Reader Question: Chthon Ended What Tyranny?

Chris has sent in a question that I could use some help with. It's regarding something that was said in the final episode.

Chris writes:
in the final episode, it was said that the lord Chthon took the sword and ended the tyranny of...and he said a name. Was that another house? They use very poor sound for some of the sences...or I am going deaf be either way I really didn't hear it.
Any info?

First off, thanks for the great question Chris. Second, I tried to find a part where they say what tyranny Chthon ended, but I came up empty. Near the beginning of the episode Marcus talks about how he's going to change the world and how he'll take the sword that Chthon used to end some tyranny, but he doesn't say exactly what tyranny (unless I missed it somewhere).

If I had to guess, I'd say it was the tyranny of the House of Erebus. The House of Erebus is the house that the pureblood Alex was from (the guy Chase turned to vampire goo). It's also the house that Deacon Frost was from in the first Blade movie. It has been said that the House of Erebus and the House of Chthon hate each other and had a huge war years ago. My guess is that it was Erebus that ruled over the House of Chthon until Chthon took the sword and ended that tyranny.

However, like I said I couldn't find a place where they say exactly who Chthon used the sword to defeat, so if anybody knows for sure or perhaps knows where to find it in the episode that'd be great. I do have all the episodes recorded on Tivo so I can go back and check out any scenes that might mention it. Also, if anybody has any better guesses as to what the tyranny may be, send in your comments below.

[update: Thanks to Robert in the comments below I was able to find the spot where the head of Chthon mentions the tyranny that Chthon stopped.]

It's kind of hard to hear, but it definitely sounds like he says Chthon ended the tyranny of Argento. I tried to do some digging and see if I could find any references to Argento in the Blade universe but I came up empty. My guess is still that it has to do with Erebus and perhaps Argento was the leader of Erebus until Chthon killed him and gave the House of Chthon the power they enjoyed for years after.

If anybody knows for sure what name was said or perhaps if you've heard of an Argento in the Blade universe, please leave a comment below so that we can all stop wracking our brains.

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Reader Question: How Do Pure Bloods Age?

Simon asks:
In the series we got to know two purebloods so far. I was wondering if purebloods grow up because on the one hand you have little Charlotte and on the other hand you have (or better had ;) ) Damek who obviously is a grown up. Turned vampires seem to always remain the same but what's with purebloods?

Thanks for the great question Simon. First, we've actually been introduced to three Pure Bloods (that we know of), Charlotte, Damek (who's now ash), and Alex (who's now some kind of vampire goo). Though there's definitely been some good air time for the Pure Bloods, the show hasn't really gone into much detail about what makes them so special (beyond being born a vampire rather than turned). Do they have special powers? Are they inherently more evil? Well, I have no idea on those two, but luckily Simon asks about their aging, which I do have an answer for.

Yes, Pure Bloods do grow up. I actually have a great quote from the writer Geoff Johns where he says "The physical signs of aging occur, but much more slowly. It can vary for Pure-Bloods. Due to actions or lifestyle they can stunt or spurt." (from the official forums).

As you can see, the Pure Bloods do age, but they do so at an even slower pace than turned vampires. Simon brings up Charlotte, a great example, who is a Pure Blood that's actually a little over 200 years old (which is young for a Pure Blood).

Thanks again for the question Simon, hope that answered it well enough for you. Let's hope we get to find out even more about the Pure Bloods as they are definitely mysterious and an interesting part of the show.

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Reader Question: Is There Enough For More Seasons?

With most fans anxiously awaiting word on whether or not Blade: The Series will be coming back next season, it might be a good time to stop and think about whether or not there's enough material for future seasons, and if so, how many more seasons. Well, reader Jeff asks some of those very same questions - thanks Jeff!

Jeff Thomas writes:
This could prove interesting conversation or a solid question for the writer/director. Assuming there is further seasons. How many episodes would be a reasonable expectation to ensure the content remains solid and how many episodes are drafted in some form? Is there enough material today for more than 2 seasons? Does a writer only write one season at a time or do they contextually plan for multiple seasons in a preparation for supporting the request for additional seasons?

