Marvel Ultimate Alliance In Stores

I'm a pretty big video game nerd and one game I've been watching develop is Marvel's Ultimate Alliance game - which was just released yesterday. Why should you care? Well, because you can actually play as Blade!

I haven't bought the game yet, but I most likely will once it comes to Nintendo's new console, the Wii. If you're a fan of video games and comics, the latest from Marvel looks to pack more comic book characters into a single game than ever before. I've played and enjoyed the X-Men Legends games (which supposedly play similar to the new Ultimate Alliance game), so I'm definitely looking forward to checking this one out.

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Moon Knight Headed to Television?

In a semi Blade related news story, there's word that the Marvel character Moon Knight may be getting his own series in the near future. The character was alluded to during the first couple episodes of Blade: The Series, and I believe writers David Goyer and Geoff Johns had mentioned the possibility of him making an appearance in the series. It now looks as though he may be getting a series of his own.

I, personally, don't know much about the character as I'm not into the comic book scene and have really only followed the Blade movies and show. Also, the news doesn't say whether or not the show has been picked up by a network yet, just that Marvel Studios has teamed up with No Equal Entertainment to develop a Moon Knight based television series.

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Secret Tivo Promotion

Ok, so I normally don't like posting actual ads inside a post, but I received an email from Tivo about a "secret" promotion they are having on their Series 2 80 hour devices. The full promotional information is: Save $99 on TiVo! Get a new 80 hour TiVo DVR + one year of service for only $125!.

Now that's an incredible deal since it would normally cost $224 for the same thing. They aren't advertising this promotion, only sending it to affiliates (which I am). If you don't need one of their dual tuner or Series 3 machines, I'd highly recommend jumping on this deal. I have a 40 hour Series 2 Tivo and I really don't know how I lived without it.

I wouldn't post about this unless I really love the product and think this deal is definitely something you all should at least check out (perhaps as a gift for Christmas?).

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Blade the Franchise - Whats New Line to do?

The following article was sent in by frequent site visitor Jeff Thomas.
Good morning/evening all!

Here is a look at some numbers… an extrapolation to put numbers into context following the aforementioned premise.

Blade Trinity sold 7,729,894 tickets. Lets assume that some of the ticket buyers came as a couple… lets say 25% of those. The contrast being a “couple” at home watching Blade the TV series. So that narrows the Blade Movie Target audience for the TV series to 5.8 Million potential viewers. So of this viewership only 2.5 Million show up to the Premiere. I am wondering if the other 3.3 Million were aware of the TV series. Those fans that believe the “majority” of fans watching the premiere were Blade the Movie fans would suggest that at least the Blade fans would have been aware of the
Pilot on Spike… Where were they?

Did they not tune in because WS was not the Lead?
Did they not tune in because they were unaware of the TV series.. or potentially Spike?
Did they not tune in because they were unavailable Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m.?
Perhaps they did not have Spike in their programming line up?

To move this premise forward. If you are New Line…

a) are you going to cater your TV series to the movie fans?
b) are you going to dare attempt a 4th movie without WS as the lead?
c) are you going to look for a new Network/Cable host based on a retention of 1 Million (approximate) fans post episode 7? Is it worth shopping another network?

These are my thoughts to invoke specific conversation if wanted. I suggest a) and b) are futile and perhaps option c) is the direction New Line takes. I further suggest that if the movie fans were to be lenient and accept a new character in the role this franchise would survive. There is still the feint possibility this franchise could survive regardless as I believe there are enough existing movie fans that did enjoy the product combined with the potential new viewership that remains relatively untapped in my opinion.

I suggest that New Line and Goyer knew that for this project to be successful and subsequently an option of producing a Blade 4 they had to cater to the TV viewing demographic not just the Movie Fan demographic and that is exactly what they did. They needed to find a large demographic that would not have predisposed concepts as to what Blade is/was (a.k.a. WS). I was personally disappointed in the 2.5 Million viewers as I suspected it would be a much larger turn out but as I have stated before I still believe Spike was not the right host. Unfortunately the pilot was not very good.
Action scenes were definitely weak and as a stand alone episode it just was not that entrancing. I do believe, as seemingly a few others to the tune of 1 Million, that the continuing episodes increased in value and the storyline continued to intrigue many. If the TV series remains in Cancellation land I suspect Blade the franchise follows suit.

d) What are your thoughts on the Blade Franchise?
e) Where does New Line go now?
f) Is Blade on the big screen or small screen gone for good?

If there are any takers on the potential of a new TV series or even if you
think this is an impossibility I pose this question:

g) Hypothetically would you watch if they changed the Lead?

Take care!!

First off, thanks to Jeff for the great article! There's a lot of great information and speculation in there.

Now, he brings up a few questions in there for everybody to toss in their input - namely:
d) What are your thoughts on the Blade Franchise?
e) Where does New Line go now?
f) Is Blade on the big screen or small screen gone for good?
g) Hypothetically would you watch if they changed the Lead?

I'll post my own thoughts on those questions here and hope that you all will add your input in the comments below.

d - I personally love the Blade franchise. I love the movies and I love the television series. I admit that I haven't read any of the comics, so I can't comment on that part of the franchise.

e - In one of the previous poll results I gave my nod to the Sci Fi channel being a great possible home for the show as well as mentioning a few other decent possibilities. We know New Line is still behind the show and I'm sure they are going to do everything they can to keep it alive on a new network if at all possible.

f - No. Blade will be back in some form or another. The comic has just started up and hopefully the television series hasn't come to an end.

g - Would I watch? Yes. Do I want them to change the lead? No. I feel Sticky is a fairly weak actor in my opinion. However, he's already made his mark on the character and I've come to know the "TV" Blade as the one Sticky has portrayed. As such, I hope he remains the Daywalker, though I'd definitely still watch if he weren't.

