New Poll: Favorite Actor/Actress?

I've asked you for your favorite character, your favorite surprise, and even your favorite sub plot. Now it's time to find out who your favorite Blade actor/actress is.

I've included the main 5 actors/actresses to keep things simple. It'll be interesting to see if people's favorite characters match up with their favorite actors/actresses. I guess we'll find out Tuesday!

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Poll Results: Blade and Only Blade

I don't know why, but I'm constantly surprised and impressed at the turnout we have each week for the poll. It just goes to show how much the fans of the show truly enjoyed the series. The latest poll also shows, however, that most of the Blade fans aren't really fans of much else on Spike TV.

How Many Shows (other than Blade) Do You Watch on Spike TV?
none: 68% (95)
1: 13% (18)
4+: 9% (12)
2: 8% (11)
3: 2% (3)
Total Votes : 139

68% of you don't watch anything on Spike TV now that Blade's gone. That's about what I would have predicted. Many fans of the show believe that Blade just wasn't a good fit for the network. With so many voters saying that they don't watch anything else on Spike, it would definitely seem that the network may not have been the best home for the show.

I'm actually a bit surprised that 9% of you watch 4+ shows on Spike. I don't know if I could even name that many shows. I do love The Ultimate Fighter, so I did mark down 1 for me.

It's really is a shame that Spike finally decided to try out an original series (that wasn't a reality show) and it didn't survive. With many networks choosing the cheaper (and often safer) routes of just airing reruns and reality shows, I think all TV fans suffer when an original series dies.

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New Poll: How Many Shows (other than Blade) Do You Watch on Spike TV?

The big reason Blade: The Series wasn't picked up for a second season was that there weren't enough viewers. This can be blamed on many things, marketing, time slot, the actors, or even that the show just wasn't good enough.

Another reason, however, could have been that Spike just wasn't the right network for the show. There's not absolute way of determining the importance of the network the show aired on, but one thing I'd like to know is how many other shows you watch on Spike.

Thus, this week's poll is born. I don't ask for specifics, just a number. Be sure to not count Blade - so only answer how many shows you watch on Spike that are not Blade.

The poll will last until Tuesday so be sure to get your vote in by then.

update: I deleted and re-added the poll a couple hours after this post due to me forgetting to add a "0" option. Thanks to Colleen for pointing that out. If you had voted before that option existed, you'll have to vote again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Poll Results: Marcus, Meet Krista. Krista, Meet Marcus.

Another extended poll has come to a close and once again I'm surprised by the amazing turnout (192 votes in all). I'm definitely not surprised by the results however...

Favorite Duo?
Marcus and Krista: 38% (73)
Blade and Krista: 24% (46)
Chase and Krista: 18% (34)
Blade and Shen: 11% (21)
Marcus and Chase: 8% (15)
Charlotte and Thorne: 2% (3)
Total Votes : 192

With Marcus and Krista topping all favorite character polls, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see them top the favorite duo poll. I think I was actually a little surprised that they didn't win by an even larger margin. I was also surprised to see Blade and Krista get a considerable amount of votes as my impressions were that many didn't care for that pairing much (though I'm glad to be proven wrong as I did enjoy their back and forth quite a bit).

I actually voted for the pair that I was reluctant to include - Krista and Chase. I wasn't really sure if I should include them because people may just vote for the "girl on girl" aspect. I then realized that that really isn't a fair poll then if I restrict it because of that so I decided to add them. While I definetly enjoyed the semi erotic vampire play between the two, it was what they brought out of each other that really grabbed me. Krista brought out the jealous vengeful side of Chase, a side of her that was incredible to watch. Chase brought out the fiesty, strong willed and confident side of Krista. Chase challenged Krista and Krista was always up for it, whether it was to prove her new vampiric passions or two demonstrate her loyalties.

There were some clear standouts in the character pairings, but they all offered some great differences that kept the show moving along at a quick, yet involved pace. The play between all the characters was truly one of the best parts of the show.

Thanks to all who voted and keep an eye out Thursday for the next poll.

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New Poll: Favorite Duo?

One great thing about Blade: The Series was the fun and ever-evolving relationships between characters. With that, there are many "pairs" of characters that stand out:

  • Blade and Krista

  • Blade and Shen

  • Marcus and Krista

  • Marcus and Chase

  • Charlotte and Thorne

  • Chase and Krista

I basically singled out the major pairings of characters. Blade and Marcus didn't even meet each other until the last episode, so while they were both strong characters separately, they weren't a big "duo" in the show.

Anyway, I did include some good guy pairs such as Blade and Krista or Blade and Shen, as well as the villain pairs like Charlotte and Thorne and Marcus and Chase. There's also those combinations of good and evil with Marcus and Krista and Chase and Krista.

I'll be out of town on a family vacation next week so this poll will run for an extra week (ending January 16).

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Poll Results: Cat and Mouse

With 122 total votes, the latest extended poll proved to bring out another good showing - as lobsided as that showing may have been.