Well, I'm not a writer for the show, but David Goyer is, and he has actually talked about the future of the show in this interview. In that interview he has "a five-year plan for the TV show". Clearly he is hoping to do at least a few more seasons, but is there really enough material? Oh heck yeah.

This season has already opened up plenty of plots and sub plots to follow for at least two or three more seasons. Hell, we've only been introduced to two or three vampire Houses out of twelve. There have been hints at Marcus having other plans, brand new villains for Blade and Krista to battle, and a possible vampire civil war. There's more than enough to fuel the series for a few more seasons, in my opinion at least.

As for the other part of Jeff's question, I do know that writers don't necessarily have an entire season planned out until the season has started. Take Stargate SG-1 for instance. It was recently announced that this season will be its last (unfortunate as it was one of my favorites). Also announced was that the finale has yet to be decided, even though the season has already aired a few episodes. I've heard of this happening with many shows, where the writers will have a general idea of the direction they want to take it, but don't fully flesh it out until they're well into the season.

Well, hopefully that answers Jeff's questions a bit. It is just my opinion so I may be wrong in my thinking that there's plenty of Blade to last multiple seasons. Obviously we aren't in control of the show and don't know exactly what they have planned, but I'm sure you've got an opinion on how much is too much. So what do you think? Think it's got one more season left in it? Two? Five? Could you see the show lasting ten years? As always, leave your comments below and let everybody know what you're thinking.

Oh, and thanks again for your submission Jeff!

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Reader Question: Why Did Marcus Turn Krista?

Joponica has sent in a "two parter" with the first part asking about the second season. I mentioned in the previous Reader Question post (Joponica wrote in before I made that post) that I'm on the look out for when they announce any second season info, and I'll be posting it the moment I get it. The second part of Joponica's email is what this post is all about and it asks for some interpretations and predictions on Marcus' intentions towards Krista.

Joponica writes:
This may not be the forum to ask this, but will they post if the show gets renewed? We see Marcus's hatred against to purebloods and now Chase knows as well. I still don't get why he turned Krista. I noticed that when Glynnis refered to Marcus's woman Charlotte thought automatically of Chase, but Glynnis meant Krista. Thus far, we have seen nothing but maybe sexual tension between the two. What do you think Marcus really turned Krista for? Did he kill ger brother to bring her to him?

So why did our main villain turn the once innocent beauty? Last night's episode revealed a possible reason when pureblood Alex told Chase that Marcus was falling into old habits, namely that Krista resembled Marcus' wife. This little tidbit opens up a whole new world of possible motivations for Marcus. If Alex was telling the truth, and Marcus did have a wife, his turning of Krista could be as simple as him seeing his wife in her. I don't think it's that easy though.

I'm thinking Marcus still doesn't fully trust Chase, which is sad since she betrayed an ex lover and risked her life helping Marcus and his experiments (which she didn't know the full scope of until recently - and she may not still know everything). We know Chase is vicious and manipulative, but so far she has been extraordinarily loyal to Marcus. However, the pilot episode showed her smirk when Marcus was sent in to the purebloods to be disciplined for turning Krista without permission.
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Reader Question: How Many Episodes are Left?

I've received a few questions asking how many episodes are left this season and when we'll know if and when season 2 will start.

Sebastian writes:
How many episodes are left in this season, and when can we expect season 2 to start? I think I heard there are 13, and the upcoming one is #10. Thanks!

The first part of the question is easy, and Sebastian actually got it right, there are 13 episodes with next week's being number 10. The pilot episode is counted as 2, which is why there have been only 8 nights of Blade: The Series, but 9 episodes. So, we've got 4 episodes left... then what?

Unfortunately I do not know when we'll know if the show will be back next season. As I mentioned a few days ago, the cast and crew are pushing hard to get people to watch each Wednesday so that it can come back. Apparently the ratings are at such a number that it could go either way.

