Poll Results: Who Wants to be a Vampire?

54 people voted in the latest poll, here's how it turned out:

Would You Want to be a Vampire?
Yes: 70% (38)
No: 30% (16)
Total Votes : 54

It's not surprising that most people said they would want to be a vampire, though it's actually kind of surprising to see that 30% said no. I figured it'd be much more of a landslide considering this is a vampire television show fansite.

I, personally voted yes. If you take out the whole being evil and having to kill people and just make it a decision weighing living longer and being nearly invincible against never seeing daylight again and really only being able to eat/drink one thing - I'd take the longer life every time. Sure I'd miss the Sun, but I'd much rather live longer.

Of course, most legends say that you would also have to throw in the whole being an evil murdering monster part, so if that were the case, I'd have to think about it a little more :)


New Poll: Would You Want to be a Vampire?

This week's poll asks you to weigh the consequences of being a vampire against all the benefits. If you were given the choice of being turned and become a vampire for the rest of your life, would you do it?

Obviously there's many different notions of what a vampire would be, but for the sake of this poll, let's use the vampires created in the Blade series. This means that as a vampire you would live much longer, be stronger, and be nearly invulnerable. It also means that you'd never be able to go out into sunlight and would require blood to feed. However, let's also go with Frederick from the show and say that you wouldn't actually be feeding on humans.

So, basically, would you want to live longer given the fact that you'd never see the sun again and wouldn't be able to appreciate your favorite foods and drinks?

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Poll Results: Size Doesn't Matter

The latest poll was extended an extra week to give the minor characters a chance to shine. Who comes out on top and who comes up short?

Favorite Minor Character?
Charlotte: 37% (37)
Fritz: 14% (14)
Collins: 12% (12)
Boone: 9% (9)
Steppin' Razor: 7% (7)
Vanessa: 7% (7)
Frederick: 4% (4)
Thorne: 3% (3)
Glynnis: 2% (2)
Cain: 2% (2)
Damek: 2% (2)
Sands: 0% (0)
Reverend Carlyle: 0% (0)

Total Votes : 99

I don't think it's much of a surprise to see Charlotte sitting at the top of the list. Her, Boone, and Collins had the most screen time out of the minor characters by far. It was interesting to see Fritz so high on the list with him being killed off so early in the show. I wonder if we had a few British voters voting with Fritz still fresh in their minds?

I personally voted for Frederick, though it was definitely a tough decision. Just about every character on that list had my vote for at least a few moments. I ended up choosing Frederick mostly because of the possibilities he presented and the past he was a part of. Being a member of a house of vampires that didn't feed on humans, plus his discovery of Krista's secret and his history with Chase all added up to a character that embodied some great potential that could have been capitalized on during a second season.

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Neil Jackson Talks New Movie and Blade The Series

Neil Jackson did an interview with Comic Monsters a few days ago where he talks about his upcoming movie "The Passage" as well as his thoughts on Blade: The Series.

From the interview:
TheBigBadWolf: What would you have liked to become of Marcus Van Sciver?

Neil Jackson: We had already talked about the next season. We all wanted to see Marcus lose that rigid control of his and start getting lost in his own sense of power and grandeur. I know that seems a little more towards the Deacon Frost side of things, but we would have made that very unique. Overall there would have been a lot more fighting for Marcus as he now had enemies on all sides of him. I had trained very hard in Vancouver for the fight scenes, and was very much looking forward to having a few more throw downs with Blade.

Marcus also gives his thoughts on the cancellation of the series as well as the chances of it coming back (apparently very slim). It's a pretty good interview and a must read for Marcus Van Sciver fans.

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New Poll: Favorite Minor Character

Ok, so I've asked you your favorite character was, but since the big five seem to dominate that list (Blade, Krista, Marcus, Shen, Chase), I've decided to give the little guys a chance. That's why the new poll asks who your favorite minor character was.

Since this is a big poll, I'm going to let it run an extra week. Hopefully that gives the minor characters a little more time to shine.

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Poll Results: Reading Makes My Brain Hurt

So, with the series on a seemingly permanent hiatus, do Blade fans clamor for any and all sources of Blade material? Apparently not.

Do You Read the Blade Comic?
I've never read it: 69% (24)
I checked out a few issues: 17% (6)
I read it religiously: 14% (5)
Total Votes : 35

I don't think it's a big surprise that most haven't picked up an issue of the Blade comic book. If the comic book followed the same characters and storylines as the series, I'm sure it'd be a different story. Like I had said previously, I did check out the first issue but wasn't a fan. Of course, I'm not a big fan on reading really anything so take that with a grain of salt.

A little side note... it's definitely sad seeing the total votes dropping each week. It's just another reminder of how the show and it's characters won't be coming back. I'm definitely appreciating each and every voter that continues to participate to keep this place alive for that much longer As I said at the get go, I'll keep posting as long as people keep coming back for more. I do hope to have another television project up and running within a year (hopefully much sooner than that), so do make sure to check back for an update on that as well.

New Poll: Do You Read the Blade Comic?

Did you know that there's a Blade comic book being run right now? Well, this week's poll asks you if you read it.

I did check out the first issue, but honestly didn't like it much. Now, take that with a grain of salt because I haven't been into comic books for a long time and actually don't really read anything so my opinion on the matter is obviously tainted.

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Comic Monsters' Blade Tournament

The Comic Monsters website is about to begin a Blade tournament (sometime near April 1st). If you're unsure what they mean by "tournament", basically they'll be pitting various Blade characters against each other and fans can vote on the victors.

The list of characters isn't quite finalized yet, but there will be characters drawn from the movies, the series, and probably the comic book as well. Some noticables from the series include Krista Starr, Marcus Van Sciver, Shen, and Chase. Actually most of the characters from the series will likely end up on the list, so make sure to vote for your favorites when it begins!

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Poll Results: Fantastic Science Fiction

The latest poll results are in and I don't think the winner is much of a surprise...

Favorite TV Show Genre
Sci Fi / Fantasy: 70% (39)
Drama: 12% (7)
Other: 7% (4)
Comedy: 5% (3)
Reality TV: 2% (1)
Sports: 2% (1)
Game Shows: 2% (1)
News: 0% (0)
Cartoon: 0% (0)
Total Votes : 56

With the poll taking place on a fansite dedicated to a SciFi/Fantasy series, obviously the results were going to be skewed. Even so, I wasn't expecting them to be as lobsided as they were.

4 people voted for "Other", so I'm curious to know what genres they watch. Most of the shows I watch fall under the drama genre, though my favorites would mostly fall under SciFi/Fantasy.

Thanks to everybody that voted.

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New Poll: Favorite TV Show Genre

This week's poll will be another 2 week poll since it asks such a broad question that people may need time to decide on.

So... what's your favorite television show genre?

  • Sci Fi / Fantasy

  • Drama

  • Comedy

  • Reality TV

  • Sports

  • News

  • Game Shows

  • Cartoon

  • Other

As you can see, I've put up all the major television show genres (that I could think of), so you've got plenty of options. Obviously with this site being a fansite for a SciFi/Fantasy show, the results are going to be fairly skewed. It'll be interesting to see
if there's a big fan base for Blade: The Series made up of people that normal watch other kinds of shows.

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