Steve Bacic Gatecon Photos

Reader Anne wrote in letting me know about some pretty cool photos of Steve Bacic (Frederick) that were taken at this years Gatecon. You can check the pictures out at his official site here. There are some pretty good photos in there, mostly of him goofing around (standing around with a lightsabre and chef hat, getting punched by an old woman, etc).

His character in Blade is definitely one I'd like to see more of if there's a second season, so let's hope Spike TV gives us a chance to see more of Bacic next year.

Thanks again Anne for the link!

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New Blade Comic Goes On Sale Today

For all the comic book fans out there, Marvel will have the new Blade comic on sale today. You can find details here. Apparently both Spider-Man and Dracula will be making an appearance in this first issue.

First issue details:
BLADE #1 (JUL061951)
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
FOC – 8/31, On Sale – 9/20/2006

I know a few readers are wondering if I'll be picking up the comic and talking about it here. Sadly, no, I won't. While it'd be nice to broaden the site to cover all aspects of Blade, I think it might get in the way of the real focus... the television series. I'll definitely cover big events relating to Blade such as this new comic series as well as if there are any announcements of new movies, etc, but I won't be covering the comic books in a more detailed fashion.

Okay, the truth also is that I personally don't like to read. I don't really have the attention span for it. While comic books are much lighter on the reading, they are still something I can't really get into.

So there you have it. If you're a fan of comic books and a fan of Blade, you may want to check out the first issue of the new comic as it does sound intriguing.

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Stunt Woman Kylie Furneaux Interview

Comic Monsters has posted an interview with Kylie Furneaux, the stunt double for both Krista and Chase. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

We have seen many cool stunts and fights so far on Blade the Series that feature Krista Starr (Jill Wagner) and Chase (Jessica Gower). Was that really you in there doing a lot of the flips and kicks?

Kylie Furneaux:
I would love to take credit for the fight scenes that you have seen already in Blade but unfortunately I don't appear until episode 11. I was filming X-Men 3 for three months at the beginning of filming. I am hoping for more of a showing in Season two if it goes ahead.

What has been your favorite stunt so far while on the set of Blade the Series?

Kylie Furneaux:
Ah see, now this is a hard question to answer without giving anything away. I am a fighter and someone who needed me to wear a blonde wig does a kick ass fight near the end of the season. Keep watching - it is worth a look....

It's a great interview with a stunt person whose been in a variety of different action roles. She talks about most of them, while also giving more details on her work with Blade: The Series. I actually love the stunts on the show. I just wish the cinematography would show it better rather than do the close up, quick cutting, motion sickness inducing crap they usually do. Let us see the action people, I don't need somebody trying to make me feel it.

Anyway, fans should definitely head on over and check out the full interview, especially if you're a fan of some of the great stunts performed on the show.

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Season Two May Depend On You

There has been talk of how well the show has been doing ever since the pilot aired. We know that the ratings broke records for that first episode, but the ratings apparently dipped quite a bit after. However, it's not uncommon for the ratings to spike in the beginning then trail off a bit. The important thing is that they don't keep going down.

Well, the last episode actually went up a little in the ratings, which is great news. Supposedly the show sounds like it is on the edge of coming back for a season two, but the ratings for the next couple of episodes will likely be determining factors. David Goyer, Neil Jackson, and Jill Wagner have all come out urging people to watch this week's episode. They also say that if possible, watch the first airing of the episode (the one that's on at 10pm), as that is the one that counts.

I personally am not sure how ratings are determined. I don't know if you have to have a special box on your tv to track your shows, or if they somehow can tell just by the signal being delivered to different homes. I think it's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you tune in this Wednesday to help keep this great show alive!

If anybody does know how the ratings are calculated, if you could leave a comment below or send me an email via the contact form that'd be great.

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Larry Poindexter and David Kopp Interviews

If you recall, I previously linked to an interview Starry Constellation Magazine had of the actor that will play Blade's dad during next week's episode. Well, I got a heads up from Lisa Steinberg over at the magazine saying that there were a couple more interviews that may be of interest to Blade: The Series fans.

The first interview is with David Kopp, the actor that plays Krista's brother Zack. He talks about the filming process, the chemistry of the cast, as well as some future projects. He doesn't say whether or not he'll be appearing more in the series, though my guess is that he'll show up at least a few more times.

The other interview is with the Larry Poindexter, the man playing the FBI agent Ray Collins. He talks about the Blade series as well as other projects. A bit of warning, he does mention a few little pieces of information that may be considered spoilers for the Blade show. They are minor, dealing with his past, but just in case you're trying to be completely free of any extra information, be warned.

I'd definitely recommend both interviews for fans of the series. It's refreshing to see interviews from the more minor characters of the show as they give a different perspective to the story and to their experiences.

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Cast Member Fan Mail Address

A couple Reader Question posts back, Sebastian wrote in asking where one could send cast member fan mail. Well, unfortunately, I was unable to find that information out, so his question remained unanswered for a little while.

Luckily, Sebastian was determined so he was able to obtain the info via Kirk Jones' MySpace email. Sebastian was kind enough to write back in and provide the information in case anybody else was interested. Thanks Sebastian!

Below is the information:

(Name of Actor/Actress)
Blade: The Series
C/O Spike TV
ATTN: Debra Fazio
1755 Broadway, 9th Floor
NY, NY 10019

The information does appear to be legitimate. I did some research and Debra Fazio is definitely a contact for Blade: The Series and Spike TV.

Oh and if anybody does write in and gets a response, shoot me an email via the contact form and let me know.

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