I have been keeping an eye out for any information, and will definitely continue to do so. Once I know, I'll be sure to post the information here.

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Reader Question: Is Steppin' Razor a Worthy Adversary?

Yesterday I received a great question from "Scythe" that's an opinion question. As such, I figured it'd be great to post it here and get everybody's take on it. His question is about Steppin' Razor and you can read it below:

Scythe writes:
I'm curious as to what you think of the character Steppin' Razor (Bokeem Woodbine) and his relationship with Blade. Do you feel that he's a worthy rival for the Daywalker? Or does he just not "cut it"? Much thanks, Scythe.

Well, we've only seen Steppin' Razor once so far, back in Episode 5: Bloodlines, but he managed to do a lot with his short time onscreen. He captured Blade, nearly handed him over to Marcus, killed Reverend Carlyle, and gave us the origins of Blade's tatoos along with a lot of other backstory. He impacted the story quite a bit for only being in part of one episode, but does that make him a worthy adversary?

Steppin Razor Killing CarlyleIf the show was just Blade vs Steppin', I'd have to say it would suck (pardon the pun). I believe Marcus is a much better main villain. However, Steppin's role is definitely interesting and I do believe he adds a lot to the table that nobody else can.

For starters, he has a whole lot of history with Blade. Nobody else in the show can claim to have been there when Blade was starving as a young half vampire and nobody else in the show can claim to have been turned by Blade. These two things give Steppin' both great motivation (revenge for being turned) and unique insight (knowing a lot about Blade's past). As such, he's a villain with a different perspective on Blade, a perspective that allowed him to fairly easily capture Blade and nearly kill him.

Steppin' also has something in common with Boone as they are both vampire outcasts. Like Boone, Steppin' is unwelcome in the vampire Houses and also like Boone, he's hunted by fellow vampires. As such, Steppin' has an air of desparation about him, though he hides it well. The similarities between Steppin' and Blade's relationship and Boone and Krista's relationship are interesting and may come up in the future. They each have a problem that they created, problems they will eventually have to deal with.

So, is he worthy? I say yes. His unique ability to provide us with more backstory and his personal vendetta against Blade are both worthy additions to the show. Alone, he wouldn't be enough of a villain, but alongside the current developments and other factions, his occasional presence is definitely felt and appreciated. I say he's worthy, but do you? Weigh in on the topic in the comments below.

For those interested, Bokeem Woodbine is the actor that plays Steppin' Razor.

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Reader Question: Where Can You Send Blade Fan Mail?

Alright everybody, I've got another question that could use your help.

Sebastian writes:
Where can I send fan mail to cast members?

*update - Sebastian actually did some digging and found the address to send all Blade: The Series fan mail to. I've created a separate post for it here.

Short and sweet isn't it? Well, like I said above, I need some help with this one. I've done some digging and have a few places Sebastian and others can go to try and make contact with the Blade cast, but I haven't come up with anything concrete. Below are the various ways one might go about contacting a Blade cast member. Please leave any other suggestions in the comments section.

In a previous post I posted links to various MySpace profiles for the cast members. While I doubt many cast members respond to any MySpace inquiries, it's worth a shot.

Spike TV feedback form and number
On the official Blade site hosted by Spike TV, there's a feedback link that fans can fill out to leave feedback on the show. Funny thing is, there isn't a category for Blade: The Series. There is an "Other" and "General Feedback", so those are options. Perhaps more viable is the phone number on that form which is 212-846-2560. One might be able to leave a message on that phone number asking for fan mail suggestions.

Official forums cast member thread
Over at the official forums for the show, there's a cast member thread where fans can post questions that will be asked of the cast members. While the questions usually turn into questions for a site interview, leaving a question there about fan mail might provide a decent solution.

As you can see, I wasn't really able to come up with much. If anybody knows of how one could go about sending fan mail to the Blade cast, please leave a comment below. Any leads are also welcome, such as contact info for fan clubs.

