Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower at the Scream Awards

Well, apparently I should have tuned in to watch Spike TV's Scream Awards since it turns out that our favorite vampire vixens, Jill Wagner and Jessica Gower, were in attendance.

Reader Jessica sent in the info along with a couple links to photos of the two at the awards show. There is a link to a photo of both Jill and Jessica as well as this one of just Jill. They look just as sexy as they always do.

I still don't know if I would have watched the show since it did sound like a giant fluff piece that had really no interesting value. However, the fact that both Jill and Jessica were there sure would have been tempting.

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Blade: The Series Officially Abandoned by Spike TV

So the rumors are no longer rumors. Spike TV has officially announced that they won't be picking up the show for a second season. You can check out an official response by Spike TV here, explaining how the "network was disappointed with the audience turnout and the ratings."

Now, I've been reading the multitude of responses here and at other websites and fellow fans are pissed off and flat out mad at Spike TV. I, while definitely disappointed, am not mad at anybody, just sad.

We can't blame Spike TV for this, as the show really didn't pull in the ratings they were looking for. I'm sorry if that makes me sound like some sort of sell out or something, but trust me that I have absolutely no connection with Spike TV at all. I'm just another fan - a fan that happens to run a fansite of the show.

Obviously I'm not happy about the show being pulled. Like all of you, I'm not going to be able to watch the rest of this great story unfold. However, I also have this fansite that is now kind of screwed, so this news stings me doubly hard. Even so, I totally understand where Spike is coming from, and it really isn't their fault. They are a network that brands themselves as a network for guys, and as such, need their television shows to bring in large amounts of male viewers. It sounds as though the ratings as a whole for Blade: The Series were decent, it's just that there weren't enough male viewers to please their advertisers. As such, they decided to pull the show, which leaves us, the fans, out in the cold.
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Blade: The Series Cancelled?

Ok, so everybody is going crazy over at the official forums about how it appears that Jill Wagner sent out a MySpace bulletin saying Blade: The Series won't be coming back next season. It's been mentioned by a couple different people, but I don't use MySpace so I haven't seen it myself.

I actually haven't seen any news of this anywhere else, so I'm not sure how 100% accurate and certain this is. I do know that I'll be following up as much as possible and trying to figure out if this is true or not. If any of you have any word, please let us all know.

[update 1:] TheBigBadWolf, the admin over at the official forums, has posted a petition thread for people to reply to to try and get Blade to come back next season. I haven't seen him actually come right out and say that he knows for sure it was cancelled so I'm not sure what information he is going off of. Either way, it's appears to be another nail in the coffin. You can go ahead and post your support in the petition thread here. I'll keep updating this post until there's something confirmed.

[update 2:]Neil Jackson has posted on his MySpace blog that the show has, indeed, been removed from Spike TV's lineup next season. Also, Geoff Johns has also posted on his MySpace blog that the show won't be back for a second season. Things definitely look bleak now, though Jackson did say New Line is shopping around for another network to pick it up.

[update 3:] Neil Jackson has posted at the official forums (using his girlfriend's account "Tinkerbell") confirming again that the show has not been picked up for a second season. He does reiterate that New Line is definitely behind the show and is shopping around the other networks trying to get them to pick it up... so there's still a chance.

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Spike TV's Scream Awards

Spike TV has had information on their new Scream Awards up on their website for awhile, but since it's taking place October 10th, I figured it was a little too far out to mention it previously. Now that it's less than a month away, I guess it's time to post about it and see if it's even worth the mention.

When I first read about Spike TV doing an awards show called the Scream Awards, I was certain Blade: The Series would be in there with multiple nominations. Sadly, I was mistaken. The vampire show isn't in a single category. It's kind of rediculous, really, since it is a vampire show and it is on Spike TV.

The whole thing sounds kind of lame in my opinion, since most of the categories have nothing to do with screaming or horror. While I love Battlestar Galactica (it's definitely one of my top three shows), what the heck is it doing in an award show called the Scream Awards? I'm definitely disappointed with how this award show is setup and will likely not tune in October to watch.

One thing to note is that Blade: The Series is at least somewhat represented with Batman Begins being nominated as it was written by Blade: The Series writer David Goyer. Also, there's probably a good chance that at least one or two Blade cast members will make an appearance seeing as it is on Spike TV and I'm guessing the network would love any chance they can get to plug the show (that's if they decide to pick it up for a second season). I'll be keeping an eye out for any information on the presenters to see if any of our Blade people will be there representing the show.

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Neil Jackson Reveals Episode 12 Ratings

Neil Jackson has just posted on his MySpace blog that the ratings for episode 12 were around 1 million, which is apparently slightly lower than last weeks. He still has high hopes and thinks the last episode will definitely play a large role in whether or not the show comes back... so make sure to kidnap as many people as you can and force them to watch it this coming Wednesday!