What Was Your Favorite Surprise?
That Marcus Knew About Krista and Blade: 62% (76)
Chase's Betrayal of Marcus: 12% (15)
Charlotte's Death: 7% (8)
Marcus' Past: 6% (7)
Marcus' Real Plan: 5% (6)
Krista Turning Her Mom: 5% (6)
Chase's Fake Betrayal With Alex: 2% (2)
Collins' Death: 1% (1)
Truth Behind Vanessa's Pregnancy: 1% (1)
Total Votes : 122

The clear fan favorite seems to have been the fact that Marcus knew about Krista and Blade. The fact that that's how the season (and perhaps the series) ended was likely a big factor in it's popularity. I think people also are intrigued by the mystery behind the fact that we don't know exactly what Marcus knows and how long he has known it. Leaving the season with that cliffhanger was both frustrating and downright awesome.

There's so many great surprises in that were in the poll as well as a few that I'm sure I forgot, so I won't go into my thoughts on all of them. I will say that I voted for Marcus' past as my favorite surprise. We knew there was obviously some hidden motivation behind all of Marcus' plans, but it wasn't until his flashback episode that we saw just how brutal his past was. I loved how lead the viewer to have some sympathy and even pity for Marcus, even though he's a vicious killer. The fact that his motivations seem to all stem from lost love makes his actions romantic, tragic, and scary all at the same time.

Thanks to all that participated in the poll and as always be sure to check out the new poll this Thursday.

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New Poll: What Was Your Favorite Surprise?

With the holiday season upon us, I've decided to let this poll run for two weeks. This means that I'll be closing it and posting the results some time on Tuesday, January 2nd. With the extended time, I've made the poll a that asks a very interesting question with quite a few answers to keep you thinking.

What Was your Favorite Surprise?

  • Charlotte's Death

  • Collins' Death

  • Marcus' Real Plan

  • Chase's Betrayal of Marcus

  • Marcus' Past

  • Krista Turning Her Mom

  • Chase's Fake Betrayal With Alex

  • Truth Behind Vanessa's Pregnancy

  • That Marcus Knew About Krista and Blade

As you can see, there's many different surprises to choose from. I'm not asking what you thought was the biggest surprise, but rather, which one was your favorite (which very well could be the same thing for you). Even though I've added quite a few options, there's sure to be at least one or two surprises that I missed, but hopefully you see a clear favorite out of the choices provided.

*update: I previously screwed up and put Charlotte's name in a couple choices rather than Chases - I've fixed this.

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Poll Results: The Real Blade

It was a big issue for many during the first season of Blade: The Series, could Kirk "Sticky" Jones make it as Blade? In a previous poll, it turned out that nearly 90% of you thought he did either "okay" or "excellent". That poll didn't answer whether or not you all felt he did a better job than the original Blade, Wesley Snipes, so this latest poll asked, and 77 of your answered.

Who Was the Better Blade?
Wesley Snipes: 69% (53)
Kirk "Sticky" Jones: 31% (24)
Total Votes : 77

I don't think it's a big shock that Snipes ended up with the most votes. I personally was a big surpised that he only won by 69%. Granted, this site is a fansite dedicated to the television show, so obviously the results are likely to be skewed in its favor, but to me, Snipes was really in a whole other league.

Don't get me wrong, I thought Jones did a great job, but his martial arts and acting abilities couldn't even compare to Snipes in my opinion. Now, it's not entirely fair to compare them since the TV Blade was considerably "gimped" such that he wasn't nearly as much a focus in the show as he was in the movies. Similarly, he wasn't nearly as badass, with the ability to take on incredibly amounts of vampires with ease.

However, even while considering that handicap, I still think Snipes was just leaps and bounds beyond Jones.

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New Poll: Who Was the Better Blade?

Fan Darcy wrote in saying that I should put up a poll asking which actor was the better Blade, Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones or Wesley Snipes. When I first read the email I was all ready to reply back saying that I had already done that poll, but stupid me, I hadn't! I was actually thinking of this poll that asked how good Jones was as Blade. It wasn't a direct comparisson to Snipes.

So, with that being said, I've put up the poll asking you to decide who you think is/was the better Blade. Thanks to Darcy for writing in. I still can't believe I hadn't put this poll up yet!

Poll Results: 1 2 3. In That Order

That latest poll has come to a close and with 65 total votes, it's clear that there's still quite a few fans out there hoping for some good news. Anyway, on to the results...

Favorite Blade Movie
Blade 1: 46% (30)
Blade 2: 34% (22)
Blade 3: Trinity: 20% (13)
Total Votes : 65

I don't think it's too big of a shock that the results ended up with the first movie taking the most votes, followed by the second movie, with the third movie trailing them both. I do think it's a bit of a surprise that the third movie got as many votes as it did. While I enjoyed Blade: Trinity quite a bit, I think it was mostly ignored and/or disliked by the majority of people out there. It's definitely nice to see that a good percentage did, in fact, enjoy it.

As for my vote, I gave it to the first movie. Like I said in the original poll post, I had just finished rewatching the Blade Trilogy a couple weeks ago, which is why I wanted to do this poll. While I definitely liked all three movies, I do think I enjoyed the first the most. I'd rank them just how the voters ranked them, with the first movie being the best, then the second, then the third. I just think that the openning scene in the first movie, along with the main plot, combined with my opinion that Frost was the best villain are all major points that make the first movie the best in my mind. I liked the idea of having some vampires help Blade out in the second (as well as the female vampire love interest) and I liked how they brought in the Nightstalkers in the third movie, but overall, the first was just a little bit better.

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