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Reader Question: Any Movie Cameo Plans?

Yet another reader question has come pouring in, this time from Mike..

Mike. asks:
I'm a big fan of the show, as well as the movies and comics. What I'm wondering is if you think they might bring back some movie characters for cameos in the series.

In a previous post I pointed out this interview with Blade writer David Goyer. The reason I mention this is because Goyer is actually asked the very question we're looking to answer.

When asked by "Will other characters from the Blade films appear on the series?". Goyer responds "Possibly. We have a flashback in which a young Whistler, who was played by Kris Kristofferson in the films, appears. We do flashbacks, so although a lot of our characters ended up dying, we have plans, if we go into a second season, to bring back two or three other characters from the films."

The followup question by presses further asking "Which other characters might show up?", to which Goyer replies "Dr. Karen Jenson, the hematologist from the first movie, and Hannibal King, the nightstalker (played by Ryan Reynolds) from the third film will show up again."

So, it definitely looks like they plan on bringing in characters from the movies. They are even bringing in some dead characters through flashbacks which should be cool for fans of the movies. If anybody else knows of any characters that are rumored to be showing up from the movies be sure to leave a comment below.

Reader Question: Info on Marcus and Krista Chemistry

Marcus BloodlinesI've received another great reader question via the contact form but I, unfortunately, don't have much of an answer. As such, I'm hoping by posting it here perhaps some readers may have some information that could be helpful. Below is the question and below that is my lengthy attempt at an answer, which could definitely use some help.

Joponica writes:
Love the show and this site is very informative.I may be a minority , but I love the character if Marcus Van Sciver and I would also secretly like to see what they would do with he and Krista. There is so much chemistry with those two. Are there any websites that promote Marcus and Krista?

First, thanks for the great question Joponica. Like Joponica, I'm very fascinated with the connection between Marcus and Krista. The first couple episodes were pretty strong on this connection, but lately the Marcus / Krista relationship thing has been put on hold.

We still don't know his reasons for turning her, or exactly how much he trusts her. It does appear that he cares for her a great deal (the scene showing him by Krista's side after she killed Fritz for example). We also don't know exactly what Krista feels for Marcus. In the beginning, all she wanted to do was kill him, even though Blade told her not to. Now she appears to either be going along with Blade's plan of spying on Marcus or perhaps she has actual feelings for Marcus after he turned her.

Chase is obviously going to be some sort of added conflict here, which can only add to the excitement. Her character has only recently been given more screen time, so as her character develops, so should the love triangle between Marcus, Krista, and Chase. Of course, it's probably more than a triangle as we also have Blade who might have feelings for Krista, as well as Chase's ex husband who might still have feelings for Chase and has also shown that he may have feelings for Krista as well.

Anyway, that really doesn't answer much of the question, which boils down to whether or not there are websites that promote Marcus and Krista. I've given a bit of depth on their relationship above, but perhaps there are some sites out there that are dedicated to these two characters, or better yet, a website dedicated to the chemistry between the two.

I did mention in a previous post that some of the cast had MySpace pages. There's one for Jill Wagner (Krista Starr) and Neil Jackson (Marcus Van Sciver), but they don't provide much new information.

So, with all that being said, if you know of any sites that focus primarily on either character or perhaps on the love triangle going on, leave a comment below.

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Krista's Dream Sequence

This question was from YankeeFan and he asks "There was one point in the show I didn\’t understand. The Last time Krista was talking to Marcus, she asked about seeing her brother in the vision. She says her brother was saying to follow her, and she asks Marcus what to do. He says to keep doing what she has been doing and continue to follow him. Can you try to explain?"

His question as submitted in the comments section, which is where most discussion about specific episodes should be, but my response to the question is quite lengthy so I decided to make an individual post about it rather than answer it in the comments.

Below is the transcript from the first dream sequence as well as Marcus' conversation with Krista at the end of the show. Note that I copied this all down from my recording on TiVo so I may be off in a few places.

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