head of it.

As mentioned above, Goyer also revealed a few future show elements. I've listed a few of those below, which could possibly be considered spoilers, so if you don't want to see something that may give away parts of the show, skip the bulleted list below.


  • Steppin' Razor returns in a future episode.

  • Other Marvel characters showing up in the series is likely.

  • Goyer, Johns and Dan Truly wrote the season finale together.

  • The 11th episode (written by Johns) will feature a vampire serial killer called The White Prince.

  • A return of Deacon Frost is "not impossible."

  • A Blade animated series has been discussed.


I'd suggest heading over and reading the full article (you'll have to scroll down a bit), though be careful about reading the last half as there are spoilers for this season and next. I actually left off a few of bigger spoilers in my list above, so be warned one last time that the article does contain a few things that could spoil future episodes.

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Reminder: Spike TV's Women of Action Tomorrow

Just wanted to remind all the Jill Wagner fans out there that Spike TV's Women of Action show airs tomorrow (Thursday, July 27th) at 9 PM. If you still haven't voted for your favorite Spike TV action girl, you can do it here.

I'm not quite sure exactly how the format of the show is going to work, but I'm guessing they'll be doing a little backstory on each of the ladies and likely go into a bit of detail on their roles in various Spike TV shows. Jill Wagner is currently only 1% behind first place on the voting, so make sure you cast yours before it's too late.

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Jill Wagner Up For Hottest Woman Of Spike TV is has put up a voting page for the hottest Women of Spike, and Blade: The Series star Jill Wagner is one of the sexy ladies you can vote for. As of this writing, she's in second place with 27% of the votes; Laura Rodriguez from the Fight Night pre-show hostess is in first with 34%.

Apparently the contest is a promo for Spike TV's Women of Action show that'll debut Thursday, July 27th at 9pm. The site is kind of hard to follow so I'm not sure exactly what that show is about, though I'd expect it to at least cover the winner of the online poll.

Unfortunately there's only a small picture of each woman with very few details on each. However, if you're a fan of Jill Wagner and her character Krista Starr, you should still head on over and vote!

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Blade Writer David Goyer Interviewed By

In case you weren't in the know, David Goyer is the popular writer of many comic book, fanatasy, and sci fi movies and shows, including Spike TV's Blade: The Series. You can check out his filmography to see what projects he has worked on and which ones he has lined up for the future. posted up an interview with Goyer last week and he talks about the Blade series, revealing some juicy details you don't want to miss. Main talking points include Goyer discussing future Blade characters (including a few from the movies) and the fact that he has the show on a 5 year plan. He also goes on to talk about future movie projects (with a brief mention of a possible fourth Blade movie) as well as sci-fi and fantasy genres in general.

It's a decent read so head on over to to read the full David Goyer interview.

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Blade Premiere Sets Spike TV Records

Spike TV put a lot of effort behind marketing the premiere of Blade: The Series and it looks like it paid off. According to Neilson ratings, the Wednesday premiere of the show brought in 2.5 million viewers. That figure makes it Spike TV's highest rated premiere ever.

Source: Animation Magazine

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Blade Cast Promote Show At Ultimate Fighter Finale

Spike TV had their Ultimate Fighter live finale last night. What does that have to do with Blade? Well, Spike TV used the opportunity to promote the hell out of the show. Besides having trailers and previews during nearly every commercial break, they had Kirk Jones (Blade), Jill Wagner (Krista), and Neil Jackson (Marcus) there to promote it even more. After certain fights they even had Joe Rogan, one of the fight announcers, interview a cast member about the new show.

Kirk Jones talked about the intense training he had to go through to prepare for the show. He specifically mentioned kickboxing, martial arts, and wire training. His "interview" was quite brief and besides the training information, he really just talked about how much he enjoyed the UFC and how he believes it will take over boxing.

A few fights later Jill Wagner was asked a few questions, also focusing on her training. She said how she didn't have to do much training for martial arts because her brother is a big martial arts guy and he had trained her a lot already. She also talked about how she has a gun collection and that she's very comfortable holding guns onscreen.

I did mention that Neil Jackson was in attendance, but Rogan didn't speak with him. We actually only saw him when the camera was focused in on Kirk and Jill with Neil poking his head in from the side. That shot actually showed Jill being very friendly with Kirk, with her arms wrapped around his and leaning all over him. Actors often show affection like this to the cameras without it meaning anything more than friendship, but it'll be interesting to see if an onscreen romance translates into something in the real world as it often does.

All in all, it was good to see Spike TV putting in a good amount of effort to promote the show. It's been said that they spent a lot of money on the pilot and are backing it 100%. Hopefully these are all good signs of it becoming a successful show.