Neil Jackson writes:
I've just heard that the ratings for this weeks ep (112) were around the 1 million mark (slightly down on last week). However, the ratings for the preceeding show - Lethal Weapon 2 - were half of that. So, despite the marginal fall off in numbers from last week, it goes to show that twice the number of people are tuning in to SPIKE specifically for Blade: The Series.

You can check out his full post here.

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Blade Marathon This Weekend

In case you missed an episode or two, there's a Blade: The Series marathon on Spike TV this upcoming weekend (Sep. 9th and 10th). It looks like they'll be playing all 12 previously aired episodes (counting the pilot as two episodes). The marathon will include this Wednesday's episode as well. The marathon goes from 2 PM - 7 PM Saturday and Sunday.

This is a great chance to catch up and if you've got some friends or family that you're trying to get hooked on the show, this marathon provides the perfect opportunity to show them why it's such a great show.

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Season 2 Update By Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson has made a post on his MySpace page about the situation surrounding a possible season two of Blade: The Series. He talks about the ratings, the demographics, and what the network is currently thinking about the show.

Neil Jackson wrote:
A few weeks back SPIKE hosted a sunday marathon of all of the ep's to date. This gave us a 40% increase in viewers. Something we have managed to hold. The current ratings are holding around the 1-1.2 million mark (I got these figures from one of the producers). If the weekly average were to be taken into account that number would be around 3 million. That's pretty good. But the main ratings number is still lower than they would have hoped. Add to that the gender demograph and we start to realise their hesitancy.

The show started off very strong but then had a bit of a nose dive. It looks like the marathon they had has helped bring the show back up quite a bit, though we aren't in the clear just yet. He goes on to say that the last few episodes will be looked at closely and the decision will be heavily influenced by those numbers. He concludes by saying "My gut tells me that it's a 50/50 chance, though I remain optimistic."

Head over to Jackson's MySpace page to read the full update.

*update 2 - Neil Jackson has posted in the forums that last night's episode "Hunters" had a 30% jump in ratings! He's confident that if those numbers hold for the last couple episodes that the show will make it back next season.

*update 1 - updated with the correct source information, it was posted on Jackson's MySpace page, but I found out about it over at the official forums here.

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How You Can Email Spike TV About Blade

Over at the offical Blade: The Series forums, there's a post letting us all know that we can voice our opinions about Blade: The Series by emailing Blade@SpikeTV.com. The email address was given out by Spike TV specifically for us all to send in our comments, concerns, and support for the show.

It sounds like Spike TV knows that there's a good amount of support out there for the show and want to give us a way of telling them how badly we want it to come back next season. I personally don't know how much good it will do to email them begging for a second season, but I do know that it can't hurt. If you're passionate about the show (as I am), then sending in an email is an easy way to try and help make sure there will be more vampire goodness next year.

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Contact Information To Help Support The Show

Neil Jackson has posted again at the official forums. This time he has provided some more information on how you can help support the show and try and make sure there will be a second season. He has provided the following contact info to write, call, or fax:

Neil Jackson writes:
Spike TV
1775 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.767.8705 Fax: 212.846.2560

Here are some good people to start writing to:
Doug Herzog - President, Spike TV, Comedy Central, and TV Land
Kevin Kay - General Manager/Executive Vice President - Spike TV
John Cucci - Chief Operating Officer - Spike TV
Pancho Mansfield - Executive Vice President, Original Series
Robert Friedman - Senior Vice President, Programming
Bill McGoldrick - Vice President, Programming

He also mentions the feedback form on the Spike TV site, though many are getting errors when trying to submit it. If you want to try that route the URL is http://www.spiketv.com/interact/feedback/feedback.jhtml.

You can read the Jackson's full post here.

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Neil Jackson Talks About Ratings And Season 2

Over at the official forums, Neil Jackson has made a post where he talks about last episode's ratings as well as how close they are to getting Blade: The Series signed for a second season. Apparently ratings were up, but not enough to convince Spike TV to commit to another season... yet.

Neil Jackson writes:
The ratings last night were up on last week. which is fantastic. but, however, they weren't up enough to embolden SPIKE into taking the plunge on season two. I know! It's getting frustrating. the show's great (biased I know), and we are receiving a phenomenal response from everyone. Still... they are waiting yet another week.

He also goes on to say that we should all go to the two websites Spike TV has been plugging on the Blade: The Series commercials, namely http://blade.spiketv.com and http://tv.yahoo.com. The first is the official website and the second is one that they have just started plugging. I went the Yahoo one but couldn't find the show listed, so I'm not sure what Spike TV wants viewers to be checking out there, but maybe I just missed it.

Head on over the official forums and check out Neil Jackson's full post. He posted under his girlfriend's username "tinkerbell", but it has been confirmed to be him so you should be able to believe what he says.

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