Blade's Dad Talks About the Show

If you saw the previews for next week's episode, you'll know that Blade's dad will be making an appearance in the form of a flashback. The actor who'll be playing the Daywalker's father is Colin Lawrence and he's done an interview with Starry Constellation Magazine.

From the interview:
Q)What made you want to be a part of the show?

A) There is not any man, woman or child that I know that wouldn't want to be a part of a comic book. You can't pass that up! Truth be told, my favorite comic book was Teen Titan. That was the one I really loved. I think it's amazing just being a part of Marvel comics and getting to be a part of a project gone to film that is now being turned in to a TV series. I think, if you can't play Blade, then you can sure play his daddy! I think that's great because who wouldn't want to be the father to a super hero? It's just a great opportunity and I am happy to be a part of it.

As you can see, he does talk about the show, though be warned that some of what he says could be considered spoilers (though nothing is really given away other than what he will be doing in the episode). Fans of his or of the show should head on over and read the full interview.

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Blade Characters Poem

I like to dabble with poetry once in awhile and felt like I should try doing one about the characters in Blade: The Series. Well, below is that poem. It covers the 5 main characters, Blade, Shen, Krista, Chase, and Marcus. Enjoy!

Characters of Blade

Blade's the hero of this colorful cast.
He's the main good guy with a darkened past.
He's called daywalker 'cuz he's a special breed.
He has no weaknesses, except the urge to feed.
But with a serum made by Shen, his bud,
He's able to resist his thirst for blood.

Speaking of Shen, the man behind the scenes,
He's the comic relief, and he loves his machines.
We don't see him much, but we know that he's there.
He's the sidekick of this vampire hunting pair.
He's willing to fight with his mortal skin.
He's got Blade's back through thick and through thin.

Now Krista Starr is an odd one indeed.
She seems to be good, but for how long we'll see.
She's sexy and strong and sneaky too.
And she's doing what Blade tells her to do.
She's a vampire whose soul may eventually fade,
But as of right now, she's siding with Blade.

On the other side we've got this girl Chase,
She's a vicious killer with a pretty face.
One of Marcus' favorites, she's close to it all,
But her hunger for power may lead to her fall.
We know she's evil, but we don't know her plans.
We know she's got motives, but not where she stands.

And last but not least, there's Marcus Van Sciver.
He's runs much of Chthon and he's a survivor.
He's a smooth talker and evil to the bone.
He kills humans and experiments on his own.
We don't know his goals, but we know that they're grand.
Not even Chase knows all that he's planned.

There's good and bad and lots in between.
Some may play nice, but most will play mean.
Characters with covers that mustn't be blown,
There's parts to be played, some hidden, some known.
With lies and deception and uncertainty,
Entertainment seems the only guarantee.

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