Poll Results: News and Polls

The latest poll results are in, and it appears that the majority of you enjoyed the news and polls sections of this site the most.

What Part of this Site Was Your Favorite?
Polls: 40% (17)
News: 35% (15)
Episode Recaps: 23% (10)
Other: 2% (1)
Reader Questions: 0% (0)
Total Votes : 43

I think the "Polls" option got the most votes mostly because it's the only section that I'm still updating regularly. I'm happy to see that many of you enjoyed the episode recaps as those were definitely the most time consuming for me (though I did enjoy doing them).

Like I said previously, this poll was to help me gauge what were some of the key features that you all liked as I'm planning on a big project in the future that could definitely benefit from the experiences I have had with this site. I wish more that 43 people voted, but I can understand that the question wasn't very interesting and wasn't really Blade focused. I'll try and keep the polls more Blade and television related from now on.

As always, thanks to all voters.

Jill Wagner Featured in UK's FHM

According to Jill's MySpace blog, she'll be in the March 2007 issue of UK's FHM. It appears to only be the UK version of the magazine because there's no mention of Wagner on FHM's March 2007 online preview.

If anybody picks up a US issue, please let us know if she's in there.

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New Poll: What Part of this Site Was Your Favorite?

This week's poll is a bit of a selfish one as I ask what your favorite part of this site was. Please note the emphasis on the "was". Since the series went off the air, the polls are really the only main thing going (with an occasional news item). As such, I think it's best if you try and think about what part of this site was your favorite while the show was still on the air.

Why am I asking this? Well, besides just wanting to know what worked and what didn't, I also have a pretty big project on my ever growing list of things to do that is television related and would like as much input as possible on what you all liked and didn't like with this site. I'm not ready to reveal anything about the project yet as it's still quite a ways off, but when the time comes to reveal any info on it, I'll definitely post an update here.

I'll be running this poll for two weeks rather than the normal one week so that I can get as many responses as possible. Oh, and this doesn't mean I'm abandoning this site or anything as I still do constantly look for updates for the show (though they are definitely slim pickins right now).

Poll Results: Reruns For All

Would You Watch Blade: The Series Reruns?
Definitely Yes: 90% (79)
Maybe: 7% (6)
Definitely No: 3% (3)
Total Votes : 88

Not surprisingly the majority of voters said they'd definitely be watching reruns of Blade: The Series if given the chance. Obviously most voters were pretty "hardcore" fans since they frequent this fansite, but even then, 90% wanting to watch reruns is quite a high margin.

I personally voted no. While I obviously loved the show, I don't think I could rewatch it all knowing there's no conclusion. If there was word on the series being picked up for a second season, I'd probably watch all the episodes again just to get myself back into it. However, knowing the series' seemingly certain demise, I just don't think I could do it.

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New Poll: Would You Watch Blade: The Series Reruns?

When asked whether or not fellow fans would be getting the Blade: The Series DVD when (and if) it comes out, the majority responded with an enthusiastic yes.

This time I'm asking if you'd watch reruns of the show if they started airing on Spike TV or some other network. While I doubt they would consider doing it since the show is currently cancelled, it's still something I'm quite curious about.

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Poll Results: Yes, No, Maybe So

With Valentine's Day coming tomorrow, love is in the air... or is it? This Valentine's themed poll asked you fellow fans whether or not you believed Krista truly did love Marcus.

Did Krista Love Marcus?
Yes: 58% (42)
No: 42% (30)
Total Votes : 72

It was close, but it appears that most of you do think she was truly in love. I personally think she was not in love. She was clearly a "good girl" at heart, able to resist the dark vampire urges incredibly well. As such, I don't think she could truly be in love with a man that was as brutal and cruel as Marcus. I definitely think she had feelings for him, and a passion that was fueled by him being the vampire that turned her, but I just don't think what she felt was love.

I was definitely on the fence when I voted "no" though, and it's just another one of those mysteries that would be great to see expanded with a second season... (wink wink, nudge nudge TV networks).

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David Goyer Talks About Breaking Into Film and TV

David Goyer has put up an interesting post on his MySpace blog where he discusses how he broke into the film and television industry.

He talks about his roots in Michigan and how he ended up in the USC film school. He places some emphasis on the fact that, these days, film is much easier to break into due to the fact that equipment is much cheaper, software is more readily available, and the internet provides a near unlimited source of information and education (as well as distribution).

Granted, it may be easier to teach yourself and get things out there, but that almost means there many more people out there doing the same thing. Lowering the barrier of entry has definitely got to be a good thing overall though.

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New Poll: Did Krista Love Marcus?

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. As such, this week's poll asks whether or not you think Krista really was in love with Marcus.

Was she just faking so that she could get closer? Was she connected by the fact that he turned her, but not in a way that she loved him? Or was she truly in love with the Chthon badass?

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Poll Results: Marketing Schmarketing

The latest poll results are in and we now have a small sample of how people first found out about Blade: The Series.

How Did You Find Out About the Show?
Commercial on Spike: 40% (31)
Commercial on another network: 21% (16)
Online: 21% (16)
Word of mouth: 10% (8)
Other: 6% (5)
Radio: 1% (1)
Total Votes : 77

I don't think it's too surprising that most people first found out about the show via a commercial on Spike. I'm actually a bit surprised that the number wasn't higher than 40%. Maybe that was the problem, that Spike didn't air enough commercials for it's own series? I personally learned about the show during a commercial on Spike TV. I'm pretty sure it was during an episode of The Ultimate Fighter (the only other show I watch on that network).

I'm curious to know what were the places online that people first discovered the series. Was it from ads on other sites? Was it from Spike's main website?

Please share your experiences in the comments below. I'm sure everybody would like to know how fellow fans were first turned onto the series.

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Sticky to Appear on Law & Order

Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones has made a post alerting his fans that he'll be making an appearance on the television show Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The episode will air on Tuesday, February 13 on NBC at 9/8 Central.

Apparently he'll be playing an undercover cop that specializes in the criminal side of the rap world. He doesn't mention whether or not he'll be back for future episodes, so my guess is that it's a one time deal.

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